United Lodge of Theosophists (India)

To spread broadcast the teachings of Theosophy as recorded in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge

Articles in topic-wise order with Pamphlet numbers mentioned in parenthesis.
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Theosophical Psychology (31)

Psychic and Noetic Action
The Dual Aspect of Wisdom
Dialogues Between the Two Editors

Moral And Social Issues (16)

The Origin of Evil
The Fall of Ideals
Civilization, the Death of Art and Beauty

Basic Questions About Theosophy (5)

What is Theosophy?
What are the Theosophists?
Is Theosophy a Religion
Let Every Man Prove His Own Work

Theosophy And H.P.B. (32)

What of Phenomena?
Our Three Objects
Philosophers and Philosophicules
The Tidal Wave
Why I Do Not Return to India
She Being Dead Yet Speaketh

Occult Or Exact Science? (19)

Occult or Exact Science?
The Negators of Science


Black Magic in Science
Ancient Magic in Modern Science
Some Scientific Questions Answered
The Pralaya of Modern Science
The Imperfections of Science

Theosophical Philosophy (30)

"What is Truth?"
Old Philosophers and Modern Critics

The Esoteric Character Of The Gospels (7)


Practical Occultism
Occultism Versus the Occult Arts
Is the Desire to "Live" Selfish?
Spiritual Progress

Cycles And Human Destiny (6)

The Cycle Moveth
Our Cycle and the Next
Karmic Visions

A Land Of Mystery (12)

The Roots Of Ritualism In Church And Masonry (23)

Mind In Nature And In Man (14)

Kosmic Mind
Dialogue on the Mysteries of the After Life
A Note on "Memory"
The Science of Life
The Mind in Nature

H.P.B. On Psychical Phenomena (9)

War in Olympus
The Drift of Western Spiritualism
Logic Versus Peripatetic
Queries and Answers
Intro-Version of Mental Vision
Hypnotism, and its Relations to Other Modes of Fascination
A Case of Obsession

Theosophy And The Theosophical Movement (34)

The Theosophical Society: Its Mission and Its Future
A Society Without a Dogma
Recent Progress in Theosophy
"To the Readers of 'Lucifer'"
Why the "Vahan"?

Teachers And Disciples (27)

Lodges of Magic
Mahatmas and Chelas
Are Chelas "Mediums"?
"The Theosophical Mahatmas"
Chelas and Lay Chelas
Madam Blavatsky on "The Himalayan Brothers"
Can Mahatmas be Selfish?

The Psychology Of Reincarnation (22)

Life and Death
Theories About Reincarnation and Spirits
The Universe in a Nut-Shell

Soul, Life, And Sevenfold Man (25)

The Popular Idea of Soul-Survival
Classification of "Principles"
Re-Classification of Principles
Transmigration of the Life Atoms
The Life Principle

Morality And Religion (17)

A Few Thoughts on Some Wise Words From a Wise Man
Editorial Comment
Theosophy or Jesuitism?
Leo Tolstoi and His Unecclesiastical Christianity
Diagnoses and Palliatives

Gods And Elementals (8)

Thoughts on the Elementals

Tibetan Teachings (35)

Esoteric Axioms and Spiritual Speculations
Editorial Appendix
Tibetan Teachings
The Sacred Tree of Kum Bum
Reincarnations in Tibet
Do the Rishis Exist?

Theosophical Objects, Program And Organisation (29)

A Year of Theosophy
A Puzzle from Adyar
The Organisation of the Theosophical Society

Ancient Survivals And Modern Errors (2)

Lamas and Druses
Persian Zoroastrianism and Russian Vandalism
The Devil's Own
Progress and Culture
Antiquity of the Vedas

Science And Criticism (24)

The Signs of the Times
Literary Jottings
The Blessings of Publicity
The Electric and Magnetic Affinities Between Man and Nature
The Substantial Nature of Magnetism

Ancient Teachings, Adepts, And Yogis (3)

The Denials and the Mistakes of the Nineteenth Century
A Signal of Danger
Was Cagliostro a "Charlatan"?
Apollonius Tyaneus and Simon Magus
Pertinent Questions

Planetary Symbolism (21)

What's in a Name?
The History of a Planet
Star-Angel-Worship - In the Roman Catholic Church
Stars and Numbers

Astral, Psychic, And Spiritual Man (4)

Animated Statues
Chinese Spirits
Nature's Human Magnets
A Psychic Warning
Theosophy and Spiritualism
An Astral Prophet
Memory in the Dying

Theosophy And Public Opinion (33)

On Pseudo-Theosophy
The Mote and the Beam
A Paradoxical World
Is Denunciation a Duty?

Modern Ignorance Of Life And Soul (15)

Have Animals Souls
Why Do Animals Suffer?
Is Suicide a Crime?
Is Foeticide a Crime?

Ancient Science, Doctrines, And Beliefs (1)

The Babel of Modern Thought
The Seventeen-Rayed Sun-Disc
A Mysterious Race
Christmas Then and Christmas Now
The Eighth Wonder
The Theory of Cycles
Ancient Doctrines Vindicated by Modern Prophecy

H.P.B.'s Books And Teachings (10)

My Books
Mistaken Notions on the "Secret Doctrine"
Seeming "Discrepancies"
"Isis Unveiled" and the "Theosophist" on Reincarnation
"It's the Cat!!"
The Year is Dead. Long Live the Year!

Kabalah And Kabalism (11)

The Kabalah and the Kabalists
Isis Unveiled and the Visishtadwaita
Stray Thoughts on Death and Satan
A Posthumous Publication

Transcendental Theosophy (36)

Le Phare De L'Inconnu
World-Improvement or World-Deliverance
What Shall We Do For Our Fellow-Men?

Theosophy And The Western Mind (Unavailable)

Force of Prejudice
A Puzzle in "Esoteric Buddhism"
Pertinent Queries
"Esoteric Buddhism" and the "Secret Doctrine"
Buddhism, Christianity and Phallicism

Occult Symbols And Practice (20)

Cross and Fire
1890! On the New Year's Morrow
H. P. Blavatsky on Precipitation and Other Matters
Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs
African Magic

Theosophical Comment (28)

Is Creation Possible for Man?
Answers to Queries
Old Hindu Ships
Does Vaccination Prevent Smallpox?
The Missing Link
The Number Seven
The Number Seven and Our Society

The New Cycle (18)

The New Cycle
The Last Song of the Swan
Premature and Phenomenal Growths

Articles in alphabetical order with Pamphlet numbers mentioned in parenthesis.
Links point to the OCR version of the document and icons to the raw scanned image.























There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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