The Theosophical Movement

In 1925, just fifty years after the founding of the Theosophical Society in New York, the first accurate and thorough history of the Theosophical Movement was published by E.P.Dutton and Company. This volume, entitled The Theosophical Movement, 1875-1925, a History and a Survey, was compiled by the editors of Theosophy, a monthly journal devoted to the original objects of the Theosophical Movement.

It provided theosophical students and others interested in the subject with a detailed and documented study of the lifework of H. P. Blavatsky and other leading figures of the Theosophical Movement. Encompassed in the 700 pages of the book were careful accounts of all the major events of Theosophical history, with enough evidence assembled for every reader to form his own conclusions regarding matters of controversy; or at least, sufficient to place serious inquirers well along on the path of individual investigation. The present book is a continuance of the earlier work published in 1925.