United Lodge of Theosophists (India)

To spread broadcast the teachings of Theosophy as recorded in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge

  • Sunday 6:15pm
    Short Talk
  • October 1Diseases - Causes and Cures
  • October 8Working with Nature
  • October 15The Hard Problem of Consciousness
  • October 22The Way of Peace and the Sword
  • October 29Transmigration and Reincarnation
  • November 5The Light of Higher Reason
  • November 12Theosophical Movement Day
  • November 19Proofs of Hidden Self
  • November 26Self-Reliance
  • December 3The Three Halls
  • December 10Woe for the Living Dead
  • December 17Death and Immortality
  • December 24Mindfulness Meditation
  • December 31Charitable Criticism
  • Saturday 5pm
    Informal Study Class
  • Sunday 6:15pm
  • October 1Paying Our Karmic Debts
  • October 8How to be Happy? — Lecture in Gujarati
  • October 15Duty—Discussion Forum — (“Key,” pp.226-229)
  • October 22The Greatest of All Wars — Preparing for Dassara
  • October 29Life — Successful or Meaningful?
  • November 5Theosophy and Capital Punishment — Discussion Forum (Vernal Blooms)
  • November 12Special Meeting: The Anniversary Of The Theosophical Movement
  • November 19Soul’s Pilgrimage — Lecture in Gujarati
  • November 26Sufism — Mahomedan Mysticism
  • December 3Advantages and Disadvantages in Life — Discussion Forum (Vernal Blooms)
  • December 10Overcoming Desire
  • December 17Sorrow and Its Significance — Lecture in Gujarati
  • December 24Charity—Mortification—Sacrifice
  • December 31Is Karma Only Punishment? — Discussion Forum (WQJ No. 6)

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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