United Lodge of Theosophists (India)

To spread broadcast the teachings of Theosophy as recorded in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge

The United Lodge of Theosophists in India consists of two independent lodges, one in Mumbai and the other in Bengaluru. Both lodges were founded by Bahmanji Pestonji Wadia (or B.P Wadia), who was also the founder of the Indian Institute of World Culture.

While Theosophists trace the unbroken record of Theosophy to the very childhood of Humanity, the modern Movement by that name was inaugurated by its Founders - HPB and WQJ, on November 17th 1875. The Movement initially found expression in the body of the Theosophical Society (or TS) through which the light of Theosophy shone bright during the lifetime of its founders. However, following their demise, rivalries over "leadership", "authority", and "succession" nearly extinguished that light altogether. But while the so-called leaders of the Theosophical Society fought over the body of the Movement, Robert Crosbie rescued its SOUL and enshrined it in the United Lodge of Theosophists (or ULT), which he founded through the adoption of its Declaration on Febuary 18th 1909 in Los Angeles. B.P. Wadia arrived on the scene just five months after Crosbie's death, threw his entire weight behind the ULT and brought the light of true Theosophy back to India with the establishment of ULT Mumbai on November 17, 1929 and ULT Bengaluru in "Maitri Bhavan" on August 12th, 1942.

August 20th 1958: B.P Wadia, the reviver of the light of pure and original Theosophy in India, passed away.
November 17th 1957: Theosophy Hall on New Marine Lines in Mumbai was inaugurated by B.P Wadia, from where ULT Mumbai operates to this day.
August 11th 1945: The Indian Institute of World Culture was started by B.P Wadia, to further the objects of the Theosophical Movement.
August 12th 1942: ULT lodge in Bengaluru was established by B.P Wadia in a building named "Maitri Bhavan".
November 17th 1930: First issue of the Theosophical Movement Magazine was published which has continued uninterrupted to the present day.
November 17 1929: First ULT lodge established in India by B.P Wadia in Mumbai thus bringing the light of pure and original Theosophy back to India.
July 18th 1922: B.P Wadia resigned from the Theosophical Society as it had irredeemably become disloyal to the Theosophical Cause and started working for ULT.
November 1919: B.P Wadia discovered ULT, met its associates in Los Angeles for the first time and was thrilled to find in its Declaration the reformation he was vainly seeking in the TS.
June 25th 1919: Robert Crosbie, the man who rescued the SOUL of Theosophy from the dying body of the TS, passed away.
November 17 1912: Theosophy Magazine was founded with Robert Crosbie serving as chief editor.
February 18th 1909: Robert Crosbie founded the United Lodge of Theosophists with the adoption of its Declaration and issued a clarion call for unity.
November 17 1908: Robert Crosbie, published an announcement To All Open-Minded Theosophists in which he propounded the idea for an United Lodge of Theosophists.
1904: Robert Crosbie quietly left TS and Point Loma convinced that any further efforts to reform the American section of the TS from within were futile.
May 21st 1896: Katherine Tingley was "identified" as the "successor" of the American section of the TS. She shifted headquarters to Point Loma and instituted sensational programs that completely eclipsed the true teachings of Theosophy and its original CAUSE.
March 21st 1896: William Quan Judge, one of the original co-founders of the modern Theosophical Movement, passed away in New York.
April 28-29th 1895: American Section declared autonomy and named themselves Theosophical Society in America with WQJ as president for life.
February-April 1895: Annie Besant and her supporters continued to publicly attack WQJ.
HSO asked WQJ to resign as Vice-President of the TS.
November 3rd 1894: WQJ deposed Annie Besant from her co-headship of the Esoteric Section as taking another guru (G.N Chakravarti in this case) was against its rules.
October 1894: Westminster Gazette launched an attack on Theosophy based on "evidence" provided to them by Walter R. Old, who was earlier expelled from the Esoteric Section for misconduct.
It was clear that Old had colluded with Annie Besant in obtaining such "evidence" but had lost control over the narrative once it was leaked to the press.
July 10th 1894: "Judicial Committee" formulated in London to try WQJ dropped charges based on a technicality.
February 7th 1894: Annie Besant through HSO brought unsubstantiated charges of forgery against WQJ.
Annie Besant was under the unholy influence of G.N Chakravarti. She was also receiving "messages" through C.W. Leadbeater who was A.P. Sinnett’s psychic at the time.
September 15-16th 1893: World's Parliament of Religions at Chicago was attended by WQJ, Annie Besant along with G.N Chakravarti and famously by Swami Vivekananda.
September 26th 1892: The Sun admitted that Coues' charges were mere calumnies, published a retraction along with WQJ's article "The Esoteric She".
May 8 1891: HPB, the founder of the modern Theosophical Movement, passed away in London.
May-July 1889: Prof. Coues, who was earlier expelled from the TS for his treachery, levelled slanderous charges against HPB through an article published in The Sun.
Coues was sued for libel by WQJ on behalf of HPB.
October 1888: Esoteric Section of the TS constituted under the sole direction of HPB.
December 14th 1888: HPB afforded WQJ sole authority of representing her in the Esoteric Section of America.
June 5th 1888: Robert Crosbie joins the TS in Boston and was soon introduced to WQJ.
September 15 1887: The Lucifer magazine with HPB as editor started publications from England.
May 19th 1887: Blavatsky Lodge was formed in London whose transactions were later published.
April 1886: WQJ started The Path magazine and later that year formed the American Section of the TS.
December 1885: Hodgson Report was published by SPR, unquestioningly admitting Coulombs' fabricated evidence and concluding that HPB was an imposter.
A century later, SPR repudiated the Hodgson report and exonerated HPB [0].

[0] "J'Accuse. An Examination of the Hodgson Report." Journal of the Society for Psychical Research #53 (1986). Harrison, Vernon.

March 31st 1885: HPB left India, never to return, having resigned as Corresponding Secretary of the TS. The light of Theosophy faded from India.
December 29th 1884 [0]: HPB prevented from legally prosecuting the Coulombs due to fear, timidness and disloyalty on the part of Adyar Theosophists.

[0] Charles J. Ryan, H.P.Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement, Chapter 14

September 11th 1884 [0]: Coulombs conspired with local christian missionaries, who saw Theosophy as an impediment to proselytisation, and attempted to besmirch the name of HPB by raising false charges of fraudulence with fabricated evidence.

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October 1st 1879: A monthly journal called The Theosophist started publication [0].

[0] Only volumes up to IX were conducted by HPB and hence recommended

February 16 1879: HPB and HSO arrive in India.
1877: Isis Unveiled, the first modern Theosophical treatise, was published.
November 17 1875: First formal meeting and formation of the Theosophical Society in New York.
Summer of 1875: WQJ meets HPB for the first time in New York at HPB's residence called "the Lamasery" [0].

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October 14th 1874: HSO meets HPB for the first time at Eddy homestead near Chittenden, Vermont [0].

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July 7th 1873: HPB arrives in New York from Europe after having travelled the world [0].

[0] The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky page xiv

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