From Darkness to Light

The world has clouded the Light of true knowledge and selfishness will not allow its resurrection, for it excludes and will not recognize the whole fellowship of those who were born under the same immutable natural law.


He who lives in one colour of the rainbow is blind to the rest. Live in the Light diffused through the entire arc and you will know it all.

—The Path

It is a fundamental principle of the Occult philosophy, this same homogeneity of matter and immutability of natural laws, which are so much insisted upon by materialism; but that unity rests upon the inseparability of Spirit from matter, and, if the two are once divorced, the whole Kosmos would fall back into chaos and non-being....There is a purpose in every important act of Nature, whose acts are all cyclic and periodical.

—H. P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine, I, 640

During this month of November will be celebrated Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, whose higher aspect transcends Hinduism and is of universal import. Also during this month will be celebrated the Anniversary of the present Theosophical Movement, whose aim is to teach men to live as brothers. These anniversaries, when correctly understood, yield their own beneficent influence. For cycles are not only chronological. They have their psychic or causal side.

An understanding of this inner side of great and sacred anniversaries helps the individual to attune himself to mystic Nature with all her magic ways and dynamic properties. More—it leads him to recognize the presence in him of a mighty spiritual power—that living power which is Himself.

To him who studies the secrets of Nature is revealed a truly divine system, an intelligent plan in cosmogony, which results in cosmic divisions of times, seasons, invisible influences, astronomical phenomena, with their actions and reactions on terrestrial and even moral natures.

While there are several accounts as to the origin of Deepavali, if the season of the year is taken into account, it would seem clear that originally this festival was based on an astronomical fact. Surya, the Great Luminary, passes the tula (Libra) or the "balance" about this time. Deepavali thus signifies and celebrates the conquest of darkness. From times immemorial Light stands for Sat, Truth, while darkness represents avidya, ignorance. But what is avidya if not ignorance of the oneness of all life? Man, however learned, remains ignorant so long as he persists in trying to divide that which is indivisible. The vision of the One without a second, taught by all the great Teachers, enables us to practise Brotherhood without distinction of sex, caste, creed, colour or race.

In the Pistis Sophia, when Jesus is entreated by his disciples to reveal to them "the mysteries of the Light of the Father," he es made to answer:

Do ye seek after these mysteries? No mystery is more excellent than they which shall bring your souls unto the Light of Lights, unto the place of Truth and goodness, unto the place where is neither male nor female, nor form, but Light everlasting.

In Esoteric Chronology the seventeenth day of the eleventh month is a special memorial day, a sacred day which marks the birthday of a great Dhyani. Such Lords of Light descend to our earth under cyclic Law to strike the keynote of Truth for a particular period of time, thus becoming patrons of that cycle. Their aim is ever the same: to save mankind from losing sight of its divine destiny. These Mighty Ones assume a visible form, perform their great works of compassion and leave behind them everlasting monuments to commemorate their visit. The anniversary of their appearance within our mayavic veil brings back, each year, the benediction of their influence.

Thus it is with the 17th of November, the date chosen by H. P. Blavatsky and her Blessed Gurus for the launching of the Theosophical Movement of our era in the year 1875. History records that in the early centuries of the Christian era the Church Fathers favoured this very date to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, their Master, a certain evidence of their spiritual insight.

1875 to 2001: One hundred twenty six years have passed, bringing annually the return of the sacred day. May this 17th of November shower its silent blessings upon all sincere and devoted workers in the Theosophical field. To work for Theosophy is to work for Universal Brotherhood. May the Light of Truth Eternal, whose echo down the ages has kept alive in man his spiritual intuition, energize our hearts and enlighten our minds!

Let us close with the ancient Upanishadic prayer:

Lead me from the unreal to the Real;
Lead me from darkness to Light;
Lead me from death to Immortality.

So far as the science of occultism is concerned, it is both experimental and analytical, but it acknowledges no "missing links," "impassable gulfs," or "unthinkable gaps," because it finds none. Back of occult science there lies a complete and all-embracing Philosophy. This philosophy is not simply synthetical in its methods, for the simplest as the wildest hypothesis can claim that much; but is synthesis itself. It regards Nature as one complete whole, and so the student of occultism may stand at either point of observation. He may from the standpoint of Nature's wholeness and completeness follow the process of segregation and differentiation to the minutest atom conditioned in space and time; or, from the phenomenal display of the atom, he may reach forward and upward till the atom becomes an integral part of cosmos, involved in the universal harmony of creation. The modern scientist may do this incidentally or empirically, but the occultist does it systematically and habitually, and hence philosophically. The modern scientist is confessedly and boastfully agnostic. The occultist is reverently and progressively gnostic.

—W. Q. Judge

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