Books on Ancient Theosophy

In addition to The BhagavadGita, together with Mr. Judge's invaluable commentaries (Notes on The Bhagavad-Gita), the Theosophy Company makes available other ancient texts of clear Theosophical import:

The Dhammapada (ULT-PHX)

This is said to be the purest recorded form of Buddha's teaching, in a special Theosophical edition published in 1955.

ISBN 0-938998-16-1

Selections From The Upanishads And Tao Te King (ULT-PHX)

Here, published in one volume, are represented two of the great scriptures of ancient Theosophy. These, together withThe Bhagavad-Gita and The Dhammapada, afford the student suggestive evidence that profound philosophy has always spoken a common language.

ISBN 9-938998-15-3

The Light Of Asia (ULT-PHX)

Though this book is not strictly speaking an "ancient scripture," no student of Gautama Buddha can fail to feel that Sir Edwin Arnold's epic poem, The Light of Asia, is a beautifully compelling and philosophically accurate rendering of Buddha's life and teaching.

ISBN 0-938998-17-X