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The Friendly Philosopher

The writings of Robert Crosbie are included among the books belonging to the Theosophical literature for the reason that students have found them of great help in clarifying the teaching and as a practical guide in the Theosophical life. The Friendly Philosopher was compiled from his letters, talks and articles, published fifteen years after his death by appreciative students.

ISBN 0-938998-13-7

A Book of Quotations

Crosbie’s quotations on Theosophy and living the Theosophical life are an inspiring and wise guide to the study of the ancient wisdom as well as the practical affairs of life and human relationships. They give a vision for the Theosophical Movement’s future – and humanity’s by correspondence – that is true, healthy and vigorous. His ideas obtain their vibrancy and force from his devotion to human needs and welfare, coupled with his deep appreciation for the trials mankind is currently passing through, of which he was a first hand witness in the events of his and other’s lives. His writings help widen our perception of the true nature of reality and the long journey to better conditions, even when starting from great ignorance and poverty of ideals.


Answers To Questions On The Ocean Of Theosophy (ULT-PHX)

For years Mr. Crosbie conducted classes in The Ocean of Theosophy. His comments and discussion on the Ocean were taken down by students and are available in this volume.

ISBN 0-938998-12-9

Light On The Path

There are two small books which were written down by Mabel Collins, a student of the last century. Light on the Path is a guide to the world of psychic experiences and Through the Gates of Gold is a short and simple treatise. Both bear internal evidence of occult teaching, and are to be studied simply for the practical guidance offered to students.


The Theosophical Movement

A documentary history of the course of the Movement through its first seventy-five years - from 1875 to 1950. It is both a history and a critical evaluation of methods, attitudes and actions.

ISBN 0-938998-14-5

Five Years Of Theosophy

This is a collection of articles from the early years of the Theosophist, in facsimile of the original edition (London, 1885). A number of articles by H.P.B. are included in this volume; others of interest are by T. Subba Row, Mohini M. Chatterji, and Damodar K. Mavalankar. Of particular interest is the section entitled "Some Inquiries Suggested by Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism", which contains material published nowhere else. (569 pages.)

ISBN 0-938998-21-8

Theosophical Articles And Notes

The articles in this volume come from a variety of sources. They are presented here for their intrinsic worth to students of Theosophy. Also included is material from A.P. Sinnett's The Occult World, notes from Robert Bowen, a pupil of H.P.B., and notes of Countess Wachtmeister, apparently taken down from dictation by H.P.B.

ISBN 0-938998-29-3

Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery

As the tide of interest in metaphysical and Eastern teachings grows, a spontaneous turning to reincarnation has seemed to result, providing a continuing harvest of human expression on this great subject.


Reincarnation: A New Horizon In Science, Religion And Society

An extended discussion of the doctrine of rebirth drawing on our entire historical period, with plentiful quotations from modern sources and philosophies and religions of both East and West.

The Tell–Tale Picture Gallery

Occult Stories by H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge


H.P.B.: The Extraordinary Life And Influence Of Helena Blavatsky, Founder Of The Modern Theosophical Movement

This is a thorough, scholarly and respectful biography. (648 pages)

Universal Theosophy (ULT-PHX)

A smaller paperbound book of Mr. Crosbie's work.

Respuestas A Preguntas Sobre El Oceano De La Teosofia

Robert Crosbies's Answers to Questions in Spanish.

ISBN 0-938998-37-4

Through The Gates Of Gold