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Abbé Huc

unfrocked for showing origin of Roman Catholic rites in Tibet and China II 350; on Journey through Tartary, Tibet and China III 286 352-53


prevailed in U.S. with medicines advertised and sold II 335 a double suicide, extends Kama Loka, interferes with Karma 336


Paramatma, the Self-Existent and its emanations I 12 Brahma, absolute consciousness, Deity in Theosophy 42 can be conceived as abstract idea by Intuition 432-33 Being is true reality 449 is Parabrahm 462; as Absolute consciousness, form and progress of every atom exists in it through eternity II 140 all primitive religion is based on Universal Principle, unknowable to limited cognition 220-21 only witness to in manifestation is Universal Mind 221 unconditioned Consciousness, incognizable and non-existent outside ever-correlating Forces 298-99fn; no one can claim knowledge of III 5-6 Theosophists believe in impersonal "Unknowable" 47 Spiritual Hosts do not represent the 205 as designated by Vedanta, Buddhism, and Tibetan esoteric doctrines 334-36


real self-development requires I 463


no materialist will ever believe in existence of I 2-3 have expanded and checked doctrines of Esoteric Science 61-62 represent ideal of human development, Theosophy offers some proof of 89 charlatans, slander and public scepticism toward 165-69 TS first to tell of existence of 168 fraudulent who play on credulity and swindle (H.B. of L.) 287-88 and fn impossible to force development of 287 real names and lodges never revealed 288 pre-requisites 289 of Occult Science described 308 how true can be distinguished 315-20; becomes through subjugation of lower nature and evolving to higher plane II 110-11 oblivious of world and follows duty 117 gross particles of body replaced by ethereal until totally rebuilt 117 when and how they help humanity 118 conditions for entry to Society of Black or White almost identical 167-68 White and Black related to phases of moon 177 of India learned occult powers from Atlanteans 234 241 245-46 can incarnate deliberately as conscious act 282-83 independent of physiological idiosyncracies 299 in Egypt and India it was believed that long arms signify 437fn crown of spiritual self-evolution 440-41 Occultists are masters in science 440-42 cannot disintegrate and reform organism above vegetable stage 441 has developed all interior faculties 475; Theosophical, compared with Masonic "Initiates" and "Hierophants" III 145-51 have existed in all ages 192 believed to assemble every Seventh year in Scham-cha-La, former sacred island in Tibet 333 discussed as the Lha and Bodhisattva 341-45 cannot remain in terrestrial atmosphere after liberation (three exceptions) 342-43 powers and knowledge of comparable to average good man of 5th and 6th Rounds and child of 7th Round 343 great of ancient times reincarnate in Tibet and Tartary 366


a pledged Initiate III 225


present described I 367-81 this one of spiritual starvation and material satiety 407 characteristics of four yugas and duration of man’s life in each 422; present sets up new idols and overthrows old gods III 1-2 present one of materialism, agnosticism, evolutionism, and false idealism 45-46 wonders of present destined to become ephemera 63-65


efflorescence of unites with Ego in Devachan I 30-31 lower soul’s consciousness of Ego 33


aspect of Mithra III 296-97 and Angra


Mainyu represent dualism of Spirit-Matter, Divine Ego-Personality 300-08


personified by Hindus in a deific entity II 151 is prakriti or totality of manifested Universe 157fn tattwa, called "breath of Cybele," the life-giving force 418-19


belonged to teachings of Theosophical school I 46 Theosophy the alembic of all creeds 59; exists in Nature and the exact Sciences II 103 spiritual philosophy as well as a physical science 215-16 Paracelsus greatest of the age, Van Helmont and Fludd also practiced 419 and metaphysics explain meaning of cross and fire 491; three "principles" symbolized by "three sisters" III 158


school of "god-taught" founded by Ammonius Saccus, purposes I 39-40 Theo-sophists’ rules copied from mysteries of Orpheus 45; Library founded by Ptolemy Philadelphus, 100,000 volumes devoured by fire III 137

Alexandrinus, Clemens

learned early Church Father traced divine and diabolic origins of Occultism III 139-41 an Initiate, neo-Platonist, Gnostic-Theosophist before becoming a Christian 180

Altruism (see Philanthropy)

the law of Brotherhood and Theosophy I 78 theological and scholastic dogma and esoteric knowledge secondary accessories to 416 compassion is law of Higher Self 417 help without concern for one’s worldly or spiritual progress 460 requires effective action 463 self-sacrifice without egotism 464 those practicing are worth ten thousand Mystics 472


TS modelled after Constitution of I 53; nothing known of prior to conquest or of peoples who built structures rivalling Egypt III 410-11 Incas attributed cyclopean structures and inscriptions to unknown predecessors 412-13 resemblance of ancient civilization, structures and symbolism to India, Egypt, and Europe 413-14 419-24 antiquity of civilization calculated by guana deposits 415-16 resemblances indicate common origin in Atlantis 417-18 North Hindus give to Himalayan Mts. name of Andes 418 monuments of Lake Titicaca 422-23 monuments of Mexico 423-24 altars surrounded by circles of stone in India, England and Arizona 427 burial mounds containing skeletons and gold 428-32 stone masonry 433-36 cycles of nations and races of 436-40 objections to origin in Atlantis and reply 440-44 at close of 5th C. Chinese colony in Peru and Buddhist missionaries in Fou-Sang (America) 441

Ammonius Saccas

the "Philalethian," founder of Neo-Platonic school I 40 obligated disciples by oath 45 committed nothing to writing 46 to revive works of an objective of TS 50 taught method of the Hyponia 397-98 "God-instructed" teacher of Plotinus 426 declared all moral and practical wisdom contained in books of Hermes Trismegistus 438 learned language of the mysteries by teaching common origin of all religions 445; not acknowledged by 19th C. scholars as possessing real science II 82

Anaxagoras of Clazomene

author of Homoiomerian philosophy, believed spiritual prototypes to be found in ether II 151; modern physics and natural sciences amplified reproduction of works of III 37 Descartes indebted to for original theories 38 mirrored by Isaac Newton 38

Angels (See Elementals and Dhyan Chohans)

nature spirits perceived by Clement as inferior II 153 pure spirits, "men of a superior kind," the Living Ones 175 guardians of men, races, nations 287; Star and Planetary worshipped by Papists as Archangels without understanding III 387-90 399 names of seven used by Church are not the magical potencies 390 and fn 391 names and worship of seven are concern of Church 391-98


Animal (s)

intelligence of apes, monkeys, orangoutangs equals many savages II 162 Astral soul survives death 162-63 contrast of meat-eating Westerner and Oriental respect for 301-02 sports of fishing, hunting objectionable to occult philosophy 301-03 328 vivisection disgrace and criminality of our culture 303 309 325-26 authority of Bible and Vedas on killing 304-06 difference between man and 306-08 Christian, Eastern and Western Evolutionists’ opinion as to soul of 310 Church claims of miraculous resurrection of 311-12 Descartes’ opinion on soul of 312-13 315 Church theology as to intelligence and soul of 313-14 scientific views of instinct, intelligence and soul in 314-17 essential to know nature of instinct and intelligence in 315-17 philosophers and Christian Fathers on soul in and its immortality 317-20 destined to rebirth in higher state 320fn retained as seeds by Dhyan Chohans for next round 322-23fn is transformed by degrees into man, spirit, God 323-24 like man as to suffering in evolutionary efforts 323-24 suffering of due to western theology and education 327-28

Anima Mundi

universal living soul, one life II 252 Annihilation proceeds slowly II 145-46 affects personality but not immortal entity 155-156 dreamless sleep of the materialist 272-73


sense of color II 59-60


means incarnation of initiates to give Deific Wisdom to world III 291-92


had gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance and healing I 438; seen in two places at once II 43 cast out "devils" 147-48; great thaumaturgist reformed religious worship III 161-62 taught death is disappearence into essence 162-163 historical personage rather than legendary 164


will provide most reliable history of religion, mythology, and human species III 416-17 discoveries by produce evidence of rise and fall of planets continents, races and civilizations 437-40


had forgotten more than certain modern scientists ever knew III 39


path of I 401; initiated Adepts of various grades III 341-42


satire on Heracles’ descent into Hell allegory of final initiation III 225


not a trustworthy witness, misrepresented Plato I 19-20 makes of Ether an element 32 suppressed facts and truth which opposed his system 34 inaugurated criticism 433; doctrine of three principles of natural bodies II 139-40 believed man was two souls— nous and psuche 157 159 not an Initiate 157 regarded human mind as material 159 discussed as student of Pythagoras 159-60; mirrored by Isaac Newton III 38 method of pure reason rising from particulars to universal 404


in the world is meritorious I 465 Asia remnants of nations from previous cycles III

Aspiration (s)

Universal are cyclic, strongest is longing to seek the unknown III 235-36 Church encourages along own lines 235-36 power to move toward higher and holier ideals 305


Soul, contrasted with Spiritual Soul in life and death I 29-31 life of Earth strong between Christmas and Easter 216 Soul as related to reincarnation 494; mediums see and function on plane of II 25-27 is substance of linga sarira, mayavi rupa, kama rupa and causal bodies 38-40 images projected by power of thought and imagination 40-45 367


sixth sense needed to perceive as "4th dimension" 68-69 link between lower manas and body, must become a cipher for union of Ego with Higher Self 106 universal light is matrix for evolution of elementary fabric of human races 127 spleen as vehicle of not understood 196 function in memory 206 body has no reincarnation except in three instances 275-76 282-83 bodies of dead given various names in antiquity 285-89 known to Greeks, Egyptians and Chaldeans and used in Black Magic 343 necessity of to understand sorcery, magic and spiritualism 344-46 reflection from objects and beings is auric light 478


number seven important in I 348; in Nature and exact Sciences II 103 accuracy of horoscopes depends on knowledge of astronomy, occult forces and spirits of nature 145; mathematically exact as astronomy III 70 every religious dogma may be traced to Zodiacal signs and the sun 195 insists upon close relation between sidereal and terrestrial bodies including human beings 243 honored and practiced in ancient civilizations and in 13th and 17th C. 401-03 predictions of events based on mathematical calculations 401 409 Kabbala and its system of numerals closely related to 402 all operations in the occult sciences are rooted in 403 conjunction of planets in 1881 404-09


groundwork of modern was from work of Chaldean Magi I 374; and astrology mathematically exact III 70 history of globe and humanities anticipated in heavens 243 origin of all theologies 375

Atheism (ists)

in respect to personal God I 51; contrasted with Theism III 86-87 Theosophists not 203-07

Atlantis (eans)

ancient adepts of India learned occult powers of II 234 misuse of magic led to destruction 432 innate knowledge of 4th Race now called mediumship 432; "Great War" and "Great Flood" of III 34 communication with Egypt connection with Americas and parts of Europe and Asia 54 continent began at Himalayas, extended down over southern India to Tasmania 332 similarities of peoples, beliefs and cyclopean structures in East and West indicate common origin in 418-24 objection to, and reply 440-44


true reality or Paranirvana I 469 related to reincarnation 495; as 7th principle, synthesis of six principles II 195 no upadhi, one with Parabrahm 235 spirit of the spirit 265 is Arupa 283 spiritual in man has power over brute force as does Universal Principle in nature 440


each an independent entity endowing cell with consciousness and free will within the law II 22 192 psycho-spiritual not physical units, act under own laws 22 Anu, each a universe of mind and consciousness 180 192-93 Egyption theory of reincarnation and regeneration of 249 transmigration of life-249-56 distinct from Jiva or Prana 251 organic or inorganic, "life" or "sleeping" 251-53 cohesion of aggregations by force of Jiva 252 in relation to metempsychosis, mesmerism, psychometry 253-55 reform after transmigration to reconstitute Kama-Manas of next incarnation 256 Cartesian method of modern science distinguished from Spiritualistic and Atomistic of Occultism 416 Occultism sees psychic potency within and beyond physical 431 cohesion of in groups in substance is manifestation of same Divine power as localized in human monad 440 auric fluid is correlation of atoms on higher plane, directed by will in mesmerism or mechanically in vampirism 478-80 molecular motion of transformed into energy in hypnotism 480-81 has special significance in Occultism 481fn; Greeks saw universe composed of eternal III 37-38 "vortical" of an-


cients and moderns appear to be same 38 are eternal and of the one homogeneous and divine substance 40


oldest relic in world of Zoroastrianism III 293-94 indication of people’s worship of a Supreme Power 293 rendezvous for Persian Fire-worshippers 294-95


related to the Trimurti and the Self-Existent I 12


credulous and foolish to rely on I 461; how established in modern day II 34-37 Theosophist’s relation to infallibility of and search for Truth 389-92


idea of has much to do with Karma and rebirth I 172 Christ, Buddha and other adepts were vehicles or reincarnations of the "one" Divine influence 174-75; as "Watcher" of Root Races and seven regions II 527-28


at end of life cycle of Dugpa I 170; produced by clogging soul with matter and destroying harmony of spirit-soul II 145-46 affects personality but not spiritual immortal entity 155-56 exceptional and rare occurrence 200 spiritual state of misery for those who devoted life to conscious evil 277fn


confusion in modern thought III 35-52 confusion of speech doctrine comes from Chaldeans and Babylonians 50-52


of Indian origin III 227fn

Bacon, Roger

two wise aphorisms by I 98; illustrious man of science III 236

Baron de Palm

Austrian nobleman, of cremation and double-burial fame I 478 and fn


contrasted with conditioned existence I 125 "Primal" an emanation of Universal Mind II 222 difficulties in contacting those higher and lower III 204


not beyond theological Christianity but brilliant intuitions II 474

Besant, Annie

joins the TS III 3-5


old religion of Bhutan and Sikkim, known as Dugpas or Red Caps II 146; Pagan religion of Tibetan aborigines III 358


vs Occultism on relationship of disciple and family I 328-29 symbology and allegorical meaning unveiled by Occultism 334 445 (also II 81) Genesis called Akamauth or "wisdom" 432 Jehovah is the Tetragrammaton 432fn (also III 254-59) St. John has same doctrines as Hermes, Plato and Pythagoras 445; can be used as support for killing animals and for vegetarianism II 304-06 used to support slavery 308 on soul of animals and man 321 St. Paul’s teachings on the One Life, indestructibility of matter and evolution 321-25 chronology is rehash of Chaldean records 531; Genesis xi esoterically indicates Golden Age of Wisdom Religion III 47-50 cyclic meaning of "coming of Christ" and "end of the world" 168-69 and fn contains errors, needs seven keys to interpret esoterically 171-75 197-98 solar and astronomical allegories 190-92 literal belief in will last only short time 194 treatment by Church of Gospel of Matthew 199-201 Christos or Logos referred to by various names 237 240 Mosaic Pentateuch revised to produce religion of sexual evolution and worship 238-41 numeral methods of Jews 239 New Testament a blend of Jewish and Pagan 240 reasons for inconsistencies in 240-41 Job oldest document in 240 present Kabalah inseparable from Old Testament 248 Twelth chapter of Revelation and meaning of the Dragon 255 esoteric meaning of Ezekiel’s vision 258-60 Revelation a Kabalistic book 273


Blavatsky, Η.Ρ.

slander and judgments of and of Theosophy by Press I 95-97 letter to India about decline of TM there, denial of Masters and false charges 106-14 kept alive by Mahatmas 106 109 Esoteric Section begun by, aids devotion to work in West 112-13 Mrs. Keightley’s remarks, extracts from letters on first White Lotus Day 115-23 assessment of herself and her work 123 comments on beliefs that she psychologized others 169-71 nor Olcott assume asceticism or superior moral excellence 213-14 loyalty to Theosophical Cause and all devoted to it 219 222 right of effecting reorganization of TS, karmic responsibility, willingness to adhere to majority decision 220 rates Olcott’s work as highly valuable 238-40 her bond and absolute fidelity to Master 306-07


symbolism as to soul and conscious life III 175 and fn 195


discussed by Tibetan Chohans III 341-45 350-51


has geometrical beginning I 15 formed of triangles like universe 21 physical as related to reincarnation 494; each organ and cell registers and emits sensations, contains both manasic and kamic II 22-24 temple of nature, aeolian harp with two sets of strings 23 three astral doubles, their functions 38-45 exists as "privation" or psychic embryo in divine mind 139-40 produced and sustained by harmony of centripetal and centrifugal forces 145-46 at death an ethereal begins to develop and becomes perfected when astral shell separates 154 of "spirits," Dyhan Chohans and man 283-84 Substance the noumenon on another plane of outward phenomena 410-11 adept cannot disintegrate and re-form above stage of vegetable 441 production of form attains maximum in stage of Dhyan Chohans 441

Boehme, Jacob

St. Martin a disciple of I 355 mystic who studied neo-platonists 426; example of extreme purity in a former life II 25

Book of Numbers

aids in interpreting Zohar and Kabala III 201 conceals divine philosophy 242


an "Age" of marks end of Cosmic Manvantara I 460-61; the Creator, Anu, Bhutatman, part of the Kosmic Trimurti II 192-93 and fn the manifested Deity 198fn Vishnu and Shiva, triple ray from light of the world 527


belief in Sapta Loka I 346; comments on article by Subba Row, "Sevenfold Principle in Man" II 234-37 distortions of doctrine of metempsychosis 253-54; origin of III 34


direct recipient of impressions of the heart II 23 the one organ which opens out into space 24 in relation to memory 207 canal between psycho-spiritual and material, does not generate will or thought within it 378-79


terrible treatment of women, Hindus, Australian aborigines, Tasmanians I 177-86 hypocrisy and contradictions in social attitudes, policies and actions 194-96 language was problem for HPB 479-80 483-84; is pagan in her ways II 499


committed nothing to writing I 46 example in living, taught illusion of matter and homogeneousness of Consciousness and Being 126 forty-nine days under Bo-tree is allegory of races in evolution 128fn ideal legendary biography same as Jesus 248 taught salvation by personal merit and self-forgetfulness 304 greatest of the Illuminati and adepts 319 (also II 254) accomplished peaceful social and religious reform 436 example of ascetic teaching salvation in the world 450fn did not invent his philosophy, is eso-


teric Bodhism 466-67 448-49fn (also II 81); demonstrated power and science of psychometry II 254-55; demands subordination of personal life to reason III 114 insisted upon initiation being open to all who qualify 340 reduced and interpreted system of Arahat doctrines for salvation of all 340-41


as related to reincarnation I 494; with Manas is partially active in abstract thinking and self-analysis II 2fn spiritual soul, conceals a mystery 195-96 distinction between Pragna and Iswara or Manas and 198fn 199 Manas-tai-jasi is mind lit by 198-99 200fn 266 267fn 269fn impersonal immortal Spirit conditioned by human Manas to appear as separate from universal 199 Spiritual "I" is Sutratma- 202 270 unconditionally immortal 266 in relation to Manas and Taijasi in process of Death 266 269fn


only religion that binds men together without dogma I 58 TS inspired Flag in colors of Buddha’s aura as symbol of 86 taken from Ceylon to Cambodia, Siam, Burma 86 teaches suffering is from illusions and attachments 125-26 esoterically reveals Life Eternal in Homogeneousness of Consciousness and Being 126 discussion of Burnouf’s article on Christianity, Theosophy and 245-56 HPB and Olcott members of esoteric school of 246 TS not merely propaganda for 247 at Council of Nicea Christianity broke with ecclesiastical 248 today dogmatic with many sects, TS agrees with primitive 250-51 approaches nearer secret wisdom than other exoteric beliefs, esoteric doctrine not understood by scholars 250-52 257-59 448-49fn personal merit and self-forgetfulness cornerstone of 304 admits no direct creator or god 327fn 401 teaches seven stages of progressive development 346 hermit and yogi life objected to in esoteric Mahayana 451-53 teaches Paramitas necessary for Nirvana and renunciation for mankind 452 and fn is Esoteric Bodhism 466; equates absolute consciousness with Universal Mind II 140 annihilation experienced by personality 155-56 septenary division esoteric in 233-35 Hinayana and Mahayana 254 taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man 288 respects life of every sentient being 301-02 holds that killing animals arrests their progress toward final goal—man 304 purest and noblest system of ethics 328; reactionary against male, personal Gods and phallicism III 30-31 French borrowed from and German philosophers modernized 43 view of the Absolute, Sakti, Fohat, and Jiva 334-35 Tibetan teaching on "intervention of departed spirits" vs. service of living Bodhisatwas 337-51 heretical sects of China and Japan lost right to name 338 Pre-Buddhistic ascetics of Tibet had doctrine before Sakya-Muni 340 popular and esoteric in Tibet 356-64 and fns belief in successive incarnations of Buddha in Tibet and Bhutan 358-64 driven out of India by Brahmins 361 Devas are Dhyan Chohans of Northern 386


have preserved sun worship II 492-94 Bulwer-Lytton in Zanoni accurately describes elementals in space II 128-29 "Dweller on the Threshold" modelled on Sulanuth of Hebrews and Egyptians 153 "silvery spark" in Strange Story is immortal soul 154


messenger who appeared in vain I 355; born in Sicily, instructed by and named Balsamo by an Adept friend III 152-53 a Mason and an Occultist accused of serving Jesuits 153-54 taught Eastern doctrine of the "principles" 155 attempts to reform Lodge of Philalethes 155-56 circulated book The Three Sisters, imprisoned by Inquisition, death uncertain 158-60


one of qualifications expected in Chela I 329; sine qua non with practical Occultists, extending to intercourse with elementals II 167-69; moral continence


and chastity examined by Tolstoi III 120-25 necessary for purposes of psychic development 167


regarded by Occultism as a conscious unit II 19 each has own memory, principles are its atoms, actions are psychic or noetic 22 each registers and emits sensations 22-24


Biblical chronology a rehash of records of II 531; was one universal center of magic III 78 Occultism intimately connected with wisdom of Adept cast of 134 ancient were Seers and Scientists now denied by Church and Science 134-37 highly philosophical religion became heirloom of Jews and Christians 135 Book of Numbers conceals the Wisdom Religion 242 esoteric doctrines same as those of ancient China and Tibet 330-31 ancient numerical system of examining hidden meaning of letters, words, and sentences in Kabala 403


Egyptologist, declared accuracy of writings of Hermes Trismegistus III 138


matter in invisible, intangible, unmanifested state I 326-27


without ennobling conceptions may do mischief and is worthless I 330-31

Chela(s) (ship)

difficulties of I 289 306 write or precipitate letters for Master 291-92 (also II 506-07) the desire which should prompt to 294 in relation to conscious voluntary mediumship 297-98 defined, requirements, powers and chief goal of 299-300 seven years probation carries mutual pledge 302-03 lay and probationary in TS 305 selected from class of natural mystics with exceptions 308 qualifications expected in 309-10 329-30 relaxing of rules to take candidates from TS not successful 310-11 "Lay" defined 311-12 must contend with evil of own nature and of society 312-13 neophytes take inviolable oath before accepted 431; almost limitless responsibility for acts of assumed by teacher II 91 97-98 seven years probation required 92 twelve conditions for 93-97 in probationary period is a state of mind 99 conditions ensuing after acceptance 104-09 subjugation of lower by higher nature is inflexible rule 110 cause of pain during progress 110-11 produces evil when over anxious 111 must discard sense of separateness and selfishness 115-16 live and work under Adept guidance 118 many preliminary rules and conditions identical in Black and White paths 167 has electro-magnetic connection with Mahatma 506 trials of 528; takes a new name when entering cycle of initiations III 185fn


atoms may exist only in imagination I 406; cradle and birthplace was in Egypt III 142-43


distinctly taught reincarnation I 172; January 1st is festival of circumcision of II 499; a "son of God" but not the only one III 93 divine principle in every man, "coming of" means presence of Christos in regenerated world 168 173fn 176 241 meaning of crucifixion and resurrection belongs to all religions and people 169 176-77 186-89 190fn 191fn Christos distinguished from Chrestos 168-70 173fn 177-92 name signifies an Initiate, is pre-christian 182-84 in Egypt was Horus symbolized in mummy 186-89 name rendered into numbers in Mystery Language 197-98 name Jesus coined from Joshua 201 initiate allegorically "descended into Hades and third day rose from the dead" 224-25 Chrestos symbolized on trial as in allegory of Prometheus 225


practical philanthropy in Theosophy and in I 69-78 hypocrisy and destructiveness of civilization of 158-60 373-75 Jesus, Paul and many fathers taught reincarnation 172 Abbe Roca attempted to regenerate Church and reconcile Theosophy and 173-74 ideals vs actual practice 224fn fails to explain postmortem state 333-34 considers number


seven as sacred, uses in symbolism 347-48 Christo-Theosophical Society counters dogmatic theology but is sectarian 364-65 blasphemy Laws 369-72 Father Damien and Sister Gertrude true Theosophists 416-17; early fathers followed old Pagan philosophers II 129-30 church explains nature of elementals 151fn 153-54 164-65 early fathers believed Soul was corporeal but of fine nature 157-58 views and doctrine concerning vivisection and killing animals 301-06 St. Paul on the soul of animals after death 307 323 erroneous Biblical interpretations regarding animals and slaves 307-08 310 danger of combining materialistic Religion with Science 402-03 supernaturalism and miracles part of beliefs but avoids scientific investigation 463-65 with few exceptions all Holy Days are Pagan 498-99 has helped itself to Jewish scriptures 499; Phallicism and Black Magic in III 30-34 Christmas celebration a false pretense 61 proselyting and missionary work is reprehensible 82-90 Theism and Atheism contrasted 86-87 Protestantism weakened by sectarianism and Catholicism decaying from within 96-97 Jesuits characterized and practices described 97-108 moral conditions of Western followers described 117-18 shared with Jews the exoteric Theosophy of Chaldea 135 Church appropriated dogmas and rituals of primitive Masonry 148 an early Petrine book recommended 163-64 Chrestians and Christians distinguished 168-70 meaning of crucifixion and resurrection 169 176-77 as a fundamentalist religion 171-72 193 origins of the name 173-93 can only be understood when dead letter and dogmatism swept away 184-85 roots in Egyptian mythology of Horus 186-89 explanation of term Messiah 190-92 232-33 dogmatic theological must die or church will die 194 origin must be sought in Wisdom Religion 196 sources to be found in Gnostic records and ancient Tanaim 197 significance of Holy Ghost is impersonal Principles, Logos or Christos 237 241 Pentateuch revised in astro-physiological symbols and produced religion of sexual and phallic worship 238 Father, Mother, and "Son" in One is Tetragrammaton 254 meaning of name Jehovah 254 mixture of Judaism, Gnosticism and Paganism 285 321 Church impeded progress and freedom 309-10 women degraded by Church 310-14 early attempts to penetrate Tibet 356-60 medieval Church changed planets from Greco-Aryan gods into Semitic devils 376-83 statue of Zoroastrian Mitra at Vatican 382 theological legend of Lucifer built on pagan myths and allegories 380-83 symbology of Lucifer in 383-85 magic in Catholic Church 387 mystery names and archangels in Church 391-97 miracles within and without the Church 392fn no other religion cost so many human victims 405 number 666 a puzzle of 407-08


astral life of earth young and strong from to Easter I 504 the day of the birth of the sun and many saviors 505; and New Year Pagan holy days II 498-99; origin and characteristics III 58-62 Annunciation of Christians has roots in solar rites of Pagans 205


distortion of ideals and loss of power by I 138-39 incapable of true spiritual ideal has imposed Churchianity 331-32 dogmatic and ritualistic sentenced to give way to Religion and to die 346; exacts belief in miracles performed by Saints II 311-12 Theology as to soul of animals 313-14 Inquisition burned "heretic" for occult reason and opposed cremation of faithful 500-02; Roman Catholic an enemy to Theosophy III 9 Roman and Protestant practioners of Black Magic 31 history shows ineffectiveness and cruelty of Churchianity 91-92 211 Protestant will fall from sectarianism, Roman decays from within 96-99 170 demanded blind belief and killed enquiry 172 treatment of Gospel of Matthew 199-201 foundation of ritual, canon, and architecture laid by Pagans in temples, festivals and rites 205 209-11 213-17 encourages aspirations toward mystical but only along


orthodox lines 235-36 Magic is undermining 236 great error in interpretation of books of Moses 246 degraded women, denied their freedom and equality 309-14


destruction of ideals, nature, art, beauty and morals by materialistic I 150-60 paradoxical quality of western 187-97 19th the most criminal of centuries 407; modern, described and shown inferior in morality and wisdom II 28-29 Western causes suffering to animals 327-28 ours one of extremes 456 modern science does not accept antiquity of first 529-30; Western received germs of from East III 8 moral condition of modern western 117-31 modern characterized 306-08 real culture is spiritual 314 etiquette and customs reviewed, progress outward rather than inner 317-19 guano deposits indicate South American may be 72,000 years old 415-16 ancient American resemblance to India and Egypt 414 European on upward while Asian on downward cycle 417 Atlantean source of cultures of ancient American, Egyptian and Hindu 417-36 archeology, geology, ethnology produce evidence of cycles of planets, continents, races and 437-40


polar and equatorial gradually exchange places III 78


dependent on active manifestation of Jiva II 252 manifestation of Universal Divine Force in grouping atoms 440 adepts use law to form and disintegrate mineral and vegetable organisms 440-42

Color (s)

language of I 424 and fn Theosophy is white ray from which arise seven of solar spectrum 440-41; associated with sound, smell and taste II 47-49 52-56 as perceived by ants 59-60 the five sacred 93 Vishnu the blue God 530

Colossus of Rhodes

description and fate of III 66-67


feeling requires working and sacrificing for the collective spirit of life I 463-64


committed nothing to writing I 46; taught same explanation of life as others III 114


polarizer of polarity lies within our own I 2; of Beness and All is only reality 136; of Self proceeds from higher Manas II 9 absolute equated with Universal Mind 140 absolute is eternal Motion from which proceeds individual 179 in plants, cells of human body 180 atom is a universe of mind and 180 192-93 ability to observe own states of 184 inner states unrelated to external senses, spatial dimensions or physical laws 184-85 illustrated in amoeba 186-87 every change of gives man a new aspect 195 man acts on this or another plane of in accordance with mental and spiritual condition 195-98 no post-mortem apart from Buddhi 198-99 discussed by Tolstoy as Life and Mind 213-15 only Spiritual can mirror ideas about infinite and absolute 379


all things in nature have and are mutually interdependent I 440-41; law of in development of natural world and Races II 55-58


as taught by Hindus, Pythagoras and Plato I 12-15 study of required for knowledge of man or occult psychophysics 467; all suns, stars, planets and systems have a common origin and II 529; needs understanding to interpret "Deluge" III 54


should be replaced by word Evolution, indicates power of will to impose change on matter I 326-27; nothing that does not exist somewhere, visible or invisible, can be reproduced artificially II 66


reason for Catholic oppostion to II 501 Criticism of oppression and brutality in West I 176-86 Master condemns habit of 279-80 consider differing opinions as problems to solve rather than subjects of 282


constructive and destructive 433-34, mutual is healthy and benefactor of thought II 389-91 of mystery and secrecy in Theosophy answered 393-96

Crookes, William

made most valuable scientific discoveries of 19th C I 443 a Theosophist and president of Chemical Society of Great Britain 443fn


Ansated, seven-partitioned, six faced cube unfolded III 251fn 252

Culture (see Civilization)

of solidarity on plane of mental work to attain truth I 402; real is spiritual III 314-15


of psychic and spiritual change in human Soul will end in 1897 I 99 of struggle between mysticism and materialism in 20th C 100-05 355-56 381 epidemics of disease occur in epochs of convulsions in inorganic nature 337 West will admit periodicity of events 345 of future comprised of past and present 367 376 403-05 our present described 367-81 return of mystic thought in Europe 403-04 intellectual and psychic crisis approaching, tide of spiritual force described 404-08 numbers (8 and 9) as representative of 406 410 495-96 504 Swan is symbol of 410 of influenza related to ozone 410-15 premature and phenomenal growths indications of 420-23 humanity on descending path of its 422 longevity and physical characteristics of Races in Yugas and Rounds 422 and fn; mental correlations of seeing and hearing is return to primitive powers of 3rd and 4th Root Races II 54-55 will bring Science back to Vedas for true explanations of phenomena 54-55 of descent corresponds to ascent at same level in Rounds and Races 56-58 cannot impede or precipitate progress of smallest 74 of physical world attended by like in intellect 219 four Yugas of Hindus correspond to Greeks 219 age of unconscious productivity and inspiration followed by criticism and consciousness 219-20 "Circle of necessity" described 279 man denied faculty of foresight in this dark 497 in Antiquity only Initiates had key to 529 explanation of Shesha, symbol of the Manvantara 530-31; compound molecules receive properties at beginning of Manvantara III 40 theory now prominent through analysis of statistics 69-70 astronomy and astrology exact observations of 70 objective effects have correspondence with subjective causes 71 historical waves of Empire, War, climate, evidence of 71-75 meterological and geological predictions of Dr. Falb 76-78 six Chaldean Sars comprise Great Year and physical changes in planet 78 several significant close at end of 19th C and begin with Age of Aquarius 169 and fn universal aspiration to seek unknown manifests in 235 Europeans on upward while Asians represent departed 417 only plausible theory to solve puzzles of civilizations 436-40


structures in Peru and Mexico are rivals of Egypt III 411 Incas attributed inscriptions on structures to Unknown predecessors 412 five distinct styles of architecture in Andes 414 437 structures of different continents have similarity 419-27 Peruvian structures 433-37


intermediate beings produced when World-Soul dwells in the Elements I 35-36 three classes 38; as nature spirits is term used differently by Zoroastrians, Greeks, Christians, Hindus, Kabalists II 129-31 141-51 various kinds named by Romans and Greeks 287

Damien, Father

a true Theosophist I 416-17

Damodar, K. M.

selected, called by, and will become a Mahatma I 107-08


post mortem fate of astral soul I 29-30 of inferior parts required for life of superior whole 136; ethereal body starts forming, becomes perfected when astral separates II 137 154 physical and spiritual 158-59 under exceptional cir-


cumstances a genuine human spirit may manifest presence in dream or vision 161 existence of astral of animals and man after 162-63 Spiritualists’ claims of intercourse with the dead 168-73 post mortem consciousness discussed 197-205 264-66 269-73 corresponds to sleep 200-05 269 272 after-life is reality, terrestrial is illusion 203-04 271-72 Tolstoy’s lecture on Life, Consciousness and 211-15 widespread worship of relics and spirits of departed 223-32 seven-fold classification explains postmortem phenomena 236 247 is redeemer and friend to Spiritual Ego 267 a dreamless sleep for materialist 272-73 results of accidental or early 275-76 existence of Kama Rupa as taught ty Egyptians, Greeks, Chaldeans, Hindus 283-89 study of religious scriptures and esoteric philosophy promotes indifference to 325 separation of principles after as taught in Chinese philosophy 348-51 last thoughts may become eidolon 367 an incident of Higher Ego prophesizing events of life and date cf 369-74 no man is insane or unconscious at moment of 375 memory of Ego at time of 375-80 of friend often seen clairvoyantly 476 regarded as tender mother who rocks children to sleep 498; comparison of Christian and Theosophical view III 94 statements by Apollonius Tyaneus about birth and 162-63 how individuality of Divine Monad survives Devachan and Paranirvana 265-66 is necessary dissolution of imperfect combinations 270 preservation of corpses is violation of laws of nature 271 process of natural and unnatural described by a Tibetan Gelung 346-51


is Universal Principle, Being as noumenal as seen by Plato I 31 various conceptions of 41-42 Theosophist’s theory of has inspiration of own as basis 42; central Sun and Central Point of intersection between centripetal and centrifugal forces II 491 is fire with some heathens 492; in Hindu esoteric Pantheon only signs and symbols, not to be worshiped III 204-05 One Unknown inexpressible 205 of Gentiles and Jews contrasted 208-10 symbolized by Sun throughout antiquity 218-19 manifested is Sound, Voice, Word 344


"Universal Mind" which contains idea of the "to be created world" II 222


modern physics and natural sciences amplified reproduction of works of III 37 Descartes indebted to 38 mirrored by Isaac Newton 38


rule against in pledge makes applicants hesitate I 199-200 203 of systems, organizations, root of evil, cant, not of persons 200-02 difference between statement of fact and "evil speaking," results from Christian education 203-06


opinion on the soul of the animal II 312-13; indebted for his original theories to old Greek masters III 38


defined II 132-33 Polytheism based on hosts of Spiritual entities on various planes and spheres 174-76 a great variety ranging from higher to far below man 176 mistaken for "spirits of the dead" by spiritualists 177; Dhyan Chohans of the Hindus and Northern Buddhists III 386


highest elements of astral soul assimilated by Higher Ego and continue in I 29-30 experienced by higher Manas 293 one of periods of "Bard-do" 489; none for accepted Chela II 104 aim for Occultist is to shorten and eliminate, replaced by Spiritual sleep 116 none for those who believe in extinction 197-201 a conditional attribute created during life and determined by Karma 199-200 corresponds to sleep and is determined by life and expectations 201-05 reality of post-mortem life helps Ego reach final goal 203 duration of 277 state of Bliss for which false personality is unfit 277-78 not experienced by aborted foetus, infant


or idiot 278 aroma of personality and Higher Self in 281-82 and fn

Dhyan Chohan(s)

belief in ourselves as an Ego implies existence of II 175 mistaken for "Spirits of the Dead" by Spiritualists 177 three categories and bodies of 283-84 410-11 seven Initiates remain on earth during its "obscuration" with seeds of mineral, plant, and animal for next Round 322-23 and fn Planetary Spirit, once human but not yet coalesced with Parabrahm 441; Sephira and Sephiroth are numbers of creative hierarchies of III 253fn celestial Buddhas and their nature in Tibetan system 350-51 planetary spirits, those among Bodhisatwas who preserve personality and remain in Devachan to help humanity 351 Celestial Hosts, Devas of the Hindus and Northern Buddhists 386 389


meat-eating has become vital necessity among Western nations II 301 futility of attempts to stop meat-eating in civilized nations 325


the god who was to liberate souls of men from prisons of flesh III 227fn

Disciple (see Chela)


epidemics of flow around the globe I 337-38 Hindus rebel against vaccination 338 statistics of mortality as vaccination increases 339-40 epidemics of influenza related to unknown exuberance of ozone 410-15 causes of due to abnormal changes in atmosphere 413-15; Mesmer’s knowledge of correspondences and affinities between kindred atoms II 420 cure by hypnotism and faith-healing 484; vegetable epidemics of related to activity of Sun III 401 and fn 402

Doctrine (s)

barely outlined in volumes I 399; no esoteric were ever written and plainly explained III 263


group of preconceived ideas to which any new idea must be applied I 325; unless expression of universal proven fact is mental slavery and leads to censor III 314-17


his talent and influence for social reforms, a born Theosophist I 103-05


mental operations as active as when awake I 434-35; genuine disembodied spirits may rarely manifest presence in II 161 compared to posthumous 269 272-73 induced by unconscious mental associations 291-93 creativity in 293 prophecy and divination in 293-94 acceptance of prophetic by Science would demand remodelling of physiology 296 conveyance of egoic to waking state determined by spirituality of brain 298-99 accuracy of prophetic or warning depend on intensity of feeling or another’s will 299 476 prophecy by Higher Ego of events of life and time of death 369-74 introversion factor operative generally 475-76


mistletoe on New Years day a relic of II 499; evergreen at Christmas derived from III 58


refuge in Syria and Mt. Lebanon are descendants and mixture of mystics of all nations III 281-82 not fanatical but rites, beliefs, books kept secret 282fn 285-86 disciples of H’amsa, similar to Sikhs, compared with Lamaists 283-84 287-90 and fns one of last survivals of Wisdom Religion 285 outwardly mix but marry within own race 286 five messengers similar to five Bodhisatwas of Tibet 287-91 resurrection in Armageddon similar to Nirvana and Vedantin absorption in Parabrahm 291


a high adept in black magic II 44-45 men possessed by earthly elementaries, Brothers of the Shadows 146-47


Xenocrates taught purity is greatest I 36 of Theosophist is to help but not sacrifice in vain 119 121


Dweller of the Threshold

aroused by exerting our powers I 122 is within 302 maleficent propensities of one’s own nature plus power accumulation by society 312


symbol of the seer and sacred to the Sun III 213-14fn


as an element predominates in man II 283 during "obscuration" seven Dhyan Chohans remain with seeds of every mineral, plant and animal needed for next Round 322-23fn description of Night of Brahma on 445 false assumption of molten interior 446-47 under influence of an evil principle represented by figure nine 496 Bhumi 527; true motion, form and heliocentric system taught by Thales and Pythagoras in 700 B.C. III 38 41 earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can be predicted 76-79 subject to physical revolution at close of "great year" 78 symbolized by the Virgin in many cultures 205 209-10 history of and its humanities prototyped in astronomical heavens 243

Easter Island

source of symbols and witness to a submerged continent II 239 ansated cross on back of some statues 241; New Zealand, Sandwich Islands and intermediate islands have same beliefs, language and customs as III 443

Edison, Thomas A.

a Theosophist, his conception of matter I 363


sixth and seventh senses of Divine must approve physical evidence and reason I 443; as a "unit-being" its activity is sui generis II 17 higher and lower equated with individuality and personality 20-21 Higher omniscient on own plane, Lower reflects psychic or noetic 20-24 by becoming at one with Divine personal shares immortality 26-27 true considered as a "double" or Karmic body 39 the Divine 105-06 man is three aspects 106-07fn Genius and undeserved suffering prove an immortal 126 belief in implies Dhyan Chohans 175 Spiritual moves in eternity between life and death 270-71 Higher, as Sutratma, collects moral qualities from each personality 271 separate lives of analogous to separate days of one lifetime 273 distinction between false, real and non-276-77 281-82 282fn Manas is Real and seat of Jiv 277 Personal reincarnates in only four exceptional cases 282-83 Self or Spiritual determines tone of whole life 297-98 may convey impressions through dreams and visions if spiritual faculties are developed 298-99 the "real" man described 299-300 has attribute of omniscience of the everlasting Present 373 376 379 function of in producing visions and prophecy 371-74 memory of blends with physical at death 375-80; the incarnated has difficulties nonexistent for pure divine Essence III 204

Egypt (ian)

Theosophy taught before Ptolemies by Pot-Amun I 40 British newspaper speculates on mysteries of 190-92 priests were initiates, having occult powers 191fn Zodiac on ceiling of Dendera temple indicates age of 75,000 years 192 taught seven states of purification and progressive perfection 346 Plato, Herodotus and others initiated in 431 colonized by Dravidians of Southern India 437-38; Book of the Dead must be interpreted by allegory, symbols, numerical keys II 81 (also III 174) derived knowledge from Aryans of India 138 significance of seven in Ank, Tau, Oozas 240-41 reason for mummification 249 had three levels of religion 250 Theurgists knew principles of man and facts of Spiritualism 284-85 285fn separated man into three divisions corresponding to seven principles 343 Priests used mesmerism 425 earliest dynasties of divine beings ruling as Manes in astral bodies 434-35 434fn magic esotericism and history recorded in excerpts from "Lepsius" 435-38 believed in and practiced magic 439 cross in Royal arch degree of Masonry is triple Tau 491;


not a colony of Atlantis III 54 pyramids are wonders left to us to unravel 65-66 antiquity of Books of Hermes, treatises on Magic and Occultism 137-39 137fn birthplace and cradle of Chemistry 142-43 mummy is symbol of Christ-immortality 186-89 Horus the Christ of 186-89 Sun is "eye" of Osiris, visible agent of invisible Cause 220 abuse of sacred knowledge among Initiates of the Sanctuary 222 civilization resembled India and ancient America 414 intimate connections with inhabitants of Ancient America 417-18 antiquities of North Central and South America resembles those of 419-20

Eiffel Tower

fungus of modern commercial enterprise I 374; among freaks and fiascos of civilization II 503; comments on French exhibition and the III 63-68

Electric (ity)

danger of lighting by I 415; and heat within animal body depend on chemical actions modified and subjected to the Vital Principle II 398 and magnetism in certain people and conditions 399-401 is as atomic as matter 409 Fohat causes shock of atoms and repercussions to produce Light and Sound 413-14 fluid is same as magnetic and due to atomic energy 480-81; priests of Etruria and Indian Rishis knew how to attract lightning III 38-39

Element (s)

Ether as an, five correspond to five figures of Geometry I 32; psychic embryo contains portion of each of four II 140 perfect equilibrium of four maintained by intelligence, understood by adept occultists 150 and fn when harmony of four disturbed destructive forces result 150-51 every organism has appropriate condition and 151 emanate through categories of spirit, soul and mind to become bodies of Dhyan Chohans 283-84


function in seance II 41; various classes inhabit astral ocean 127 had distinct place midway between gods and men 128 143 inhabiting space described by Bulwer-Lytton 128-29 some belong to three lower kingdoms and are forces in nature 132 and Pitris distinguished 133-36 every physical manifestation has own class of 136-37 140 distinguished from Elementaries 137-41 psychic embryos distinguished from 139-41 nature spirits, centres of force employed to produce phenomena, have desire but no consciousness 141-42 classes and function according to Proclus 142-43 enter into calculations of Adept astrologers 145 how and why adept’s control of preserves harmony of four elements 150-51 and fn each class has appropriate conditions, powers and attractions 151-53 irresponsible creatures of ethereal matter influenced by superior intelligence 153 inferior angels known and described by Clement the Alexandrian 153 apparitions of dead pets a trick of 161 symbolic names of is a study 164 attitudes of countries, churches and groups toward 164-65 book recommended, Count de Gabalis 165-68 exist in many varieties 166 commerce with forbidden in practical occultism 167-70 and fn lower conquered by Arjuna under name of Nara 175 there are higher and some far below man and animals 176 mistaken for "spirits of the dead" by spiritualists 177


souls and shells are Larvae of departed humans II 138 the lower principles of all disembodied beings, three groups 138-39 include psychic embryos 139-40 earthbound shadows of an avitchi attracted by and then possess Dugpas 146-47 minerals and chemicals are used by Theurgist to counteract 147-48 disembodied may be helped into reincarnation by adept or sympathetic person 148 and fn often disguised as good and powerful, easily delude 149-50 use elementals as vehicles and are contacted by mediums for carnal purposes 168-70 and fn houen as described in Chinese philosophy 351-53



means by which all beings proceed from the Essence I 445 evolution a modern substitute 445-46


believed all men and animals to possess two souls II 157; modern physics and natural sciences amplified reproduction of works of III 37


conservation of demonstrated by psychometry II 15


speaks of instructions given in the Mysteries III 222


far above Stoics in atheism and materialism II 157; Descartes indebted to for original theories III 38


purpose and nature of this section of TS I 112-13 117-19 219 philosophy is spiritual and psychic blending of man with Nature 224fn the true disguised in exoteric by symbols 430-31 great schools were international although exclusive 431-32 Theosophists of this section study by prescribed methods and pledge silence on certain matters 443-45 those in circle of do not set themselves as examples 465; nothing given publicly or in print can be termed II 7fn axiom of philosophy 66-68 meanings of Scriptures and philosophies masked by allegory, myth, symbols 81-82 85-87; Section had own special beliefs III 8 Doctrine brought because of crisis 17 explanations can make Books of Moses comprehensible 238-39 no doctrine ever written and plainly explained 263 most ancient scriptures and religions had 301

Esoteric Buddhism

Oxford lecturer claims Buddhism never had esoteric doctrine I 497-98; Sinnett’s explanation of Evolution challenged and HPB’s answer III 10-14 title of Budhism more correct, explanation as to distinctions 13 and fn 14 19-20 and fn a valuable work, limited in Occult data, somewhat materialized 13-14 21-22 and fn rendered service by popularizing in exoteric form some esoteric truths 16-17 propriety of the title 19-22 and fns on Evolution 23-27 and fns


and Gnostics result of fusion of Indian and Semitic thought I 248


universal ocean peopled by planetary Spirits and elementals II 127 spiritual prototypes in and evolved from 128 135 source and characteristics 150 and fn only adept can control elementals of, dangers 150-51 a portion of the World-Soul 156 is Akasha 157fn


and morals of society typified I 137-42 change with cycles 142 a science of mutual duties 208


periodical return of mystic thought in I 403-04; nations of civilized barbarians, meateaters and sportsmen II 301-02; owes revival of its civilization and culture to Eastern influence III 8 Black magic reigns over 31 stronghold of sin and crime 87 perhaps to be invaded from Far East 108 stones true prophets and deluded by false ones 276-77 emerging from bottom of new cycle progressing upwards 417


caused by Homogeneous matter transforming into Heterogeneous, consequential illusions I 124-26 illusion produced by law of contrasts and Ego-ship 128-29 must have existed prior to Adam and Eve 130 produced by sundering of fourth Unity 132 has roots in nature of evolution 133 and good are dual spirit in man not extra-cosmic Entities 143-44; the eye II 44 495 black and crimson the colors of 48 often results from over anxiety and desire for reward in spiritual progress 111; some become co-workers with destructive nature and immortal in III 272-73


Homogeneity transforms into Hetero-


geneity, proceeds through forms and contrasts I 124-26 Darwinian theory materializes cyclic spiritual process 126 131-34 proceeds through incarnation of spirit, acquirement of knowledge and return to primordial 130 134 142-43 ignorance and mechanistic interpretation produced pessimism 136 Impersonality and non-duality is ultimate end of cosmic 322 Occultist hastens process of own 322 blood of animals have distinct forms, show evidence of derivation and 340 science perplexed by missing links 341-44 spiritual and psychic now in full activity 361 new thought has arisen in moral and psychic of this cycle 405-06 rear guard of 5th Race crossing apex of its 422 characteristics of races produced by 422-23 mental progresses with physical 436 is the blood of the system of Humanity as One Truth is the heart 436 modern is substitute for emanation concept 445-46; involves mental pain II 110-11 ancients traced law of through whole universe 127-28 proceeds from Spirit into matter through uninterrupted series of entities 128 by means of Pitris 133-36 described as "circle of necessity" 279 question of killing animals related to soul and 304-09 theories of Eastern and Western as to soul of animals 310 indestructibility of matter, omnipresence of One Life are same as law of 321-24 hope of immortality and deliverance from material existence is for all creatures 323-24 spiritual is in ratio to aspirant’s moral and spiritual progress upward 440; from apes impossible in 4th Round III 13 26fn Darwinian theory chains thought within region of senseless matter 45 bearing of theory on religion 45-46 natural and dual 47 belief in and contact with Beings higher and lower on scale of divine 204 spiritual is dual and spiral 266


the evil II 44 495 phenomenon of life consists in evolution and development of 190-91 most occult organ on the superficies of body 477 is chief agent of the Will of operator in hypnotism 481-82 Faith as a lie I 57 explained in relation to "knowledge" 294; and imagination establish will in healing II 484; never accept any authority upon any question on III 442

Fetish (ism)

beliefs in as habitation of a god or spirit throughout history and literature II 337-41 439 defined 338 use of in sorcery and necromancy 339-43 prohibition against by Moses, Mohammed and authorities of Middle Ages 342-43 used with astral by adepts of Black Art 347 great volume of psychic force may be concentrated in 347; the direct worship of nature, primitive religion of man III 46


plan of universal laws rests on combined powers of cross and II 491 is the Deity with some heathens 492 used in African magic 524-25; Solar as symbol of divine Creative Power, the Father united with Nature worshipped all over the earth III 205 Agni, celestial becomes terrestrial, name of Prometheus derived from Pramontha 252fn


emblem of Messiahs, incarnations of divine wisdom 291fn.


Black Magic cause of Atlantean Great War III 34 many deluges cutting races and lands at appointed time 54

Fludd, Robert

a western chela I 308 an adept 317; alchemist and Rosicrucian, used magnets in treating disease II 419


is electrical II 190 philosophical basis for theories of forces of nature 413-14


Creative, intelligent Divine essence permeating Nature, called Gods I 397-98 rising power of mystic, spiritual warring with materialistic 404-06 seven of nature 440-41 correspondence


and relation in nature and in man 467; is light and produced by will II 127 centrifugal and centripetal correspond to spirit and soul 145-46 blind destructive generated by disturbance of equilibrium of four elements 150-51 Fohat is electrical 190 with Spirit and Matter are a triple Unity 204 six in nature synthesized by the seventh 238 psychic may be concentrated in object of worship 347 magnetic in crystals and humans 361-63 of thought can be received as presentiment or eidolon of sender 366-67 all newly discovered were previously occult powers 398 electrical in certain people and conditions 399-401 each has at origin conscious intelligent Entities, Planetary or Elemental 402 more than vibration of matter 404 are immaterial perceptive effects without of substantial and essential Causes within 411 Soul cannot be confused with 411 Fohat produces through electric shock of atoms and repercussions 413-14 creative and life-giving personified as "breath of Cybele" and other names 418-19 aspect of Universal Divine in cohesion binding atoms into groups 440 centripetal and centrifugal preserve harmony and keep universe in motion 491; five propositions about maintained by old philosophers III 38

Form (see Body)

mineral and vegetable can be dissolved and reconstituted by Adept II 440-41 of Dyhan Chohans attained by maximum production of Life principle 441

Franklin, Benjamin

knowledge of attracting lightning possessed ages before III 38 headed Committee of French Academy to investigate Mesmer’s phenomena 136


not developed in present life I 377; physical brain becomes fit to receive and manifest man’s over-soul II 119-20 ever original and results from long experience 122 artificial and true distinguished 122-23 an expression of Buddhi-Manas distinguished from intellectual acuteness 123 only fully developed in Great Teachers 124


body has beginning in I 15 world in repose is 20 our body and universe formed out of triangles 21 method is to descend from universals to particulars 21 has five regular figures corresponding to five principal Elements 32; significance of seven in nature, cosmogony and Anthropogony II 237-42; and arithmetic are part of first principles of magic III 403

Germain, St.

a western chela I 308 messenger who appeared in vain 355

Gertrude, Sister Rose

a true Theosophist and rare manifestation of a "Higher Ego" I 416-17

Gnostic(s) (Gnosis)

fusion of Indian and Semitic thought I 248 name owed to Pythagoras 430 defined 430-31 Sophia-Achamoth the feminine wisdom of 432 Vidya rendered by Greek into 444fn; taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man II 288; a "Son of Wisdom" such as St. Paul, an initiate III 171fn 198-99 and fn Divine Wisdom, reality behind appearances 172 fragments of teachings make up Christian Canon 173fn of Mysteries was sevenfold, interpreted with three keys 175 and fn echo of primordial wisdom religion, supplanted by Christian scheme 176 202 had three phases: astronomical, spiritual and doctrinal 186-89 Gospels, names and astronomico-mystical allegories came from ancient Tanaim and the 197-99 and fns doctrines identical with S.D. of the East 199-200 writings passed into Kabalistic works, Pistis Sophia most precious relic 202 in early Christian Church tried to preserve mysteries in ritual and canon 213-14 doctrine included belief in hierarchies of angels 238 and fn attribute the "fall" to desire to know 380


Buddhist refuses to admit existence of or creation by a I 327fn creative, intelligent forces permeating nature is


occult meaning 397-98 relation of December and January to 505-06; term applied to eminent men by ancients II 131 thirty-three million described by Brahmans 131-32 only personal is own immortal spirit 156 Polytheism based upon fact in nature, monotheism upon abstraction 174-75 thought to participate in miraculous resurrection of dead animals 312 believed throughout history to inhabit fetishes 337-39 as viewed by Substantialists 402-03; no one can claim knowledge of III 5-6 infinite absolute Principle, to be worshipped in spirit not with rites 33 anthropomorphism and worship of self is generator and stimulus to Black Magic 33-34 as Mind and within means subordination of personal to that 114-15 Planetary Spirits and Nirmanakayas as Spiritual Hosts of 203-05 Spiritual Hosts worshipped in collectivity as a personal 205 meaning and its gradual degradation 207-10 ideas of Gentiles and Jews contrasted 208-10 Parabrahm expresses Universal Spirit and idea of 265 E. Levi and HPB on concept and identification of Satan with 272-75


unknown by science except in observable effects II 71 not active agent in many nebulae 471fn; knowledge of the ancients III 38


had seven sages I 348 no new knowledge of real nature of matter since Ionian school 443; classical writings of Initiates need interpretation of Occultism II 81 Homer told of man’s spiritual form and simulachres 286 taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man 288


belief in evolution of man and gorilla from common ancestor I 434


esoteric meaning of cutting neophyte’s II 528 and fn


organ through which Higher Ego acts through Lower Self II 23


Ammonius declared moral and practical wisdom in books of I 438 younger became identical with Thoth 439 philosophy of same as gospel of St. John 445 Plato and Pythagoras drew philosophies from canons of 445 January 4th connected with Mercury or 505; books rejected by 18th and 19thC. science III 132 philosophy regarded by Church and Science from opposite points of view 137 incredible antiquity of Books, Egyptians’ only a portion 137fn 137-38 treatises on Magic and Occultism now known as Theosophy and Occult Science 138-40 viewed by Latin Church as "heirlooms left by Cain" 142


an Initiate into the Egyptian mysteries I 190 431; examined pyramid of Cheops which then had marble coating III 65-66 the "father of history" but testimony not accepted when modern thought disagrees 133

Hierophant (s)

compared with adept and initiate III 145-51 of Pagan Mysteries, origin of ritualism of Church and Masonry 213-14 preserved sacred allegories 222

Himalayan Mts.

traditionally the location of Mahatmas, and Scham-cha-Lo their meeting place III 332-33 once part of an ocean floor, Eastern boundary of Atlantis 332-33 Northern Hindus apply the name Andes to 418


rebels against vaccination I 338 sports of fishing, shooting and hunting are sinful in II 301-02


dispensary for each Branch a desirable objective II 113-14


letters to HPB answered I 447-74 editor of Sphinx 456


Maya and lack of knowledge in spiritual perceptions of I 418 vox popuii hardly ever wrong in judgments 426


isolation from is act of coarsest selfishness 429-30 450fn 452-53fn Theosophist’s first duty is to help in spiritual or worldly progress 460; service for is sufficient reward II 518; needs assurance of a power paramount over matter and law which governs world III 69 collectively and individually is an infant in development 343-44


St. Cyril dealt with as though a wild animal II 324; teacher of Synesius, virgin philosopher III 212


as practiced is sorcery II 103 reference to common occurrence in literature 381 infernal art practiced by Faculty of Medicine 384 387 judicial, criminal and evil consequences of 385-87 absolute surrender of will and self-consciousness to operator in 387 why mesmerism is beneficent as contrasted to maleficence of 423 why practice by Science is unconscious sorcery, detrimental effects 425 428-30 denies transmission of animal magnetic fluid 428 Hindu jugglers genuine psychologists, use mesmerism not 471 purely physiological manifestation, distinguished from mesmerism, gupta maya, and glamour 472 produced by mechanical molecular vibrations attuned by the eye 477 481-82 distinguished from mesmerism by use of will 477-78 auric fluid transmitted may heal or too much will kill 478-79 degree of magnetic relations between operator and patient determine healing 483 thought, will and speech in 483-84 may be act of charity and prevent bad Karma 484; a prominent factor in Occultism, used by Jesuits before Mesmer III 99fn


added to Theosophy the doctrine of Theurgy I 46 converted Porphyry and Plotinus to Theurgy which is identical with gnosis of Pythagorus 425-26 Madam Guyon the feminine counterpart of 426 had gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance, healing 438; an initiate understood by esoteric language of symbolism and allegory II 86-87 explained actions of Daimons and Elementaries 147 cautions against dangers and delusions of elementaries 149-50 explained magic 432


no one that cannot be inspired by a noble I 408; Jesus is that for sage and Western Theosophist to follow III 93

Idolatry (See Fetish)

Theosophists accused of by Catholics whose rituals have roots in Paganism III 205-07


growing belief that chemical atoms only exist in I 406; function of in relation to evil eye II 44-45 of something is evidence it exists somewhere 66 225 Pythagoras says is memory of preceding births 66 principal source of human improvement 179 in the art of divination 294 function in faithhealing and magic 484


conquered by ascending toward unity II 155 derived from origin and nature of spiritual soul 156-58 determined for personality by belief in during life 199 201-03; symbolized by Christ and the mummy of Osiris in Egypt III 186-89 is conditional 271fn 343 one must become a co-worker wth nature to gain 272-73 Lamaists teach is only for individual not personal self 350


legend of origin, similarities of Pre-Incas with India and Egypt III 412-14 monoliths and ruins are Pre-Inca, Temple of Sun safely attributed to 413-14 433-37 treasure buried in subterranean corridors 428-31


source of Plato’s philosophy I 12-13 only source to fathom philosophy and psychological sciences 49 work of TS and ideal of Masters factors in reawakening 107-08 regeneration must exclusively be work of own sons 214 Nationalist Congress organized by Theosophists 275 ancient Hindu ships 335-36 Hindus rebel against vaccination 338 Aryavarta cradle of philoso-


phies and mother of religions 346; epic poems and philosophies as interpreted by occultism II 81 cradle of universal civilization 131 Egyptians derived knowledge from 138 focus of human thought communicated to Ancient world 431 some jugglers’ psychological tricks examined 467-73; legendary war began in and spread over globe III 33 Yanadhis a mysterious race 55-57 cradle for initiation 150 origin of Bacchus and possibly Orpheus 227-28fn prehistoric included many present day countries 331-32 Vedas, Brahmanism and Sanscrit imported into 331-32 civilization had resemblance to Egypt and ancient Americas 414 419-20

Indians, Red

mistreated in the United States I 177 181-82


collective I 424 and fn; Manasic is self determining power which can override circumstances II 12-13 equated with Higher Mind and Higher Ego 20-21 achievement after death depends on Spirit not on human soul 155 relation to personality 156 of universal mind and atom 180 182 193 begun in animal and completed in man, cannot be disintegrated even by Adept 441 can be obliterated as result of very evil environment 459; divine survives Devachan due to accumulation of skandas of Higher Manas, enters Paranirvana III 265-66


one of noblest characters in U.S. I 333; materialist free thinker III 93

Initiate(s) (ion)

proceeds through philosophy and instruction in the mysteries I 18 state of illumination and union with universal Spirit 43-45 Solomon’s life and temple an allegory on 58-59 Herodotus and Plato were in the Egyptian mysteries 190-92 into the science of occult rays 441; understood through keys of Occultism, symbolism and allegory II 81 86-87 priests of Isis in Egypt were 250 St. Paul an 321 Seven as Dhyan Chohans left on earth during obscuration with seeds of lower kingdoms 322-23fn the great Christian 323 ancient known as phrygian dactyls 418 details of rites of 528-29; some are of European race III 16 formed themselves into separate communities 34 meaning as compared with adept and hierophant 145-51 Jesus must be interpreted with three keys 175-76 those who understand the Gnosis and live the life 176 Clemens Alexandrinus and Paul 180 similarity of rites with resurrection in Egypt, India and Greece 183-90 analogies and terms used for process 190-92 and fns. Gnostics knew value of every word of mystery language 198-99 some joined early Church, instructed Bishops, influenced rituals and canon 212-13 function of low and high Epoptae in mysteries 221-24 meaning of building a temple, descent into hell and resurrection 224-25 required supreme trial, giving up life for brotherhood and truth 233fn taught that Holy Ghost is impersonal Logos 237


one of three qualities of intellect as taught by Xenocrates I 33; evolves through law, elementary fabric for subsequent generations II 127 of apes, monkeys, orangoutangs equal to many savages 162 scientific views of animal instinct and 314-17 difference between instinct and 316-17


knowledge of the heavens according to Xenocrates I 33 carries mind from form into formless Spirit 43 better than intellect 121 an instinct of the soul, projection of perceptive consciousness 428-29 spiritual instinct which conceives of the Infinite 432-33 of Wm. Crookes produced best scientific work of 19th C. 443 there is no infallible 461; faculty of apprehending the Infinite II 231-32

Isis Unveiled

HPB had named it The Veil of Isis I 261 reviews by contemporary newspapers 476-77fn is information from


Eastern Masters 478-79 language and literary difficulties in writing 479-80 483-84 extensive assistance from Olcott and Wilder 480-83 not written for the public 483; most important aim of the work II 51-52 errors and misconceptions explained 274-81 refused reincarnation to the terrestrial principle 288 goddess has fallen victim to the faith of Rome 502; evaluation of III 264-66 Olcott assisted with editing 264


have respect for the life of every sentient creature II 301


double-faced God connected with month of January I 505 symbology of his statue, prototype of Peter 506; the Januaris more sacred to than Juno II 502 day of 503


founding of, power, principles and immoral practices of III 95-105

Jesus (see Christ)

kept silent when asked what is truth I 1 compared with Buddha 248 character of 332 reticence in divulging truth 431-32 intention was to restore ancient wisdom 445 used similes from language of the mysteries 446; had power to cast out devils II 147-48; one of ideal "Sons of God" but not connected with Sinaitic God III 93 may have been initiate named Ben-Panthera 175 180fn 192 meaning of term Messiah 190-92 and fn 232-33 similarity of narratives of New Testament and Life of Apollonius 191fn his name rendered into numbers 197-98 arcane utterances are those of an initiate 228


Christendom has helped itself to Scriptures of II 499 understanding of New Year 499-500; reports of characteristic of speculating and money-making III 66-68 religion is heirloom from Chaldeans shared with Christians 135 Kabalah and Eastern Occultism veil truth 236-37 revision of Pentateuch using only astro-physiological symbols produced idea of sexual evolution and phallic worship 238-41 Books of Moses comprehensible only through esoterism 238-39 Hebrew letter-numerical system according to R. Skinner 242 and fn 243-45 numeral system reveals astro-physical relations rather than spiritual truths 242-43 only three methods of interpreting Esoteric works in Kabala of 248 and fn Ain Soph the Hebrew Parabrahm 251 Judaism is compound of Egypto-Chaldean Kabalism 285


Vedantin Jivatma is animal or conscious soul which evolves I 43 meaning as inseparable from Parabrahm 462 as related to reincarnation 494; distinct from but animating life atoms of Egyptian mummies II 249-52 the subjectively Eternal yet substantive vital principle 251fn omnipresent force manifesting as kinetic or latent energy giving cohesive property 252-53 252fn each body differentiates the immutable in its own atoms and principles 260 fn Parabrahmic Breath manifesting through all phases of matter 262-63 no being can live separated from 263 spark seated in Manas reincarnates with Monad and follows into Devachan throughout manvantara 277 281 electricity depends on chemical actions in animal body and is modified by 398; difference between Tibetan Buddhists and Vedantins concerning III 334-36


one who has reached Nirvana I 462 a perfect Gnani 467


difference between writer of Revelation and the Evangelist, author of the Apocalypse III 213-14fn

Judge, Wm. Q.

injudicious in defending HPB in dispute with Sinnett III 18-19 and fns


formed a triangle with Venus and Saturn in 1881 III 404 nefarious in conjunction with Mars and Saturn in 1563 405


Jewish a disfigured version of Chal-


dean Book of Numbers I 318-20 (also III 247-48); nothing so false in appearance as the naked truth II 69 includes psychic embryos among Elementaries 139 hoped for reincarnation of degraded human spirits 148 elementals of are called devils by Christian clergy 151 doctrine of spirit and human soul 154-55; meaning of term "words" and "the word" III 49 wisdom of oral tradition obtained from Tanaim 197 and Zohar remodelled by Christians 201-02 241-42 various methods of spelling 235fn Church proclaims it greatest witness to truths and is studied increasingly 236-37 of Jews and Eastern Occultism form two systems causing conflicts 237-40 most modern believes in personal God 241 original Book of Splendor gave esoteric meanings of Moses but was not the 241 268 numerical methods of Skinner only one of keys 243-44 and fn 245 Man alone contains whole system, is objective symbol of visible and invisible universe 245-46 writings on are speculations 245-47 as a method and a system of works 247-48 three methods of interpretation in Jewish 248fn 261-62 there is a written and unwritten 248 263 four names and teachings from oppose septenary doctrine, HPB’s rebuttal 249-63 true nature of the Tetra-grammaton and its names 251-61 E. Levi the most learned student of in Europe 267 Eastern Occultism and Western Chaldeo-Jewish are one in principal metaphysical tenets 267 Western have lost true key to 268 Revelation a Kabalistic book 273 theory on suicide 278fn Chaldean numerical mode of recording and interpreting ideas 403 408-09

Kali Yuga

influence a thousand times greater in West than in East II 109; all is dark bringing Babel of modern thought III 51-52


as related to reincarnation I 494; organs of in man II 23 seat of desires and related to organ on right side of man 196 life atoms of reformed after transmigration to constitute 4th and lower 5th principles of new personality 256

Kama Loca

result of lower Manas I 293; place of soulless corpses II 26 place of burning out of Kama Rupa 27 duration of state and elementary shells determined by sensuality and manner of death 138-39 ancient Mexicans knew of 144 non-reincarnating principles left in 277-78 all suicides must live out life term in 333 extended for mother who aborted child 336 Kama Rupa’s place in determined by a scale of psychic gravity based on materiality of life thoughts 441; described as Bardo by Tibetan Lama III 346-51

Kama Rupa

survival and state of astral soul after death I 29-30 vehicle and result of lower manas 469 (also II 155); a soulless corpse, burned out in Kama Loca II 26-27 277-28 development de scribed 154 existence after death taught by Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus 283-89 appears at seances with help of elementals 284 of suicides 333-34 simulacres, shades described by Greeks 345-46 as described in Chinese philosophy 349-53 place in Kama Loca determined by specific psychic gravity of materiality of life thoughts 441 law of magneto-vital affinities explains attracton to places and persons 441; necromancy of intercourse with three classes III 346-51

Karana Sarira

the Human Monad collectively or the reincarnating ego I 469; causal body which passes from one incarnation to another II 194


metaphysics is above that of our days, saw identity of essence of sun and planets I 442


cannot be diverted for more than short period I 109 only fruitage of is able


to create an absolute conscious deity 130 of consciously using psychological power to control others 169-71 intensifies when chelaship starts 306 of leadership and war 382-96 correspondence with H. Schleiden on national and personal 454-58 can altruism be egotistical under ties of 464; as applied to after-death conditions II 199-200 "unmerited" explained 199fn 266-27 child of the terrestrial ego, fruit of personality and intentions of spiritual 267 cornerstone of Eastern religions and Esoteric philosophy of rebirths 274 does not punish most men after death but awaits rebirth 277fn of future is seed that remains of earthly personality 282 disease and healing under 483 hypnotism will not add to good but prevent generating more bad 484; and Reincarnation have elevating and strengthening influence III 6-7 law of unavoidable retribution 87 shadow of does not fall upon that which is divine and unalloyed 204


for Plato was of the real and always existing I 13-14 Xenocrates taught three degrees of and three qualities of intellect 33 esoteric and exoteric distinguished in symbols 430-31 Eye and Heart doctrines two ways of acquiring 486-87; four kinds of esoteric described II 102-103 M. Muller defines three kinds of 231-32 innate in Fourth Race, result of primitive Revelation to earlier races by Divine instructors 432 a little self- is leveller 518; modern is reflex action of past III 37 can tower heavenward but blind faith gravitates earthward 48 to know and to contess ignorance is first step to 250


is both Purusha and Prakriti and the divine spirit in Man II 156fn; another name was Kissen, also Bacchus III 227-28fn


"Voice-Deity" of eternal divine consciousness within, evoked only through moral purity III 341 344


similar to Druses in titles, beliefs, rites and five messengers III 283-91 means path, the way, cross 283fn


mystery can be learned by studying religions and numerical signification I 445-46 English was a problem for HPB 479-80 483-84; words related to sound and light have same root II 55-56 no Western terms to denote subtle differences in abnormal powers 101-02 and allegories of ancient texts confuse scholars 217-18 differences in, and modes of thought between Brahmins and trans-Himalayan occultists 245-46; all World Scriptures were written in mystery which has mathematical demonstration III 174 and fn Gospels were written in that of Tanaim 197 and fn 198-99 202 quipus (knotted cord) used for record keeping by Chinese, Mexicans, Peruvians, Central Americans 437


taught same explanation of life as others III 114


of contrasts is fundamental of nature I 126-28 analogy between physical and moral 351; and ethics are in phase of no theories and are barely systems II 1 whole plan of Universal rests on combined powers of the Cross and Fire 491 Universal are immutable and identical in outward and inward applications 492 none can be abrogated, magic is knowledge of hidden 520 of analogy is surest guide in occult sciences 529; of modern science taught by ancients III 38-42 Immutable last only to last stage of universal life, are effects of primordial intelligent free action 41 need in humanity to be assured world is governed by 69 geological and meteorological predictions show nature’s secrets can be known, guided by 79


homogeneous state, Absolute Consciousness II 179



metaphysics of higher than modern I 442


Descartes indebted for his theories to III 38

Levi, Eliphas

most learned Kabalist and Occultist of our age in Europe III 267 277 on Death 270-73 on Satan with notes 273-75 why protected by Catholic Church, persecuted by science and masses 276-77 on how living can aid soul of the suicide 278-80

Lie (Lying)

the policy of our century I 496-503 pretenders of adeptship 508-11


to fully comprehend individual must study and know collective I 102 eternal in all the homogeneousness of Conciousness and Being 126 in this world only preparatory because transitory 129 requires a solution which embraces facts optimistically 135-36 is death and both are illusions 136 art of making it sublime 215-16 astral of Earth is young and strong at the new year 216 selfishness causes struggle and is sole cause of human starvation 254-55 social is cauldron of filth 405 the Beacon-Light of is Truth 436-37 sacrifice to the Eternal is made by working for Humanity 464; Universal composed of individual atomic lives II 180 a vital force independent of physical or chemical process 181 evidence of is ability to produce form 190-91 consists of two planes of conscious existence 201-02 208 lecture by Tolstoy on living and 209-15 Jiva the one eternal indestructible energy 251-2 biogenesis and spontanteous generation of 257-63 in its essence manifested by four faculties 258 the one principle eternal, immutable manifests through all phases of matter 261-63 Spiritual Ego moves in eternity between Death and 269-70 undeserved miseries of rewarded by Devachan 277 and fn indestructibility of matter, law of evolution and unity of one Element are same thing 321-24 preservation is first instinct of animated nature 333; neither logic nor philosophy can agree that matter could produce III 40-41 animal versus human 114-16 meaning of discovered intuitively by spiritually awakened 115 esoteric meaning of soul, blood, sacrifice, and resurrection 175-76


as color related to sound, smell and taste II 47-49 52-56 as solar energy exists throughout manvantara 59 chemical and dark rays within solar spectrum are related to supersensuous perception 60-61 411 is force which is produced by will 127 basis is vibration 417


astral or vital body I 494; vehicle of Prana II 194 after death 277


TS revived Aryan in India and Japan I 87-89 is confession of social life 101 103-05 need for impersonal narratives to expose evils and reveal Spiritual man 105 modern criticism 433-34; inadequacy of Orientalists in interpreting ancient texts and symbology II 217-21 theosophy and various branches of Occultism in every kind of 381-82 388 is the public heart and pulse 382


response to requests for occult instruction and practice I 287-92 confusion of Brotherhood of Luxor as a branch of adepts 288fn; Greek and Sanskrit roots of the word III 231

Logos (Logoi)

emanation of three described in Laws of Manu I 12; idea in unmanifested and manifested II 222; the "Word made Flesh" III 31 Gnosis the soul of the manifested 172 the Word of Truth, Horus and Christ as manifestor of the divine nature in humanity 186 rays of incarnated in mankind by choice 189 born as a man 192fn Greek and Sanskrit root of term Lodge 231 Christian terms adopted for 237


240 Microprosopus, the Son, is the triangle in a square 252 256


impartial to schools of thought but loyal to Masters I 3 editorial policy 7-10 response to press reports on "The Talking Image of Urur" 161-65 exposes charlatans and distortions of Eastern philosophy 165-69 more than two-thirds of subscribers are non-theosophists 208 Venus-Lucifer, the star, is sponsor of 215 unsectarian, tolerant, searches for truth, asks same of readers 279-83 open to free discussion by contending parties, opportunity to learn 383-84; Jesus calls himself III 231 fn title selected for its meaning 368-70 Milton’s concept is of free will and independent thought 369 associated with Venus and divine ideas 373-74 377-80 theological allegory built on Pagan myths of occult meanings 380-83 in Christian and astronomical symbology 383-85


Hermetic Brotherhood of not a Theosophical group I 287-88 and fn


to deprive men of free will and ratiocination is black I 170 (also II 483-84) science of things which are is true 425 conjuration the ancient name for prayer 509; of Dugpas and Evil Eye II 44-45 difference between animal and spiritual forces, Black and White 92 distinguished from Occultism 100-02 arts can be mastered and will reap Karma 103 108 intention is primary difference between White or Black 108 167 conditions required to converse with the "invisibles" 149-50 carnal intercourse with "spirits" is demonology and witchcraft 168-72 connection between moon and White and Black 176-77 19th C one of unrecognized Black 338 babies used as fetishes in Black 340-42 astral shells used by adepts of Black 347 violent deaths, leaving exposed corpses led to pain and sorcery for the astral 350fn idol can be possessed by evil spirit 353 topic becoming common in literature 381 hypnotists practice Black 425 427-30 479 underlies every national faith 431-32 inquired into by Porphyry, explained by Iamblicus 432 Atlantean sorcery caused present withholding by adepts 432-33 necessary for interpretation of archeology and history 433-34 believed in and practiced by Egyptians 434-39 will is lever placed by nature in human hands 495 difference between Hindu, Tibetan, Egyptian and African 520-25; Black begins with worship of self in objective male personal Deity III 30-34 reigns over Europe with adherents in Christian Churches 31 occult symbology for training disciples for 49 Yanadhis know occult properties of plants and practical 55-57 origin, use and abuse investigated by Clemens 139-41 slowly undermining Church and Science 236 Pico sees as proof of divinity of Christ 241 schools of in Tibetan Lamasaries and caves of Druses 288 Church opposes that outside her rules and methods 38-88 392fn mystery names can be dangerous 395 astrology, arithmetic and geometry part of first principles of 403


certain plants attracted in same way as magnetic needle II 144 as exhibited by certain mediums 355-61 elaboration in certain humans, crystals, animals and vegetables (odylic force) 361-63 399-401 487 erroneously designated a "substantial entity" and immortal substance by philosophers 402-17 animal mythologized as breath of Cybele, chief agent in theurgy and modern phenomena 418-19 healing power lies in affinities and correspondences between man and nature 419-20 how it works in mesmerism and hypnotism 423 due to molecular vibrations of auric fluid, not recognized by science 480-82 relation of between operator and patient determines healing through hypnotism 483 subtle influence exerted by people impregnates objects and environment 487-89 remedies for obsession 489 everyone endowed with potentiality 495 connection of exists on


psychological plane between Mahatma and chelas 506


belief in real and pretending I 501-02 507-11; electro-magnetic connection with chelas II 506 no worldly or personal questions to be put to 508 510 names and personalities should have been kept secret 509 their philosophy should be learned before volunteering to serve 509 rarely dictated verbatim, methods of precipitating letters 511-13; means "great soul," may be married or celibate III 166


natural leader embodies spirit of Humanity, serves unconscious of service I 237 number seven affects life of 349 evolution of remarkable persons capable of mathematical estimate 351 correspondence and relation of forces in Nature with those in 467; if wins immortality will remain septenary trinity throughout all spheres II 154 future has many strange surprises for 165 power of in relation to Devas 175-76 is a Unity only at origin and end, conceptions of held by all philosophers 288 dual nature is key to abyss of 296-98 300 inner Ego is real 299-300 difference between animal and hinges on concept of soul 306-07 real meaning of "the aim of all creatures is service of" 307-08 non-miraculous nature of rapid growth and resurrection under occult laws 319 electromagnetic affinities between Nature and 397-01 most love only those who share their ways of thinking 497 at present material level impossible to suppress sexual passion 515; life of reason is normal existence of III 114-16 discovers meaning of life intuitively 115 and woman relationship portrayed by Tolstoi 122-25 meaning of to slay a 239fn whole scheme of Kabalah rests in and applies to 245 is symbol and shadow of visible and invisible Universe 245-46 must know and master his heterogeneous nature 304 an infant in his present development, will have knowledge of an adept in 5th and 6th rounds and remember all past lives 343-44


physiologically dependent on vehicle of brain I 2 Higher Ego is microcosmic aspect of Universal and Father of Lower 14-15 28-29 Plato’s view of capabilities of Nous or Buddhi in man 16 Universal diffused through all things 25 portion of lower in one sense immortal 32 dual expounded by old philosophers 35-36 after death states result of higher and lower 293; conjoining with Buddhi necessary for self-analysis II 2fn mystery of solved only through dual aspects 9-10 20-21 24-25 basis for psychic individuality which can override circumstances 12-13 higher aspect is organ of free-will, Ego, non-material Real Being 13 and fn 16-17 universal and its countless Rays (Manasaputras) inform every rational being 19-20 lower acts on physical organs and cells, higher influences atoms 23 higher of Akasa, lower reflection of Astral Light 24-25 as related to astral doubles 38-45 described as Human Soul, body and lower linked by astral 105-106 155 Universal reached only through whole of humanity 107 Universal equated with Absolute Consciousness 140 receives indelible impression even from single encounter 142 can be highly developed intellectually in absence of Buddhi 159 Kosmic 179-93 Human described in its duality 196 lower seat of terrestrial (Pragna) 198 269 Taijasi is raidiant, lit by Buddhi 198 and fn Taijasi as related to Sutratma and to Buddhi 200fn 265-66 267fn 269 and fn 270 Tolstoi sees as consciousness and life itself 213-14 Universal the Soul of the Universe 221-22 can conceive only of that already in being 225 must assimilate with Buddhi to experience conscious immortality 269 and fn 281-82 the seat of Jiv in man, provides Egotism for the Monad 277 third category of Dhyan Chohans have "mind body" that they can assume and govern 283 sends and receives presentiments, dying thoughts become eidolon


366-67 human brain is canal between psycho-spiritual and material planes 378-79 as differentiated in mineral, vegetable, animal, man and Dhyan Chohan 441 has magical creative power, moral taint transmissable 487


originally Samans, Buddhists ascetics, opposed by Christian Church I 248


Cosmic is an Age of Brahma I 460-61; a world-period followed by pralaya and a new Round II 322 Vishnu appears at beginning of every 530-31


nefarious, in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn in year 1563 A.D. Ill 405

Materialism (see Matter)

and sciences claim mysteries of man and evolution as their lawful properiy I 130-31 as buffer against superstitious hope 135 of modern civilization, its destructiveness of nature, morals, art and beauty 150-60 does not desire to fathom mysteries of nature or of magicians 189 some of noblest characters in ranks of 333 characteristic of one who discerns in matter an infinite potency for creation 400 and blind fanaticism in battle with philosophy and mysticism 404-06 ends researches where Theosophy begins 442; Substan- tialist philosophy confuses mental and physical phenomenon II 414 cannot bridge gap between consciousness and molecular action of the brain 415-16; monism of summed up as "Blind Force and Blind Matter ultimating in Thought" III 6 shuts out more than half the universe from explanations 7


valuable work on edited by K. Mackenzie, a Theosophist I 47fn several Lodges have seven and fourteen steps 346 kept teachings secret 431; Royal Arch degree retains cross as triple Egyptian Tau II 491; Ragon, a Belgian, founder of Lodge of Trinosophes and initiated into many mysteries III 37fn 150 210 (also I 444-45) real secrets of ancient symbolical are lost 147-51 destruction of begun by Caesars, continued by Church which appropriated dogmas and rituals 147-48 modern vindicates temple of Solomon as base and origin of its order 148 the insect Shermah 148fn 148-49 Cagliostro’s attempt to reform Brotherhood of Philalethes 155-56 has origin in archaic Gnosticism 210 an obligatory study for every Eastern Occultist 211 in fraternal aspect has true sense of religion 211 and Church ritualism descend from initiated Gnostics, Neo-Platonists and pagan mysteries 213-17 221 223-24 226-28 231-34 significance given to symbol of Sun in 214 216 219 table derived from Pagan altar stones 217 Skinner, author of Source of Measures, a high degree in 232 Paganism and Theology are historical trinity ruling world 234 Hermes the supposed father of 290

Martin, St.

mystic and disciple of Jacob Boehme I 355


considered by Xenocrates as mediator between knowledge and sensuous perception I 34 evolution of remarkable personages capable of estimate by 351; deity geometrizes, universe a series of correct combinations of II 145 significance of seven in nature Cosmogony, Anthropogony 237-42; importance of Archytas, disciple of Pythagoras, to applied III 39 demonstrates existence of universal mystery language used in Scriptures 403 only exact and infallible science, proceeds from Universals 404


primordial is homogeous I 124 heterogenity gave rise to illusion and evil but necessary for evolution 124 126 128 as invisible, intangible, is chaos 326-27 no progress since Anaximenes in scientific knowledge of real nature of 443; has a duality with Spirit throughout the Manvantara II lfn evolutes, progresses and will acquire 4th sense 74 excess weight of on soul produces damage 145-46 with Spirit and Force are triple Unity 204 259 none


during Pralaya 259fn Jiva is super-sensuous 260 indestructibility of, evolution and omnipresence of are one and same 321 no energy or Force without 403 the first universal aspect of Parabrahm 410 groups of atoms controlled by cohesion set up by universal Divine Force 440 defined as condensed Akasa 441-42 horizontal ray of cross represents 491 vivified and fructified by spirit 491-92 three times three is symbol of 496; owing to infinite divisibility smallest particle could fill infinite space III 38 properties of as seen by Occult and Modern Science 39-41 struggle between Spirit and is effort to disenthrall substance from sense 47 effects in objective correspond to causes in subjective 71 Lamaists believe in indestructibility of 350

Mavalankar, Damodar K.

metaphysical basis of Esoteric Buddhism III 25 HPB comments on 25fn


discussion of it as a relative notion I 468-69 "doctrine of the Eye" is 487; mother of Buddha called III 290fn

Mayavi Rupa

Thought body, illusion body, dual in potentiality II 39 may be objectivized for use by adept 43-44 the houen of Chinese philosophy 348-49

Mazdean religion

the two Brother-Powers of Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu III 300-06 practically was two religions—one for people and one for initiated priests 301


Fox girls, innovators of Spiritualism, denounce HPB I 62-63 discussed as normal and abnormal, being influenced consciously or unconsciously 295-98 moral quality of determines character of phenomena 490; defined and discussed II 25-26 HPB passed through experiences of 26 materalized forms in spiritualism belong to astral body of 38-39 two important truths relating to 160 sometimes take "spirit" spouses 168-69 account of magnetism exhibited in two young people 356-60 description of magnetic force displayed by crystals and 361-63 genuine is manifestation of innate knowledge of Atlanteans 432 to comprehend needs familiarity with Yoga philosophy and aphorisms of Patanjali 459 phenomena by other than disembodied souls 459 answer to attack on Occultists and 461-66 materialization deceptive and dangerous to psychic and moral nature 485-86 may be unwitting nucleus of evil magnetism 488


no special organ but seated throughout body II 19-20 22 of higher produces a seer 21 physical cells respond to psychic or noetic but atoms respond only to noetic 22-23 of terrestrial explained 23-24 of body must be paralyzed for seership 25 in relation to past incarnations 200-01 brain cells receptors and conveyors of impressions recorded in astral light 206 in the dying 375 death vision from both physical brain and higher Ego 376-77 380 of the Ego functions in the Somnambule 377-78 of the Soul is a psycho-spiritual reality on its plane 379 effects of suggestion by hypnotist 429 mysterious rare opening of under abnormal conditions 429; evocations of dead are condensations of III 270 the eternal preserves only the imperishable 271 of all past lives will be possible—Samma-sambuddha 344


January 4th is day of I 505; God of Wisdom, planet sacred to Buddha III 290fn pagan allegories mythologized by Theology as St. Michael 380-83 one of the Sun’s assessors or the cynocephali of the Egyptians 383

Mesmer, Anton

messenger to the West, link between physics and metaphysics, rejected by science I 355-56; followed in footsteps of Paracelsus, Van Helmont and Robert Fludd II 419 believed that metals, woods, stone and plants have correspondential affinities and relations to human organism 419-20



related to Yoga Vidya I 214; key to the Occult Sciences, should be studied by members desiring development II 113-14 has been accepted under name of Hypnotism 161 424-25 uses creative life-giving force, personified as "breath of Cybele" 418-19 method evolved from use of natural magnets to personal animal magnetism 420 impact on Paris society and rejection by scientific academy 420-22 why hypnosis is maleficient in contrast to 423 spread of through work of Baron du Potet and others, reaction toward 426-27 as used by Hindu jugglers 467-73 use of will distinguishes from hypnotism 477-78 may be consciously beneficient, unconsciously or consciously Black Magic 479 healing through suggestion 483 is magnetism, a beneficial science 487 thoughts instantly transferred to subject 505; a prominent factor in Occultism III 99fn investigated by French Academy Committee headed by Benjamin Franklin 136


origin of modern II 514; views as to origin of term III 231-32


correspondenlial affinities to human organism and natural magnetism II 419-20 generators of molecular oscillations which when in unison will affect nervous system 481-82


mother-plant of Psychology and science of first principles II 1; and alchemy can solve mystery of cross and Fire II 491; is reconcilable with science III 404


for Pythagoras meant Reincarnation I 27 taught by old philosophers 29 Egyptian dogma of transmigration of soul 346; meaning of II 253-54 distinguished from Reincarnation 275

Mind (see Manas)

Pythagoras and Plato taught Universal as source of all orders and Mind Soul of man I 13-15 for Plato pre-existence of spiritual Mind is basis of raising Soul to the divine 16-17 intellectual and psychic crisis approaching 404-06 intellectual reform possible only through theosophy 407 mental evolution progresses paripassu with physical 436; design of Kosmic operaton is evidence of Universal II 221-22 ruling forces of modern are prejudices and preconceptions III 2 humanity passing through state of mental transition 237

Mirandola, Picus de

a western Chela I 308; defended and published 900 theses III 236fn thesis that magic and Kabalah yield proof of divinity of Christ 241


mysterious worship of I 346; represented the two natures of Ormazd and Ahriman combined III 296-97


prophecy of the End of the World I 421-22; a compound of Chaldeism, Christianity and Judaism III 285

Molecule (see cell)

receive their properties at beginning of Manvantaras from within III 40


Pythagoras and his speculations on I 32 plus Duad produces Being 32 as related to reincarnation 493-95; in esse impersonal and per se Egoless, gets its Egotism from Manas II 277 also called divine Soul and immortal Ego, is vehicle of Spirit 281

Monumental relics

few capable of revering III 293 "At-tesh-Gag" the oldest relic in the world of Zoroastrianism 293-99 of Americas and Asia suggest common origin 410-44


outer limit of planetary Spirits according to doctrine of Proclus II 142-43 bright side is storehouse of intellectual energy of Pitris 176 duality of its influence in full and dark phases 176-77

Moral (see Ethics)

and ethics of society typified I 137-42 standards rise and sink in response to cycles 142 progress toward the ideal


a law of divine nature 142-43 quality of medium determines character of phenomena 490 lies are excrescenses on soil of our lives 496-99; taint is as transmissable as physical II 487-88 fog of human vice and passion hangs over Earth’s surface 488-89 passion is surest sign of degradation 516; genuine depends upon individual perceptions III 85 social discussed in relation to Tolstoi’s view 117-31


a permutation, aspect of the manifested God III 50fn taught same explanation of life as other teachers 114 only Initiates of Eastern School can know 244-45 text of Books a system of meterology, geometry, number ratios and applications, misinterpreted by Church 246 our laws based on those of 309


genesis for every phenomenon in the universe II 11-12 related to sound and the eternal Life (Swara and Atma) 11 11fn 12 identified with Universal Deity 184 figure 8 represents perpetual universal according to Ragon 496


makes exercise of power malignant or beneficent II 92


characters of Hebrew alphabet stood for notes III 244 Sanscrit alphabet and Vedas are notations reduced to writing 245


instruction and steps in initiation in I 18 contained science and philosophy that anticipates modern, hidden in works of Plato 20-26 32 of Life and Death taught in subterranean halls in Egypt and in Greece 190-93 Sister Rose Gertrude and Father Damien were a spiritual 416-19; of Initiation treated in proposed Volume III of S.D. II 80 key to is lost 419; heliocentric system taught in III 13 and Initiates and caste of Brahmanas date from Atlantis 34 word Stone means interpreter of 49 of Initiation form ground work of gnostic wisdom 173fn language of numbers used in all world Scriptures 174-75 and fns 197-99 of Pagans explain Christian scheme 179 Chrestos evolving into Christos memorialized in initiation and 190 and fn taught that neophyte must descend into crypts of initiation and trials 192fn 225 source of Masonry and Christian ritualism 221 223 ancient described and degeneration explained 221-26 El- eusinian remained pure, survived until Builders of esoteric temple appeared 227 meaning of rite of wine and bread 227-28 Moses and Prophets belonged to Sodalities group of 238 symbolism of "to slay a man" 239fn Sodalian Oath of third degree pledges secrecy 247 the seven of Wisdom known thoroughly only to Masters 262

Mysticism (Mystics)

Some Greeks and Aryans reached ecstacy of union with Universal Spirit-God I 43-45 death struggle between materialism and 100 exist in every age but few in late 18th and early 19th C 355-56 is rising tide of thought in Europe 403-05 in later centuries draw on gnosis of Gupta Vidya and Neo-platonists 426 no essential difference between Theosophist, Esotericist and 460; visions related to higher and lower mind and to memory II 25 can be reasoned and scientific 183 evolution and change of public thought in direction of 381-88 (also III 236-37); current forcing way into Science III 69 denounced because they reveal unwelcomed truths 176 compound name Jesus-Christ based on Eastern 198 "descent into hell" is metaphor of initiatory rites 224


vehicle of great truths I 15-16; Cybele personification of life giving force in mesmerism and magnetism II 418-19; modern critics reject, ancient classics equated with oral traditions III 133 study of provides key to some of esoteric history 182-83


remain true to the I 121 real of adepts and occult schools never given to profane 288; occult significance of


numbers in III 69 pronunciation cf Jehovah in peculiar way could kill at a distance 142fn chela loses age and 185fn exist as abstractions on higher plane, manifested ideas on astral, female and androgyne powers on lower plane 190 rendered into numbers 197-98 carries invisible secret, potential influence 368 of Angels used by Church are not true magical potencies 390-91 and fn efforts within Church to revive Seven Star Angels 391-97 Occultists know mystery—are dangerously magical 395 398

Nation(s) (see Civilization)

identical features in history indicate cycles of events III 69-75 older had astrologers, soothsayers, prophets 70


high development of soul powers needed to correctly read I 52 an atsolute unity 61 number seven model of divine order in 348 creative intelligent forces of called Gods 397-98 all things have correspondences and are mutually interdependent 440-41 cosmogony and theogony teach hidden value of forces in 467; thought denies Divine Spirit in II 87 every organized thing visible and invisible has an element appropriate to itself 151-52 violation of laws of harmony produces immediate rebirth under special conditions 275 never leaves her work unfinished 279 aggregate sound of is single tone vibrating through eternity 297 electric and magnetic affinities between man and 397-401 places magic levers in human hands 495 no law of can be abrogated 520; origin of every religion based on dual powers of III 33-34 Yanadhis cf India know occult properties of 55-57 few secrets inaccessible, is a clock work guided by law 79 Ceres or Demeter personifications of 227-28


in U.S. hapless, tortured mentally when not physically I 177 181 hunted and killed by British colonists in Tasmania and Australia 183-85; the Biblical sentence "cursed be Canaan" supported by clergy generated misery and woe for II 308

Neo-platonism (ists)

Aryan thought and III 99 contributed to origin of ritualism in Church and Masonry 213-14 included ablest scholars of the day 226 school removed to Athens and finally closed by Justinian 227

New Year

purely Pagan, cutting of mistletoe is relic of Druids II 498-99 celebrated by Romans and Christian England 499 more sacred to Janus than Juno 502 should be January 4th 502-03

Newton, Sir Isaac

mirrored old philosophers III 38


renounced Nirvana to serve mankind I 452; have no Devachan, can assume form at will II 284 and fn; great Adepts of past who renounced Nirvana to help humanity III 204 Tibetan teachings of Bodhisattvas serving mankind 342-43 350-51


absolute consciousness differing in kind and degree from terrestrial I 127 not annihilation 247 may be reached during man’s life and after death, while Para reached only during Pralaya 449 460-61 renounced by Nirmanakayas 452(also II 284fn) several kinds cf taught in India 462; Ego becomes Non-Ego in II 277 is world of cause, highest attainable sphere 281 only attained when divested of earthly taint 487


all things inseparable from idea of I 19 laws of nature assume quantitative statement 20 soul as 34-35 Pythagorean doctrine of in relation to created things 34-40 (also III 403-04) deep significance of in antiquity 345 occult meanings of entered into meditations of sages 345 mystical significance given to seven among all people 345-52 three, symbol of divine triad, four symbol of cosmic forces or elements 348 law of proportions verified in all physical sciences 351 significance of


seven in affairs of TS 352-54 sum of ciphers of year 1889 holds potential of word sounded at beginning of this cycle 406 eight postulates equality of all men but combined with nine represents earth under evil principle 410 occultism should be studied in uneven groups to have more power 440-41 signification of is one of branches of mystery language 446 goal is to become all 424 importance and potency as basis of systems of thought 504 months of December and January most connected with 505 of perfection is ten 505 potency and significance of lie in right application and permutation 506; seven at root of occult Cosmogony and Anthropogony II 238-41 revealed in measurement of structures, become symbols of nature 239 meanings of eight and nine 495-97 527 occult future of 1890 concealed in past of 1889 497 year 1890 a fatal one 503-04 nought when stands alone symbolizes infinite Kosmos and Absolute Deity 503fn every globe divided into seven regions 527 forty-nine is mystic par excellence 527; occult significance in names III 69 required to understand Old Testament allegories and names 197-98 methods of key to hidden meaning within literal sentences 239 methods of the Kabala 243-44 events of Mosaic books are modes of geometry, applied ratios and measures 246 Sephira means a 253fn explain meaning of Tetraktis 254 the perfect 256 in scale of seven name of God is represented with seven letters 256-57 in Tree of Life, Book of Concealed Mystery and Microprosopus 257 are keys to Kabala, moral and physical facts about man and nature 402-03 mysteries and powers in nature yield to power of 403-04 mystery and significance of and year 1881 407-09 666 is symbol of Beast of Apocalypsis in Revelation and of man 407-08 combinations of in lives of certain public men 408-09 Hebrew letters all have value in 408


Eastern taught by Plato I 28-29 why phenomena performed initially and attitude of Science and Religion toward 79-82 TS policy toward acquirement of Siddhis 212-13 prerequisites for development of 289-90 to be perceived by intuition alone 290 cannot be absorbed by mind of materialist, bigot, sceptic 290-91 prehistoric and coeval with intelligence, one Universal Science 320 primary training is development of unselfish feeling and control of personality 321-22 unveils symbology of Bible 334 essential intellectual reform possible only through 407 touchstone of truth in every religion and science 439 dangerous if understood imperfectly 440 should be studied in groups from three to seven 440-41 five senses should be confirmed by sixth and seventh before fact accepted by 443 is not Buddhism or Vedantism 467 Cosmogony and Theogony necessary for occult psychophysics 467 motto of the true is "to dare, to will to achieve and keep silent" 511; will not be understood by 19th c. Science II 3 first step is to adapt thoughts to plastic potency 45 only key to mysteries of nature and psychophysical man 46 as known and mastered by certain men emphasized in Isis 51-52 unless remodelled Science can have no hand in 63-64 allegory and symbolism provide keys for interpretation of ancient scriptures and writings of Initiates 81 85-86 Plato’s Timaeus a treatise in 81 practical explained 91-99 misconceptions about, distinguished from Occult Sciences 100-03 109 defined and four kinds explained 102-03 desires for controlled by study of Theosophy and altruism 104 why love of family is barrier to real 107-08 requirements for entering straight path 107-09 practitioners must renounce carnal relations with women 167-68 teachings in regard to reincarnation 276-78 becoming predominant in literature 381 why requires living the life to gain power 393-96 Spiritualistic and Atomistic distinguished from Cartesian method


of modern Science 416 history in a nutshell 425 synthesis of psychic potency within and beyond physical atom, foundation of ancient religions 431 ability to interrupt at will and restore atomic relations in Substance below animal stage 440-42 Theosophists discover good and evil of 458-59 in process of precipitation of messages 507 Suras are connected with Seven Yogic powers in 527 analogy is surest guide in sciences of 529; science of brought to meet crisis III 17 sees matter as attraction and repulsion 40 meanings of symbolism of Chap, xi of Genesis 48-50 hypnotism or mesmerism a prominent factor in 99fn intimately connected with Chaldean wisdom 134 origin, exposition, dual nature of traced by Clemens Alexandrinus 139-40 Mahatmaship gained by study and practice 167 vegetarianism, celibacy and abstinence from alcohol necessary for development of 167 last of 19th C witnessed studies in 236 in past both Church and Science believed and practiced, now veiled in exoteric Eastern and Jewish Kabala 236-37 concerned with spiritual knowledge and deals with mental states 247 is the desire to know symbolized by the fall 380 arithmetic and especially geometry are part of first principles of 403 significance of year 1881 404-09


a few Western men selected as chelas by Adepts I 308 317 has found the unifying truth and stands a free man 319 through will hastens process of own evolution 322-23 recognizes psychic and spiritual mysteries in every particle of dust 418-19 bound by Kabalistic oath to know, to dare, to will, to remain silent 511 (also II 64); demonstration of existence of aimed at in Isis II 51-52 exist by birth and aeons of suffering and failures 108-09 chief aim is to shorten and eliminate Devachan and thereby shorten evolution 116 replaces gross particles of body with ethereal until completely rebuilt 117 must live the life to gain secrets and power 393-96; Yanadhis of India have knowledge of nature III 55-57 can truly interpret the Gospels 173fn Eliphas Levi most learned of age in Europe 267

Odic Force

perceptible to any clairvoyant II 410 discovered by Baron Reichenbach 398 means by which individuals influence environment for ages 487


interchangeable with color and sound II 49 Ogdoad the first cube of even numbers II 495 and fn Olcott, H.S. toiled under difficult conditions and did valuable work I 196 239-40 President of TS for life 224 paid costs of TS 225-26 charges against for abuse of power and authority 226-27 helped HPB to publish Isis 480-81 (also III 264)

Oral Teachings

revealed to elect among infant humanity unaltered today I 461


belonged to the Platonic school II 153-54 taught that the "spirit" is preexistent as distinct being from all eternity 156 believed soul has corporeal though very fine nature 157-58 taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man 288


and Ahriman represented as combined in Mithra III 296 origin and meaning of dual gods Ahriman and 300-08


committed nothing to writing I 46 master of ancient times who kept teachings secret 431; hymns of II 221; as initiate who "descended into hell for three days" during rites III 224-25 might have come from India, identified with Arjuna 228fn

Oxon, M.A.

reply to two challenging letters about Spiritualism I 260-64 W. Stainton Moses, founder of S.P.R. and editor of


Light 266fn; wrote review of Buddha and Early Buddhism III 326-29


related to the cause of influenza I 413-15

Pagan (ism)

use of number seven in I 346-47; polytheism more logical than anthropological monotheism II 174-75 with few exceptions all Holy Days are purely 498-99 Britain is 499; as origin of Christian legend of Virgin Birth III 205-06 rituals, dogmas, vestments and ornaments of Christianity adopted from 209-10 215-20 religious systems built upon abstract spiritual speculations 241


contrasted with pessimism I 125-36 perceives the divine essence in each atom 401


a western chela I 308 an adept who never gave key to knowledge in his writings 317; greatest alchemist of the age, first to use magnetism in healing II 419 predecessor of Mesmer 419 425 born in Zurich in 1493 425fn; an illustrious man of science III 236


aphorisms are essential to comprehend modern mediumship II 459


"follow Masters, not me or my" I 123 abstaining from condemning others leads into higher life of the 200 in beginning lined with thorns but leads to Divine Truth 407 real self-development requires action 463

Paul, St.

denounced meat eating II 301 opinion that irrational soul of animal as divine as man’s 306-07 defended immortality of brute creatures 321 an initiate 321 323 taught indestructibility of matter, One Life and evolution 321 taught man and animal on a par as to suffering in evolution 323-24; a Gnostic, Initiate, Master-Builder III 171 fn 199 and fn 202 called Jewish law an allegory 237


a divine law by which man and nature grow and develop toward the eternal Esse I 142-43


convictions should not depend on HPB or other I 113 sense of and selfishness are obstructions to true knowledge 322-23 the finite astral monad composed of 5th and 4th principles, rarely reincarnates 493-94; lower Self gains terrestrial wisdom and memory, distinguished from Higher Ego II 21 connected with passional organs—liver, stomach, spleen 21 mind of is leavened with Astral Light 24-25 does not reincarnate on Earth except in three instances 275-76 282-83 attributes of 282fn; subordination of to God, the All, Humanity is message of Teachers III 114-16


arose from materialism and misconception of Eastern Pantheism I 124-25 so-called of Hindu or Buddhist is metaphysical, abstruse, and philosophical 125-26 of materialist and Pantheism of Hindu contrasted 125-28 innate in man overcome by knowledge 129 wedded to evolution is a dangerous combination 130-35 misconstrues Hindu concept of cyclic transformation of Unity into plurality 133-34 risen to undue importance because of ignorance of Karma and Soul evolution 136

Phallic (Phallicism)

dissociation of Theosophy from, critique of book by H. Jennings III 29-33 Buddhism a reaction against 30 unhewn stones are signs and witness to the Deity 32 34


why initially performed, attitude of Science, Religion and Spiritualism I 79-82 members of TS like children playing with fire 122 precipitation of letters and difficulty in judging authenticity 291-92; hallucinations as seen by Science II 49-51 association of sound and color by some represent return to primitive form of 3rd and 4th Root Races 54-55 Science cannot ex-


plain 58-59 68-69 74 our age hooked on end of cyclic coil 69-70 how produced 161 attitude of Science, skeptics, and believers toward 355-56 human magnets 356-63 thought force can be received as presentiments or as eidolon of sender 366-67 of Spiritualism accepted by Theosophists but not explanations 368 account of prophecy by Higher Ego through an apparition 369-74 ecstatics and convulsionists possess facility for levitating 378 passage of matter through matter 440-42 based upon scientific grounds 464 468 Indian juggler distinguished from fakir and Yogi 471 introversion of visions of sensitives 474-75 appearance of dying through telepathy and astral projection 476 materializations in seances deceptive and dangerous 485-86 Spiritual progress alone can lead to occult 507 desire of HPB to be rid of 513


"lovers of truth," divine ecstacy of called Samadhi I 425-26 theurgy the continuation of Egyptian mysteries 426


ethics of one aspect of Theosophy I 437; Lodge of founded in Paris in 1773 III 155-56


not a declared object of TS but must be practiced 72-73 Theosophists accused of not practicing 74 religious and secular compared 75 often not effective, misery is vital element in human development 75-77 failure in due to lack of knowledge, power, intuition 77 keeps spirit of brotherhood alive 78 of Sister Rose Gertrude and Father Damien 416-17; comments on Christian and Church III 91-92


modern psychology and Science have disfigured ancient I 15 its function 17 instruction in the Mysteries 18 line of can be traced to source in India 49 definition of and its relation to Theosophy 93-98 critics of Theosophy are philosophicules 98; occultism gives different meaning to ancient II 81 theoretical contrasted with occultism 108 many believed in reincarnaton and principles of man 288; Western derives theories and doctrines from heathen exoteric thought III 42-43 term coined by Pythagoras, does not apply to thought chained to matter 45


every organ and cell endowed with brain, memory, discrimination II 180 Dr. Pirogoff, anatomist and surgeon wrote of Universal Mind and Life Principle 181-83 destined to become handmaiden of Occult truths 183 Prof, at U. of Basle points to inner sense which functions beyond physical laws 184-86 190-92 intelligence revealed in behavior of amoebae 186-89 human cells exhibit choice 188-90 of Hindus 188-89 192-93

Pico de Mirandola (see Mirandola)

Pineal Gland

key to divinest consciousness, man’s omniscient, spiritual mind II 196-97


lunar and solar progenitors of mankind, distinguished from elementals II 132-36 nature of misconstrued by Spiritualists 132-33 176-77 connected mystically with bright side of moon 176


unity implies possibility of contact between I 61 (also II 72) beings from higher confabulate with elect mortals 63-64 solidarity of work on mental obtains liberation of human thought 402; of being corresponding to Sixth Sense necessary to explain phenomena II 68-69 interchange of phenomena between requires intuition to decipher 69 fourth dimension a misleading term for 70 74 do not exist independently of perceptions and senses 71-72 inter-blended, allow intercommunication between inhabitants 72 fourth dimensional is realm of atoms used in hypnotism 479-80 all have seven sub- 481


Theosophy gives theory of origin and destiny of I 90 worst day of existence is on our 136; driven into orbits by centripetal and centrifugal forces 491


every globe divided into seven regions 527; transformed by church from Greco-Aryan gods into Semitic devils III 376-83 astronomical representations of Venus and Earth of occult significance 379-80 each is septenary in composition 398fn 399 Kepler believed in and practiced astrology 402-03 conjunction of several foreboding of major events and often evil 405-09

Planetary Spirit(s)

bodies are pure ether or fire II 130 unprogressed participate in seances 132 doctrine of according to Proclus 140-41 indicated to be a Dhyan Chohan 402; worshipped as angels by papists but not understood III 389-90 and fn

Planetary System

seven spheres model for state divisions and organizations I 346 eternal harmony of universe suggested by motion of 347-48; seven guardians of II 527


born 430 B.C. I 15fn developed myths and superstitions into rational metaphysical concepts 16 bound by Sodalian Oath of Initiate 20 22 Academy and teachings compared to modern schools and research 20-24 philosophy of Mysteries contained germs for modern science 21 23-24 method was Universals to Particulars 21 27 Christian doctrine similar to but anthropomorphized 26 belief that only Immutable really is 31 T. Taylor only translator who understood hints 32 (also II 86) unwritten theories expounded by students 32-37 Neo-platonism was in its essence Theosophy 97 was initiated into Egyptian Mysteries 190 431 drew philosophy from canon of Hermes 439 445 has same doctrine as gospel of St. John 445; should be interpreted by esoteric keys of occultism II 81-82 85-86 shows deity geometrizing 145 derived soul from Universal World Soul 156 idea of perpetually reasoning Divinity 221 rendered Pythagoras’ doctrine more intelligible 221-22 divided soul into rational and irrational 346 calls Universe a blessed god 491; asserted in Phaedo object of the Mysteries III 222 philosophical method inverse of Aristotle’s 404


of ES members vows loyalty to Theosophy, Higher Self, Mahatmas and HPB I 113-14 of self-discipline builds self-confidence and will 119 built upon four pillars 122 third clause most difficult for Theosophists, ramifications 199-209 to lead higher life must bind oneself by 207 of silence by members of ES 444-45


called Noetic Work reflection, Self-knowledge and intellectual discipline I 43 united with god several times 45 opinion, science, illumination are degrees of knowledge 45 pupil of Ammonius Saccus 426 had gift of prophecy, healing and clairvoyance 438; not credited by modern scholars II 82


an initiate more correctly understood through symbolism and allegory II 86-87; mirrored by Isaac Newton III 38


is universal but polariser is in our own consciousness I 2


TS hostile to Socialism and Communism, unconcerned about I 54 work of Theosophists in Indian National Congress 85


strange feature in Mormonism II 514 Polytheism rests on the One Unity II 527


god-taught I 39 explains how to unite soul to Universal 43 united with god several times 45 wrote biography of Pythagoras 426; not credited by modern scholars II 82 speaks of the Elementary 148-50 153 direct disciple of Plotinus 149 explains nature of elementals 151fn described elemental spirits of animals in astral light 154 quoted on man, unity, soul of universe 288



of Cross and Fire combined is basis for universal laws II 491


consciousness I 470; equated with Manas II 198 and fn 265 capacity of perception, exists in seven aspects 237fn


mankind will reach "solidarily" Paranirvana during universal I 460-61 several kinds of 462-63 eternal potentiality of every condition of consciousness remains during 470; motion as life during II 259 and fn of solar system described by scientists and Hindu sages 444-45 Vishnu sleeps during 530; universal process of differentiation begins after Maha- III 41

Prana (see Jiva)

life principle must remain a mystery on physical lines II 180 the second principle 249 the subjectively eternal, Life distinct from atoms it animates 251 animates different forms or states of manifestation 252-53 259 cohesive property in atomic aggregation 252 Jiva, immutable, eternal appears to differentiate in atoms and principles 260fn


article II 505-07 methods in transmitting messages from adepts 510-13


last to be conquered, symbolized by Peacock in Zoroastrian allegory III 304-05


as related to reincarnation I 493-95; defined, considered by various schools II 194-96 seven, combination of three upadhis and four correlating states in kosmos and man 234-37 why only three given in Isis 235-36 seven required for strict analysis and esoteric understanding 236 262 real key closely analyzed 236-37 lower three cannot be separated without destruction 242 seven needed to consider Spiritualism 243 247 Monad continues though annihilation of the conscious personal 249 are seven souls or lives 263 relation of taijasi with higher 265-66 Jiv and upper triad enter devachan, false personality in Kama Loka 277-78 281-82 as taught by Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Greeks 285-88 351fn four within duality of ling and houen of Chinese 348-49; dual powers of abstract Nature emanation of absolute III 33 Christos only an impersonal 241 seven required in astral and occult world 261


god-taught I 39; doctrine as to planetary spirits II 142-43


allegories apply to every neophyte on trial III 225 name derived from Pro-mantha and Rig-Vedic legend concerning fire 252fn


cultivated by Jews and priests of pagan oracles I 438; made by Higher Self II 369-74; 20th C has strange developments and may be last of its name III 193


defined as the Eternal Essence I 401 Psychic(ism) reappeared in West under cyclic law I 357-58 manifestations introduced revival of Theosophy 358 and intellectual crisis approaching 404-06; (article) and noetic action II 7-27 dangers of, experience lead to honestly deceiving others 25-27 phenomena of astral and mayavi rupa 38-45 base intention transforms spiritual into 92 malignant influences impregnate a place 93 misconceptions concerning acquirement of powers 111-12 beware of offers to teach powers 112-13 embryos and elementals 139-40 force of may be concentrated in object of worship 347 force of human magnets explained 356-63 force in daily life occurs as presentiments 366-67 last thoughts of dying can become his eidolon 367 manifestation of prophecy by Higher Self 369-74 phenomena of Hindu juggler examined 467-73 introversion of mental vision 474-76 obsession explained and formula for cure 485-89;


one of three keys interpret religion III 175-76 Psychic Research Society tried to build reputation on downfall of Theosophy and Spiritualism I 168 gave impetus to TM by investigation 508


has disfigured ancient philosophy I 15; metaphysics has become materialized II 1-6 requires concept of soul 3-6 three views of as to changes in thought 5-6 Western only a form of physiology 268 ancient most important branch of Occult Sciences 427-28 genuine with phenomenal powers practiced by Hindu jugglers 471


and odic force related to Yoga Vidya I 214; demonstrates conservation of energy on subjective and objective planes II 15 ability to sense impact of feeling on objects after thousands of years 254-55 proves that men influence environments for ages 487


a different meaning when interpreted by Occultism II 81


visited by Herodotus, Pausanias and Strabo I 190 traditions of Cheops 191-92; symbolic galleries and chambers would disperse false ideas II 516; the wonder for 19th C to unravel III 65-66


an initiate who taught ancient wisdom I 15 19-20 born 580 B.C. 15fn how mystic Decad symbolizes Cosmogenesis and evolution 13 ideas and influence 19-20 philosophy in works of Plato and neo-platonists 20 23-25 metempsychosis as reincarnation and spiritual states of human soul 25-27 29 method was universals to particulars reflecting spiritual influx of divine life 27 speculated on the Monad 32 had Hindu Sages for his Masters and Models 36 doctrine of diurnal rotation of earth, fixed stars, of numbers in relation to created things 37 committed nothing to writing 46 numerical system not novel 345 figure seven model of divine order in nature 348 symbolic meaning of three, four, seven 348 gnosis identical with theurgy of Iamblicus 425 biography by Por- phery 426 terms philosophy and gnosis derived from 430 (also III 45) acquired knowledge in India and Egyptian canon of Hermes, kept teaching secret 431 438-39 445 same doctrine as gospel of St. John 445; taught universe is series of mathematical combinations II 145 derived soul from Universal World-Soul 156 doctrine of perpetually reasoning Divinity 221 brought doctrine from Eastern Sanctuaries 221 figures contained in Tetraktis 239 taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man 288 believed certain objects served as habitation to a god or spirit 337 divided soul into rational and irrational 346 knew mesmerism 425 cross is the perfect square of his mathematics 491 three time three is symbol of materialization of spirit 496; in 700 B.C. taught rotation of earth and heliocentric system III 13 38 41 mirrored by Isaac Newton 38 his disciple Archytas applied theory of mathematics 39 gnosis was made of construction of universe 222 explained nature of all things by symbols of numbers 403 claimed discernment through the numbers derived from names 404


evolution through root and sub for 49 days I 128 and fn occasional appearance of 6th, their characteristics 421-23 Fifth is crossing apex of evolution, characteristics 422-23 (also II 56-57); association of sound and color indicates return to primitive form of 3rd and 4th II 54-55 a sense developed in each successive sub of 1st Root 56 first sub of 4th developed speech and sight 56 hearing developed in 3rd subraces 56 senses of first three Root formed one sense—spiritual perception 56 end of 7th sub of 5th Root will correspond spiritually to 1st sub of 3rd Root 57 renascence of primordial spirituality will parallel that of


first half of 3rd Round 57 "Watchers" assigned to 527-28; 5th Root direct descendents of primeval Humanity who tried to save antediluvian Wisdom III 47 childhood of 5th was of one lip and speech 48 end of each Root marked by cataclysm 54 Atlanteans and present mankind 54 Yanadhis a mysterious Indian 55-57 the mysteries divulged to elect of 5th by Divine Rulers 221-22 5th Round will bring forth higher Humanity 303

Ragon, J.M.

a most erudite Mason I 444-45 (also III 229); Mason-occultist shows gnostic ogdoad II 495fn taught figure 8 represents perpetual motion 496; Belgian Mason, author of Maconnerie Occulte III 37 and fn observes Moses was not first revealer 49fn proves secrets of masonry are lost 147 founder of lodge of Trinosophes, initiated into many mysteries 150 his works recommended 210 significance given to Sun in Masonry 214 216 218-19 had his volumes destroyed 216 triple masonic salutation used in Catholic mass 227 his faith as to meaning of "son" and religious ceremonies 229 gives origin of terms Mass, Lodge, Synaxis 231


eternal Beness, causeless Cause, SAT I 125 the One uncreated, cause of primordial Unit 127 a fact must be confirmed by sixth and seventh senses before accepted as 443 Absolute Being alone is true 449


now is time for intellectual through Theosophy and Occultism I 407


expressed as metempsychosis by Pythagoras I 27 taught by Jesus and Paul 172 of soul after 1000-1500 years taught in Egyptian and Greek mysteries 193 distinction between unchanging entity and embodiments 273 self evolution of a Mahatma through 293 ordinary morality insufficient to deliver one from 452fn retrospective order of seen at end of Maha-Yug 490 distinguished from metempsychosis 491 (also II 275) of personality is rare, confusion over statements in Isis 491-93 related to the seven principles 493-95; genius and undeserved suffering prove II 126 Karmic punishment reaches Ego in next 199 of the Sutratma 200 and fn recollection of past 201 provides for various parts played by Ego as actor 203 materialist can lose consciousness of one life and have immediate 204-05 Samma Sambud- dha is knowledge of past possessed by Adepts 268 and fn explanation of, clarification of statements in Isis 275-81 of same astral body or personality under three exceptional conditions 275-76 282-83 occurs after 1500-2000 years of devachan 276-77 never carries evolution backward into lower forms 279-80 cause of is ignorance and cleaving to existing objects 280 does not apply to terrestrial principle 288 all philosophers of notoriety believed in 288 Palingenesia an extremely curious work 320; and Karma have elevating and strengthening influence III 6-7 certain predispositions retained from past existences 270 only Adept can recall past lives 344


and philosophy based on same truth I 8 Theosophy is per se 57 binds all into one whole 57 59 started during early races by Beings from higher planes 61-62 64 as universal knowledge is source of all creeds 62 reason for variety of and sectarianism 64-65 one with Science 66-67 attitude toward occult phenomena 79-82 TS influence on young intellectual Hindus toward Sanscrit and 87-88 "none higher than truth" a necessary axiom 404-06 ancient have had greater and lesser mysteries 431 mystery language learned by studying and comparing 445-46; primitive based on ancient mysteries and universal beliefs II 220-22 consequences if materialistic Christianity dominates Science 402-03 philology has unlocked secrets of heredity of 458 supernatural avoids investigation


of Science 464-65; being given coup de grace by Science III 17 phallic ideas foundation of all 32-33 anthropomorphism generator of black magic 34 Western based on heathen exoteric thought 42-43 arguments concerning evolution and 45-46 early Fifth Race bound by one Truth 48-50 priests evolve new dogmas out of own fancy 59 Vedaism oldest of world 69 proselyting and conversion seeds for future crimes 80-90 universal ethics property of all 85 Theist and Atheist contrasted 86-87 lost faith not the result of deep thought 109-10 scriptures are allegorical and symbolic writings of mysteries of Initiation 172 texts must be interpreted with three keys 175-76 dogmas as related to Zodiacal signs and Sun 195 origin of all in Wisdom- 196 ritualism of Church founded on rites, festivals of Pagan 205 209-11 Mazdean 300-08 one for people, one for initiated priests 301


derived from Latin meaning to reveil III 48-49fn


used Neo-platonists as a source I 426 kept teachings secret 431; elementals named by must presently exist II 153


seeds for new preserved by Dhyan Chohans during obscuration of earth II 332-23fn; conflict between Kama-Manas and Buddhi must be resolved by 7th Race to prepare for next III 303

Row, Subba

discussion of his criticism of septenary division II 233-48 commends his lectures on Bhagavad Gita 233 248 one of his ablest articles 234; his comments on HPB’s statements III 330-36


working for the collective spirit of life I 464 Sakti power, eternal energy of an unconscious Law III 335


pseudonym of W. Stewart Ross, editor of agnostic journal I 371 and fn


defined I 426fn 432-33 perfect view of highest truth, obtained by Buddha 450fn


effort of TS to promote literature I 214 Burnouf justly honored scholar of 245; conceit and errors in translations and interpretations II 217-18; alphabet is musical notations reduced to writing III 245 language of the Gods 245 and fn imported into what now called India 331


formed a triangle with Venus and Jupiter in 1881 III 404 nefarious in conjunction with Mars and Jupiter in 1563 A.D. 405


awakens discrimination of true from false I 439


borrows from Plato I 14 great thinker 131 pessimism of 135 466 philosopher of the unconscious 136

Science (Scientists)

limitations of modern I 15 ancient contained in Platonic philosophy 20-24 revealed by divine instructors, imparted during myseries 22 Speusippus taught that immaterial is known by means of 33 not included by Xenocrates in phenomenal world of sensuous perception 33-34 one with religion and philosophy 52 66-67 attitude toward occult phenomena 79-82 view of man in evolution 130-31 ancient Hindus built watertight bulkheads in ships 335-36 perplexities of 341-42 law of numerical proportions verified in physical 351 hypotheses about sun may supply astronomical axiom 441-42 and Theosophy have same investigative methods 442 no new knowledge of real nature of matter since Anaximenes 443 most valuable discoveries of 19th C by Wm. Crookes 443; will not understand Occultism during 19th C. II 3 proper limits is physical realm 8 58 occult alone can give key to mysteries of nature, universe and psycho-physical man 46 cannot understand


rationale of occult phenomena until inner nature recognized and developed 58-63 two distinct schools, idealistic and materialistic 63-65 methods and fallibilities of Western 64-69 lacks Sixth Sense necessary to explain phenomena of fourth dimension 68-74 only materialistic is negated 75-76 abuses authority by deceits and judgements outside its knowledge 75-80 87-90 a true man of defined 76 78 treats sages as imposters, rejects esoteric philosophy 80-81 88 false authority can be fatal to humanity 88-89 many are only animated corpses 159 denies absolute life, hedged by mysteries yet dogmatizes 180-81 many have borrowed from and amplified old philosophers 217 (also III 37-42) will not recognize man's dual nature, dreams, spiritualism or occultism 296 299-300 vivesection a disgrace of cultured age 303 attitude toward phenomena 355-56 398-99 ignorant of psychic side of hypnotism 384 composed of 5% axiomatic truths, 95% speculation 403 denies noumenon of forces and confused about consciousness 405-17 on eve of struggle with Religion 420-21 attitude and action toward mesmerism and hypnotism 422-24 unconsciously practices sorcery through hypnotism 427-28 must consider magic to understand history and archeology 433-34 paraphrases ancient sages on death of universe 443-45 false assumptions as to molten interior of Earth 446-47 two camps in regard to Spiritualism 448-57 production of nebulae not due solely to gravity 473fn cannot solve mystery of introversion of mental vision 474 rejects enormous time period since first civilizations 529-30; rejects facts from unorthodox sources III 7 current of mysticism forcing way into 69 ancient was exact but confined to the few 70 Aryan Brahmans were among Chaldean 134 illustrious men of old were alchemists, astrologers and magicians 236 should not be limited to physical 375 facts prove it is reconcilable with metaphysics 404

Secret Doctrine

its source, limits and some of purposes I 64-65 doctrines barely outlined 399-40 object to show principles of religions and philosophies are echoes of Wisdom Religion 485-86 contents classified as exoteric, reader must find esoteric 486; third volume almost ready, contents indicated II 80-81; teachings supported by evidence of science, esoteric religion and philosophy, represent complete system III 34-35 faults and limitations discussed 43-44


occasionally overshadowed by high Spiritual Beings I 63-64; results when personal self glimpses wisdom of Higher Ego II 21 three means by which may be attained 25 divination and prophetic dreams 294 untrustworthy character of untrained 475


embodied soul and never embodied spirit separated from universal by differentiation of qualities I 44 qualities of Higher 89 looking outward produces Pessimism, looking inward escape from illusion 129; cognition implies that subject and object are one II 2 and fn consciousness proceeds from higher Manas 9 Higher distinguished from Human and animal Soul 105-06 only altruism leads to mergence with Universal 107 highest aspirations and attributes constitute higher 277 the higher in Devachan 282 spiritual Ego determines tone of whole life 297-98 lower symbolized by figure eight 496; Higher of same essence as the Gods III 204 voice of known as Kwan Yin 341 retains personality after death in three exceptional cases 342-43 only individual survives 350


belief in separateness of Soul, barrier to Truth, cause of deceit and hypocrisy I 5-6 in individuals, politics, religion and science 6-8; symbolized by Ahrimand, prompter of our age III 303-08


physical and psychic not separate, must


be controlled by 7th in Occultism I 424 and fn 425 should be confirmed by 6th and 7th for fact to be accepted 443; each developed in successive sub races of First Root Race II 56 74 of speech and sight developed simultaneously in first sub-race of 4th Root Race 56 of hearing developed in 3rd subraces of fourth Root Race 56 were one spiritual perception during first three Root Races 56 variations in perceptions caused by modifications awakened by nature 59-62 Sixth corresponds to 4th plane necessary to explain phenomena 68-74 must be spiritualized to reach other dimensions 69 functions of physical and Spiritual 292 297-98 introversion in inner image perception of sensitives 474-75 Adept in full possesion of all interior faculties 475


in the Tetragrammaton III 252-55 253 fn the six form the Microprosopus 257 the Tree 260


significance of I 345-50 significance of in affairs of TS 352-54 significance in grammar, rays in human beings and relationships 440-41; discussion of S. Row’s criticism of septenary division II 233-43 adopted for analysis in esotericism 236-37 key to constructive activity of Nature and occult cosmogony 238-42 in the Source of Measures 238-41 classification of principles originated with Atlanteans 241; Eosteric meaning would provide full revelation III 247 the Tetragrammaton 251-59 keys to Mysteries should be sought cooperatively in all systems 262-63 in Mazdean religion 300fn 302


relationship in and out of marriage portrayed by Tolstoi II 119-31


greatest genius England can boast of I 410


young genius labored for poor, accused of atheism I 378-79


great Serpent-cycle, personfies Maha-yuga II 530-31 spirit of vitality and destruction 531

Simon Magus

prominent miracle worker of 2nd C, alluded to in Acts III 163

Sinnett, A.P.

Esoteric Buddhism a valuable work, clear and brilliant writer III 14 16-17 discussion with HPB concerning charges of materializing the doctrine and linking Theosophy to Darwinism 24-28


the destroyer in the Trimurti, symbol of material Universe II 192 193fn Brahma, and Vishnu are the triple ray from light of the world 527 the destroying potency of Brahma 531


666 mystical statistic for Druses and Lamas, Grand Beast of John’s Revelation III 289


record of a man’s life in astral light II 206; of Higher Manas survive Devachan as individuality III 265

Skinner, Ralston

Source of Measures a clever erudite volume III 32 claimed discovery of law of measure as key to the Kabalah 242fn 243-44 symbolism of four letters of Tetragrammaton given in Source of Measures 254-55


pledge against listening to, engaging in or insinuating I 121-22 subject of third article of pledge 199-200 pledge to abstain from required to lead higher life 207 may be karmically greater than murder 207


hypocrisy of Christian brotherliness in relation to Negro, Red Indian I 158; Bible used to justify II 308 a cause of natural decay of every country 308 love on impulse of senses is most profound 516


three kinds II 201 204 related to after-death conditions 201-02 269-272


three kinds key to understanding memory of past life 267-68 different kinds determined by mode of life 298-99 feats and faculties of the somnambulist 378


differentiations breed hatred, sectarianism I 89 criticism does not attack national, group or personal prejudices 95 evils and suffering are moral problems 101-05 popular opinion vs truth in attitudes and values of age 187-90 prevalence of slander and condemnation 203-06 reform of inequities only by inner enlightenment and soul solidarity 254-55 Frankensteins produced 331-32 hypocrisy, deceit, blasphemy in this age 367-81 modern financial aid compared to that of Asoka 375-76 pride and conceit concerns of civilized 376-77 Karmic visions of cycles of war and peace 382-96 19th C a cauldron of filth and criminality 405 can be reformed only through Occultism 407-08; rapid evolution and change of thought toward Mysteries II 381-88; attitudes toward sects, new ideas and Theosophy in Nat’l Reformer III 2-9 and sexual morality revealed by Tolstoi, advocated by G. Allen and eugenics 119-31


charges against, not initiated and did not divulge mysteries I 17fn 18fn 37 opinions identical with Pythagoras 29 committed nothing to writing 46; taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man II 288; put to death for divulging heliocentric system III 13

Sodalian Oath

of initiates, restricts imparting knowledge to world I 20 Ammonius obligated disciples by 45; initiated Occultists who are Kabalists will not publish because of III 247 systems of Kabalah transmitted orally under pledge of 248


life and works allegory on initiation I 58-59 and fn; Temple of III 148fn


drinker of juice is in direct rapport with bright side of moon II 176


speaks of foundations of Athens as sacred edifice of the gods III 224


plastic power of imagination in II 44 vivisection and hypnotism as practiced are 103 defined and shown to produce karmic retributions 108 Brothers of the Shadow 146 practices and requirements differ little from white magic 167-68 have consciously devoted lives to injuring others 277fn use of images, idols, human relics in 340-42 necromancy has direct consequences 342 study necessary to understanding 344 vampirism and exorcism 344-45 and necromancy practiced in China 349-52 350fn becoming common in current literature 381 unconsciously practiced by Science in Hypnotism 427-28


individual as separate from universal is barrier to truth I 5-6 personal contrasted with Spiritual 29-31 Platonists saw world as a reflection of Deity 32-33 annihilation of personal extremely rare 32 as taught by Plato and students 34-38 separated from Universal by differentiation of qualities 44 change in psychic and spiritual at end of 19th C 99 Spiritual and astral in reincarnation 494; as Nephesh animating breath distinguished from mind II 18 spiritual, human and animal distinguished 105-06 137-38 human and divine 131 separated from spirit by matter is slowly annihilated, enters Avitchi 145-46 155 relation to immortal Spirit 154-58 human is Manas, vehicle is Kama Rupa 155 divine and human from Universal, divine from 7th principle 157 Epicurus taught is formed from roundest and finest atoms 157 Spinoza and Hobbes taught is corporeal, finite, conditioned 157-58 Swedenborg on the 158 description of highly developed intellect without rays of Buddhi 159 animals’ astral survives death 162-63 aspirations of are innate in human nature 173-74 Buddhi, Spiritual and Divine 195-96


198-99 of Universe is Universal Mind 221-22 survival of 223-32 human self-conscious not Atma 265 Divine and personal in Death 269 and fn Immortal Ego adds essence of individuality of each incarnation 281 astral believed and taught by Egyptians, Chaldeans, Hebrews, Greeks, Hindus 286-89 communication between as premonitions, dreams, visions 299 misconception of spirit as entirely distinct from 306-07 St. Paul thought irrational of animal is divine 306-07 varying opinions as to animal 310 miraculous resurrection of animals by Christian saints 311-12 Descartes’ opinion on animal’s 312-13 theology concerning animal’s 313-14 Bible on animals 321 independent existence of by analogy of independent forces 411-12 disembodied only theory of phenomena by Spiritualists 459; life and blood were synonymous in every language III 175


genesis on this plane traced to motion II 15 associated with color 47-48 52-56 association with Light in 3rd and 4th Root Races 55-56 variations in perceptions of among humans and lower kingdoms 59-61 produced by Fohat 413-14 not merely motion in origin nor force in matter 417; Voice, Word, Logos, universally diffused and eternal III 344


and time do not exist for thought I 478-79 boundless and inscrutable, conceals archetypal ideas of All III 253


acquired in first Sub-race of 4th Root Race along with sight II 56; mystery which has mathematical demonstrations III 174

Spencer, Herbert

attitude toward dreams I 434-35; greatest philosopher of material metaphysics, arguments concerning Deity and religion III 45-46


has an arithmetical beginning I 15 called Nous by Plato, basis for Soul’s rise to divinity 16-18 intuition carries mind into world of formless 43 never embodied 44 a faculty which perceives abstract truths 97 the awakening of 99-105 must pass through incarnations to reach knowledge and self-conscious godhood 130 becomes infinite after one step across line of matter 357 conception of only hope in intellectual and psychic crisis 404-06 Spiritualists’ concept contrasted with essence of individuality 489-90 as related to reincarnation 494; duality with matter throughout manvantara II 1 fn spiritual soul vehicle of 105 completes the perfect man 140 is centrifugal energy, soul the centripetal 145-46 doctrine of human held by Kabalists, Neoplatonists, ancients 154-57 as distinct immortal entity becomes planetary during annihilation 155 as divine portion of soul is distinct being in eternity 156 Universal is Purusha, higher than Universal Soul 157fn Atma universal and immortal aspect of man 194-95 440 with force and matter are triple Unity 204 pertaining to Ego is an emanation from Universal Breath 281 misconception that soul is distinct from underlies question of difference between man and animal 306-07 powers develop in ratio with moral and spiritual progress 440 represented by perpendicular ray of cross 491 vivifies and fructifies matter 491-92 three times three symbolizes materialization of 496; old story of struggle with matter III 47 Divine in man, called Horus, Krishna, Buddha, Christ 170 176 in man not individual per se yet preserves individuality in Paranirvana 265


consciousness must illuminate mind to perceive truth I 4 11 beliefs hidden in sanctuary of soul 10 world is perishing for the 189 awakening of intuition of masses in middle of 19th C 355-57 and psychic evolution now in full activity 361 force warring with materialistic 404-06 blindness in perceptions in human nature 417-18; acts in body


from within without II 22-23 forces cannot be applied if selfishness in operator 92 powers are natural on higher plane of evolution 111 death of the living 158-59 development of intellect does not imply existence of 159 soul is Buddhi 195-96 pineal gland’s function in relation to 196-97 body is individuality unclothed and transformed after death 284 faculties enable ego to impress physical brain with visions and dreams 298-99 consciousness can mirror ideas about infinite and absolute 379 evolution in ratio to moral progress 440 nature of man appealed to by pure living 514; illumination when personality blended with Spirit III 176-77 evolution is dual and spiral 266


in America through Fox girls I 62-63 real included in Theosophy 64 claimed HPB’s phenomena to be work of the dead 81-82 Psychic Research Society attempted downfall of Theosophy and 168 discussed in relation to Theosophy 260-64 is cyclic awakening to metaphysical, presaged revival of pre-his- toric Theosophy 356-59 TS intended to be ally and helper 361-62 and Theosophy most significant movements of 19th C 362 the first enemies of HPB, tactics 477 Ego can attract spirit of medium during two intervals after death 489 moral quality of medium determines character of phenomena 490; function of astral body, mayavi rupa and Ego in II 38-45 chief point is nature of operative force 62-63 Brothers of the Shadow and Elementaries in seances 146-50 casting out of evil spirits by chemical methods 147-48 and fn spirits of animals inhabit astral light 154 two truths about mediumship 160 manifestation of genuine human spirits exceptional 161 direct handwriting of deceased not understood 161 apparition of dead pets a trick of elementals 161 mistakes nature of elementals 164-65 study of Count de Gabalis recommended 165-69 warnings against using "spirits" for carnal purposes 167-69 elementals can be vehicles of elementaries and use brains of mediums 168-70 168fn truth vs. accuracy as to Spirits and 171-78 belief and worship of relics and spirits of dead 223-32 what antiquity has declared on the phenomena of 283-89 bodies of "spirits" are kama rupa with help of elementals 283-84 vampirism, possession and exorcism 344-45 and Theosophy distinguished 368 alleged visions of spirits are produced by Ego 372-73 scientific belief and scepticism regarding manifestations 448-57 is abnormal and premature but may be helped by science 456-57 comprehended only by science of Comparative Psychology and Yoga philosophy 458-59 founders of Theosophical Society were mainly 458-59 mediumistic phenomena produced by other than disembodied 459 gave opportunity to investigate hidden mysteries of being 460 materialization and phenomena in Christianity 463-64 phenomena based on scientific grounds 464-65 materializations are deceptions, dangerous to psychic and moral natures 485-86 obsession explained by Indian philosophy 486 pseudo-messiahs of 514-16; and Buddhism III 326-29 two categories of apparitions or communications 342-43 Tibetan Lama comments on teachings and necromancy of Western 346-51


cells most subservient to action of personal mind II 23; physical vehicle of Protean double 196


recognized own absolute responsibility I 216; greatest materialists of ancient days II 157; crowning maxim of ethics III 114


unhewn phallic symbol of Jehovah III 32 unhewn pillar became objective sign and witness to the Lord 34 means interpreter of the Mysteries 49-50 symbolic use of in Masonry and Kabalism 148-49 148fn


Western misconception of "pessimism"


of Hindu and Buddhist pantheism I 125-28; motive and judgment determine justification of II 331-34 always results in necessity of living out terms of existence 332 moral cowardice unless sacrifice to save lives 332-33; a sinful act, result of weakness but demands mental force III 278 Kabalistic theory on 278fn E. Levi on how living can aid soul of the 278-80


all beings, stars and worlds move toward central Spiritual I 142 scientific theories in regard to spots and nature of 441 religious festivals and events fixed according to 504-05 Kabalistically ten, the number of perfection, Sephiroth 505 relation of Janus-Peter to the One or the 506; erroneous views concerning heat of Earth and II 446-47 Central is invisible Deity and Central Point of Kosmos 491 Christian Bulgarians have preserved worship of 492-94 Suras connected with 527; heliocentric system and rotation of earth taught by Pythagoras and others III 38-41 winter solstice and December 25th mark birthdate of sun gods and rising sign of celestial Virgin 59-60 in allegory, names and symbols of truth 190-91 205 209-10 214 significance in Masonry 209 214 216 219 symbol of Creative Deity, visible agent of invisible Principle and Cause, eye of Osiris 218-20 basis of symbolic use of lamps and candles in Churches 219-20 autumnal equinox typified initiatory rites of descent and resurrection 224


beings connected with the sun, watchers of planetary system II 527-28


defined II 200fn related to Buddhi 202 related to selfish personality 205 thread soul experiencing periodical incarnations 267fn 269fn never changing immortal "I" gains experience in life and death 270-71


symbolism of I 410


one of greatest of Seers I 262 mystic who used Neo-platonists as source 426; adopts doctrine of possibility of losing one’s soul II 158-59; advised search for lost Word among hierophants of Tartary, China and Tibet III 284-331

Symbol(s) (ism)

of nature are esoteric and divine I 46 of colors 424 and fn Alpha and Omega of philosophic thought 439 universal language of 440; Universal esoteric language of still taught II 86-87 Occult occur in nature 238 Source of Measures explains mathematics of, basis of cosmogony and anthropogony 239-42 of ansated cross, cube, swastika, oozas, hexagons 240-42 of Cross and Fire 490-94 Swastika typifies revolution of Earth 491 of chambers of Great Pyramid 516 serpent swallowing tail emblem of Time within Eternity 530; all religions built upon same astronomical and physiological III 195 deities in Hindu esoteric Pantheon are 204-05 of sun as Creative Deity 218-19 used to teach cosmogony and theologony 221 authors of New Testament borrowed from Aryan 240 of Jews applied only to physical nature 240 swastika and cross found in Troy 251fn origin of Cross 252fn Logos is the triangle in square, the seven-fold cube 252-53 six pointed star 260 and fn 261 each has seven keys 262


taught spirit as divine part of soul, II 156 taught reincarnation and multiple principles of man 288; Neo-platonist, pupil of Hypatia, accepted post as Bishop on own terms III 212

Taijasi (See Manas)


Initiates, had a mystery language, were source of Kabala III 197


reason for not writing I 46 sent to West last quarter of each century 355-56 handed down unbroken oral teachings 461; in connection with Occult Sciences take on sins of Chelas until


initiation II 91 foresaw that hostility toward Theosophy to be replaced by patient hearing 458


sites of learning, symbolically made of bricks (disciples) burned or hewned (initiated) III 48-49 meaning of term and expressions in regard to 224


mystic sect personifying and deifying organs of human body, engage in Yoga III 188-89


Jehovah is the I 432fn Zohar has references upon real meaning of III 250 IHVH the Microprosopus, glyph of existence 251-52 254-56 Sephiroth in 251-53 dual, called in Kabala by various names 251 Macroprosopus, the first Sephira, crown, Space, concealing archetypal ideas 252-53 found in form of man’s body 256 symbolism of Ezekiel’s vision 258-60


true motion of earth and heliocentric system taught in school of III 41


often disfigured ancient Theosophy I 15 dogma and faith are the pillars of 262-63; theories and dogmas of Western exploded by philologists II 458 constructed narrow limits of time for history 529-30; all have origin in astronomy III 375

Theosophical Society

objects: to correct views of spiritualists, revive A. Saccus, and unite nations in brotherhood I 49-50 as a body is unsectarian, root idea is search for truth 50-51 respects old religions, brothers to modern religionists 53 is a republic of conscience 53 unconcerned with politics, hostile to Socialism and Communism 54 protests dogmatism, contains agnostics 56 distinguished from Theosophy 61 a body of learners 77 works toward three objects 83-90 Indian Nat’l Congress patterned after 85 Theosophy is backbone of in West, not in East 91-92 beneficent works in India 107-08 forced HPB out of India and made false charges 110-11 Esoteric Section started, Olcott promotes second object in India 112 new movement in West promoting first and third objects 112-13 aims and purposes 116 eligibility requirements, three degrees of membership 117 purposes of Esoteric Section 117-19 child of HPB, has her magnetic fluid, physical, psychic and spiritual attributes 120 must be rid of sham elements and make self-critical analysis 161-65 three objects, attack on and appeals of 167-68 payment of entrance fees and dues 168 196-97 225-26 236 membership comprised of pledged and ornamental 207-08 only 15% of members subscribe to periodicals 208 accomplishments in India in 1879 210-11 misconceptions and corrections in regard to 212-14 Esoteric Section entirely apart from exoteric 219 no parent society, aggregate of autonomous groups 219 221 231-32 HPB’s and Olcott’s rights and responsibilities 220 instructions and intentions of Mahatmas as originators 223-25 224fn 238 costs for eighteen months paid by Olcott 225-26 affiliated with Samaj of Aryavarta 225 answers to Chatterji and Gebhard’s complaints 226-44 promotes mutual development 235 cannot be destroyed as body, doomed to exist 238 organized before spirit and desire for had permeated the world 241 under orders introduced Vedas and Hindu philosophies 241-42 Adyar theosophists defended 241 Master’s letter in regard to attitudes and actions between Theosophists 242-43 founded to promote Brotherhood not merely propaganda for Buddhism 246-47 accurate account of E. Burnouf and 249-50 agrees with primitive but not ecclesiastic Buddhism 250-51 public indifference first obstacles 252-53 had three sections 256 motto belied by some theosophists 256-57 to be practical application of esoteric Buddhism, not academy of Occultism 257-59 statistics on numbers of branches, publications and Adyar library 269-72 three objects dis-


cussed and accomplishments of 272-78 members aid formation of Indian Nat’l Congress 275-76 only one in a hundred understands function and scope of 289 Branches should be active, unselfish, grasp Truth 290-91 after eleven years no better than Christians except destroyed dogma 305 307 attempts to reawaken memory of transcendant capability 310 number seven and 352-54 intended to be supplement of Spiritualist movement 361 founding of Christo-Theosophical Society by clergyman 364-65 first object ignored, second and third pursued with zeal 399 established on model of U.S., a Republic of Conscience 402 supported by voluntary donations 403 jests and satires upon 427 only E.S. members can clearly understand meaning of philologists 440 inner group study according to method of esoteric school 443-44 E.S. members promise silence 444-45 kept from destruction by qualified help 458fn is scapegoat for prejudice 496-500 new impetus because of S.P.R. investigation 508; to promote spiritual growth not psychic powers II 112 methods those of ancient Rishis, tenets those of oldest Esotericism 112 members should engage as individuals in active work rather than superficial study 114 founders mainly Spiritualists 458-59; nonexclusive, special beliefs limited to E.S. III 8-9 Jesuit slanders and attack on would be in vain 107-08


Alexandrian had hierarchical divisions and rules copied from Mysteries of Orpheus I 45 early were few, speculative and founded no school 46-47 students of natural law, philosophy and exact science 48 investigates hidden side of nature, ultimate essence, independent thinker with inspiration of own 51-52 55 real student is recluse 54 most devoted and apt workers are agnostics 56 must relinquish personality for work 67 practices charity 72-73 78 when enters occultism speeds law of development 76-77 fail in philanthropy because of lack of knowledge, power, intuition 77-78 mission of 102-03 duty 105 119 121-22 Indian failed in support of masters and H.P.B. 111-12 must be able to see truth about one’s self, TS, charlatans, pseudo-theosophy 161-69 money paid by Founders and 196-98 have not escaped infection of this age 196 difficulties of denunciation clause in Pledge of 199-209 must be cosmopolitan in heart 202 pledged working members and ornamentals 207 comprise 15% of subscribers to periodicals 208 must give practical objective expression in code of life 241-43 repudiate dogma and infallibility 262-63 Master advises editors and lecturers to challenge lies, condemns judgment of individuals 279-80 is altruist above all 284 not required to abandon ties and family duty 328-29 many unidentified in the world 359-61 described 400-01 408 must work for others and liberation of human thought 402 Sister Rose Gertrude and Father Damien are true 416-17 recognizes mysteries in every particle of dust 418-19 to unify Divine spark with parent flame is aim of 426 egotism and personality make some the white ants of TS 427-28 eyes of real are fixed on Divine Wisdom 430 inner group study according to methods of ES 443 members of ES promise silence 444-45 no difference between Eastern Occultist and esotericist 460; have duty to defend beliefs nor allow denunciation II 82-83 (also III 20fn) defined 91 should work as well as study 114 belief in Spirits no less than Spiritualists 166 ask questions of life itself 293 search for truth and claim no infallibility 465 grows in power to help fellows 519; chief concern is search for truth III 9 believes in black magic and dark natural powers 31 lack of understanding of life results in scepticism, nihilism, despair 110-11 neither infidels nor atheists 203-05

Theosophist, The

response to actions of R. Harte as


acting editor I 217-22; provides channel from Eastern psychology to Western students of Occultism II 460


excludes bigotry and arrogance I 9 meaning of name 39 history 40 defined 41-42 three degrees of knowledge 45 is science of psychology, cultivates sciences, arts, alchemy 46 line traced to India 49 contains all human sects 53-54 Religion itself 57-59 what its doctrines may accomplish for student 60 distinguished from TS and members 61 genesis in early races 61-62 approximates Wisdom Religion on lower planes, source of all religions 62 64 69fn impartation required attack on religious error 65 accused of metaphysics and inactivity 65 both religion and science 66-67 theoretical versus practical work 69-78 inculcates love and charity for mankind 73 discussed in relation to philosophy 93-96 (also II 53) ignorance and judgment of by Press 95-97 what it teaches and TS promotes 116-17 distortions of and pseudo- 165-69 its literature throws light on mysteries of Egypt 191fn popular opinion of 193-94 teaches mutual development and needs vehicle of TS 235 is good deeds and all embracing Science 242-43 agrees with primitive Buddhism 250-51 promotes inner enlightenment and soul solidarity 254 position defined in relation to dogma and Spiritualism 262-64 a vital necessity of age and reason for its spread 267-68 asserts altruism instead of egoism 273 satisfies scientific intellect and metaphysical spirit 278 supplies logical basis for elevated morality 331 teaches justice reigns in nature 333 emergence of with rising cycle of psychic and spiritual evolution 355-56 and spiritualism most significant movements of 19th C 362 physical and spiritual science of one universal Truth 398 of neo-Platonists a source for Rosicrucians 426 distinguished from that of some members and from demonosophy 427-32 critics of 433-36 requires intuition and brings about mental changes 433 will be the philosophy and law of the future 433 can reproduce social and religious reform 436 found in ethics of Philalethes, Neo-Platonists and early Aryan thought 437 (also III 99) its descent traced through many schools and religions 437-39 is the white ray from which arises the spectrum 440-41 investigative methods same as Science 442-43 synonymous with Gnan and Brahma Vidya 444 comes from teachings of Eastern Masters 478 plagiarized and exploited by profit seekers 507-09 revival and spread in America, influence on modern thought 508-509; attitude of materialistic and pious age toward II 83-84 will be vindicated in near future 165 458 faithful echoes of antiquity 288 347 distinguished from spiritualism 368 and occultism appearing in every kind of literature 381-82 quarrels with materialist’s denial of any noumenon of forces 415-16 gives rationale for psychic experience, is deliverer and savior 517-18; discussed in reply to views of Nat’l Reformer III 3-9 is monistic, sees one truth 9 brought because of crisis 17 reconciles Evolution and Positivism 47 importance of verification of meterological and geological predictions 79 seeks to infuse new ideas, logic and aspirations for morality into modern thought 92 teaches absolute justice in nature 94 and Jesuitism are opposite poles—spiritual and psychic 96 held in veneration as Hermetic Philosophy 138-39 terminology is true one 150 is psychological and moral Science 374-75


fusion of Indian and Semitic thought I 428 Theurgy defined I 41 doctrine added to Theosophy by Iamblicus 46 438 of Philaletheans the continuation of Egyptian mysteries 426; used chemical and mineral substances to disperse evil spirits II 147 practiced by Egyptians and Neo-Platonists 284 evoked Elementaries during rites 285 key to power of was lost 419



early Buddhism 361-62 and fns means a college, school or assembly I 438 books contained moral and practical Wisdom 438 a deified sage, author of Book of the Dead 439 became identical with younger Hermes 439

Thought (s)

rising tide of mystic returns periodically in Europe I 403-04 new kind of arisen at beginning of this cycle 405-06 space and distance do not exist for 478-79; as viewed by modern psychology and Esotericism II 5-6 produces astral images on lower or higher plane 40-45 nothing that does not exist somewhere can be reproduced in human 66 modern denies Divine Spirit in nature and man 87 agency of remains mystery to Science 300 retained by soul not as memory but reality 379-80 evolution and change of public toward mystical 381-88 independent and mutual criticism are salvation from stagnation of 389-92 are material, survive death, take shapes, real to originator 487


Ll-hassa, God-land, theocratic metropolis III 284 land of Wisdom Deity, cradle of human race 284 and fn comparison of hierarchic system of Druses with Hobilgans and Lamaists 287-90 seat of Occult learning, part of prehistoric India 330-32 Chinese tradition of oasis where Adepts allegedly meet every 7th year 333 esoteric doctrine on Absolute, Jiva and Fohat 334-35 sacred canons purposely veiled 339-40 Chohan Lama distinguishes between assistance by Bodhisatva spirits and spiritualism 342-51 exclusiveness based on Tsong-ka-pa’s prophecy 345-46 teachings concerning spiritualism and death processes 346-51 Buddhist inscriptions in leaves and fibres of Kum Bum tree 352-55 aboriginal Bhon practices of magic, sorcery and necromancy in Bhutan and 357 and fn 358-59 361 and fn 362-63 Tsong-ka-pa religious reformer, began practice of Lamaic succession 357-59 362 Christian penetration 357-58 origin of


and causality are conditioned notions I 469 Janus the God of 505-06; conjurer, leveler and solvent for truth II 82 future lies in present, both include past 497-98 enormous periods since first civilizations 529-30 cycles, symbols and signs of 529-31; Christian chronology may not exist in future III 407


exemplar of altruism I 333 (also III 93) full fledged mystic, exemplifies psychic and spiritual cycle 360-61; lectures on life and living II 209-16; great poet, artist, thinker addressed purpose and meaning of life III 109-10 religious unfoldment of 110-18 philosophy identical in basis with Theosophy, Buddhism, Plato 114 and fn 116 views of social and sexual morality 119-31


meant Reincarnation I 27-28 evolution of the soul (animal conscious soul) 43; of Life Atoms and metempsychosis II 249-56


of Life in the Creative world III 253 of Life and Knowledge has seven branches and seven fruits 257 259


Pythagorean I 13 our body and Universe formed of 21; used in African magic II 524; conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in 1881 III 404


Brahma, Vishnu, Siva derived from emanations of Paramatma I 12; symbol of material Universe and evolution II 192-93


absolute and relative I 1-5 10 two methods of achieving relative 2 inner perception necessary to discern 4 selfishness and deceit barriers to 4-7 higher theosophical should be presented as hypothesis 10-11 love of purifies soul 16 perceiving abstract is spiritual


faculty 97 attitude necessary in search for 280-82 results to Society of failure to grasp ultimate behind existence 287-92 Theosophy the physical and spiritual science of universal 398 obtained through culture of solidarity on mental plane 402 "no religion higher than" necessary position in approaching 404-06 Beacon Light of Life, Occultism and Divine Wisdom 424-26 the One is heart of system of Humanity 436; has to be placed above personality II 83 antiquity knew universal but expressed in less scientific language 87 masses allowed to approach only within limits of fact 120-21 endures test of universal experience, distinguished from accuracy 171-72 immediate recognition of through training 292 result of conflicting opinions 391 some withheld because some secrets kill 393-96; represents unbroken continuity, cannot be dual III 43 relative and how it leads brain mind 43 spirit of eternal necessary to understand Christianity 184-85 Christ and Horus messengers of the Word of 186 ideas built on eternal are unassailable 194 the hidden possessed by great teachers of Snowy Mountains 342


the primordial, manifested and pluralized produced Kosmos, evolution and evil I 124 132 only achieved by inner enlightenment 254; transcendental monism in esoteric philosophy II lfn polytheism rests on the One 527; in union alone lies strength III 48


a series of mathematically correct combinations sustained by laws II 145 all forms produced by centripetal and centrifugal force 145-46 scientific theories of destruction and pralaya of solar system 443-45


esotericism of same as esoteric Theosophy I 466; yield different meaning using keys of Occultism II 81; conceal the most divine philosophy III 242 view Parabrahm as the Absolute 334-36 are the Vedanta Scriptures 335

Vahan, The

a free journal of Theosophical thought and activities I 284-86

Van Helmont

successor of Paracelsus, alchemist and Rosicrucian II 419 predecessor of Mesmer in using magnetism in healing 419 425; illustrious man of science III 236

Vaughan, Thomas

a western chela I 308 an adept 317


philosophy brought forth by TS I 241-42 Theosophy differs from three branches of 466-67 469-70; English inspired by, French borrowed from III 43 distinguished from Buddhism in regard to Life and Reality 334-35 Upanishads are scriptures of 335


reveal ancient correlation of sound and color II 54-55 grandest accessible repository of wisdom, contain mystery of Nature and man 459; oldest religion of the world, taught by Greeks III 69 are musical notations reduced to writing 245 have immense antiquity but ceased to be studied for 5000 years 322-25 imported into India from Manasorovara Lake in Tibet 331 language is allegorical 365-66


could be supported by Bible or Vedas II 305 HPB does not preach 305; necessary for purposes of psychic development III 167


the star of 1888 and of Lucifer I 215; known to Greeks as morning and evening star, to Latins as Lucifer III 368 373 377-80 the sister planet of Earth 376 and fn vilified by Christian theology 377-78 its mythology 377-79 astronomical sign opposite of Earth’s has occult significance 379-80 theological revisions of pagan myths make Satanism to be conquered by Mercury 380-83 as Lucifer in Christian astronomical symbology 383-85 identical with Zoroastrial Mitra 381 fn formed triangle with Jupiter and Saturn in 1881 404


psychic and material phenomena related to II 16 aggregate sound of nature is keynote of middle F 297 and fn subjective or occult nature is perpetual motion of vortical 417 of objects and brain attuned in unison in hypnotism, metallo therapeuty, mesmerism 477 480-83 of sound in unison with objects 483


Theosophy is synonymous with Gnana-and Brahma- I 444 and fn; Gupta is Esoteric knowledge, four kinds defined II 102-03


standing on crescent moon symbol of Nature III 205 the Annunciation celebrated 9 months before Christmas 205 legend of Mary in Finnish epic poem, is pagan in origin 205-06 symbol of Earth, basis of festivals, sacrifices and rituals in many religions 209-10 litanies, Goddess-nature symbol in trimurti and Mysteries of ancients 229-31


the Preserver in the Trimurti II 192 five titles 193 and fn is Time and Duration, Lord of Creation 530 the preserving and conserving force, aspect of Brahma 531; becomes jealous of great powers of Yogis III 51


wrote on subject of thousand years of post mortem life I 193


use in ceremonial rites III 215-16 fish as emblem of, teachers and mothers of messiahs associated with 291 fn

Wilder, Alexander

interpreter of Jewish and Pagan allegories 445 first vice-president of TS 445fn Platonist who contributed to Isis I 480 482 editor and author of various learned works 482-83fn


Karmic severity of depriving thinking men of Free I 170-71 used by Occultist to control personal 322; no special


physical organ of II 9 reason why free not acknowledged by science 10-12 Higher Mind is organ of free 13-14 analysis of science’s position in regard to 14-17 recognition by science would necessitate acknowledgement of freewiller 17 magic power requires disengagement of from servitude and control 26-27 produces force, proceeds from an intelligence that cannot err 127 in accordance with law evolves elementary fabric of human races 127 riddle of life found by self-observation of conscious 191 psychic influence of in presentiments, telepathy and appearances 366-67 dangers in use of psychic 428-29 functions in mindreading, phenomena, sensitives and dreams 475-76 generates and directs auric fluid of atoms in mesmerism, many-faced magician 477-80 482 unlawful to deprive one of unless for his or Society’s good 483 imagination and faith establish 484 function in cure of obsession 489 and magnetic potentiality make effective magic lever 495


is unchangeable relations between number and measure in our consciousness I 31 doubt is the beginning of 121 obtained only by divine faculties 294 of East makes possible intellectual reform 407 is as old as human mind 430 esoteric and exoteric 430-31 inseparable from divinity and Brahma, Buddha, Thot, Hermes, Nebo 432 as Gnana is spiritual knowledge 468 Pallas Athene goddess of 505; origin, meanings, divine vs psychic, terrestrial II 29-32 prerequisites for 32-33 of Theology and Science 34-35 of modern day panders to popular prejudices 35-36 esoteric doctrine is source of all knowledge and science 80 hidden, Divine known only to Initiates 121 quarrel between detractors and defenders of ancient 220


rights and oppression of in England, and Russia I 178-82 TS founded unsectarian club in London 276; all


practical occultists must renounce carnal relations with II 167-69 achieved some social reform 390 Victoria Woodhull proclaimed freedom of 515; and man relationships examined by Tolstoy III 119-31 laws and customs give men control over 121 denigration by the Church, lost rights through support of Church 309-14 Roman and Egyptian had greater freedom, respect and influence 313


has been sounded and new kind of thought arisen I 405-06; made flesh is the Logos III 31 in Zohar plural means powers, single synonym for Wisdom 49 represented by Vach and Kwan Yin, Voice Deity of divine consciousness within 344


now tending to reform I 404-06; Eiffel Tower and "wonders" of III 63-68


expounded unwritten theories of Plato and Pythagoras I 33-37; views on elementals II 130


birth of important, December and January connected with gods and numbers I 504-05 twelve months of symbolized 506 number of days on hands of Janus 506


Hatha and Raja distinguished I 126; philosophy indispensable to comprehend mediumship II 459


who isolates self is egoist I 429 distinguished from Fakirs 498; distinguished from Mahatmas and Rishis III 165-66 understands symbolical meaning of rites and allegories 166 initiated distinguished from pious ascetic 166


characteristics of four I 422; four of Hindus correspond to ages of Greeks II 219


in Dendera Temple shows three tropical years of 75,000 solar years I 192 festivals of year fixed according to 504; planets movements through because of centripetal and centrifugal forces II 491 Kumaras incarnated under tenth sign of 502; sun and signs are astrologically origin of religious dogmas II] 195 signs interpreted by wisdom religion 196-97 twelve signs equivalent to twelve apostles and sons of Jacob 213 Tetragrammaton can be read in twelve ways symbolized in sign of 254 four letters of Tetragrammaton symbolized in 256 had same divisions, names, among widely separated people 418


meaning of "Word" and "words" in III 49 and Kabala remodelled by Christians 201 contains Gnostic writings and interpolations 202 has become sectarian, mutilated 241-42 three chief books of 250 real meaning of Tetragrammaton in regard to creation 250-63


Magi taught and initiated in caves of Bactria I 41 committed nothing to writing 46 master of ancient times, kept teachings secret 431; called elementals devs II 129-30 had methods for casting out demons 147-48; rejected by 18th C science III 132 did not worship Satan or idols 135 designated Sun as "eye" of Osiris 220 Attesh-Gag shrine of fire worshippers and oldest relic of 293-99 studied the Avesta, Vendidad and Yacna 294 god Mithra represents natures of Ormazd and Ahrimand combined 296 miracle of the spring at Zedadzene 296fn origin and meaning of dual gods Ormazd and Ahrimand 300-08 300-01 fn law revealed by Ahura Mazda 301 precepts were good thoughts, good words, good deeds 304 Herodotus shows identity of Mitra with Venus 381 fn statue of Mitra at Vatican 382

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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