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Absolute (See Brahm)

law inherent in I 199 Paramatma 202 aspects of Be-ness, SAT and Space II 350


all aspects I 113-14 can inhere in many planes 116-17 two objectives of II 357 reaction on unseen planes, implications in human relations 357-61

Adept (s)

past and present teachers of ancient doctrines I 1-2 Nirmanakayas, sacred tribe of heroes 192-93 obscured 193-94 until seventh degree is influenced through heredity 245 deal with all important movements 246 occult powers of 341 working in Europe, America and Indian tribes 432-33 have cipher for communications, need not know a language 447 content of messages furthers Brotherhood rather than Science 450 communicate with disciples by inner eye and ear 452 only inner recognition knows validity of 453 absence of astral form not noticeable 462 some powers of 463 their will guided by Buddhi, Manas, Atma, including pure spiritual desire 464 high spirits work on Earth in bodies 615-16 shield between man and Dhyanic power II 37-38 each person connected with particular 38 should be spoken of to open minds 41-44 51 why they don’t appear publicly to meet social needs 53-54 what they do 54 tradition of college in Ireland 98 developed doctrines through search, observation, experiment, concentration 198-99 has forgone Nirvana and relinquished physical body 477-78 Black and White explained 494-95 provided protection and assistance to T.S. 497 live on plane of our inner nature 506 worshipful attitude toward vs. respect 541-42 ordered founding of T.S. 580


and Manas correspond I 600 gross body will be 5th Element in 5th Round 600 618 and astral the same thing seen from two aspects 610-11 as Fire in preceding Rounds 618 as body and essence of creative Builders 620


real is transmutation of man's base nature I 399


destined for greatness with reincarnation of ancients I 61 evidence of cataclysms connected with dying race 99 prophecy of unrest and moral storm 182 184-85 the Republic a Theosophical effort 246 design of seal no accident II 73 “new order of ages” an echo of soul 109 independence of colonies a part of Theosophical Movement 124 its energy due to occult forces 127 “great experiment” not conceived alone by mortal minds 127 scene of next evolutionary movement and of new race 127 129 138 140 reasons for affinity for Theosophy 128 is 5th continent, portions may be 6th, nursery for new race 130 scene of ancient races and civilization 131 home of 6th sub-race, founding of T.S. related and significant 132-33 culture impressed by England, race may be influenced by people of Ireland 133 forms triad with England and India 134 began “new order of ages” 134 concentrations of elementals sites of future cities 511 minds chained to dogma prior to American Republic 620-21


had all truths of modern philosophers II 85 India storehouse of art, knowledge, philosophy 88-90 works of past 91-92 had knowledge of Astrology 106-07 had all our arts, mechanical devices and skills 111-12


astral bodies soon dissipate I 102 human astral body can assume astral form of 102 Monad rises to higher species 102 not self-conscious, has no devachan 102-03 can come and go to other globes of earth-chain 103 human astral particles can transmigrate into 105 107-11


retributive Karma among 126 fate of the anthropoids 609 reincarnate II 506 have Karma but without responsibility 559 566

Arabian Nights

“Aladdin’s Lamp”— Adept’s access to treasure I 399 reverberations from Lemuria and Atlantis II 100 stories of compact with elementals and Black magic 101-102


“Spiritual” symbolism of the Path II 389-91 Astral Body of animals soon dissipates I 102 of humans assumes form of animals and other things 102 fate after death result of moral life 102 particles can transmigrate into animal kingdom 105 107-09 corresponds with physical organs, real seat of sensation 301 difficulty of astral travel 324 real basis of senses 325 presided over by real powers of Spirit 325 organs can be developed by concentration in that plane 325-26 develops as solar system does 326 effects upon by anger, envy, vanity, fear 326-28 enters phenomena of glamour 347 can be withdrawn from physical 462 memory in, idiosyncracies of and power to delude inner man 508 sometimes used for more than one life 508 participates in spiritualistic phenomena 515 misty shadow permeates the physical and has force 529 inner senses and delusion of 531 543 structure of 531-35 egoic rather than physical inheritance 531 539 disjunction from soul by hypnotizer and insanity 556-57 and astral shape II 348 currents and centers function between mind and body in disease and healing 440-41 during sleep and in dreamless slumber 453 does not pass beyond astral limits 454 control of 458 last to cease action in sleep and death 460-61 and brain in sleep, dream or vision 503-04

Astral Light

symbolized by eye in man I 12-13 projected from eyes, thumbs and palms 130 receives and projects acts and thoughts 145-46 379-80 Boehme saw as obstacle 273 “seers,” sights and dangers of looking in 348-49 359-61 grosser than physical body 348 seeing in is not knowledge nor spiritual illumination 349 575 dangers to Manas of seeing in prior to initiation 431 as corresponds to water, sword has power in 434 records all things 462 HPB says it floats 471 tapped in “spirit” materializations 492-94 ideals and types in 602 thoughts preserved as impressions in 610 relation to Akasa and description of 610-11 to be studied but not depended on 610-11 pictures of ancient cities held by elementals in II 95-96 all see into unconsciously, some consciously 452 planets, stars and other worlds may be in 454 impulses for mental life beyond 460 pleasure and pain in and through, so must rise above 460 function of in sleep and dreams 460-61 electricity and lower fires are shadows of 463 pictures, symbols and cycles in 491-92 fatigued body and brain allows vision in 503-04 spiritualistic practices create new forms in 510 “howling mob of rival musicians” 511 medium used in telepathy 559-61

Astral shells

galvanized by elementals and the living dead 1510-11 devoid of conscience and reflect lowest thoughts and feelings 510-11 made visible by medium and sitters 516-18 warning regarding 520-21 communication with is hindrance to Ego after death II 467- 69


characteristics of planets (principles) as seen by J. Boehme I 275-76 that relating to nativities not always reliable II 103 divisions of 103 Horary can be learned, evidence of success 103-06 Ancients had knowledge of 106-07 interrelation of nature’s works and man’s, can relieve anxiety 107 prophecies of physical disturbance reflect that of mind, morals, religion 108-10 is influence of entire heaven 540


evidence of great convulsions on American continent I 99-100 generated Karma of 5th Race 194 knowledge and power forgotten 195 place of origin of


Black and White Magic 610 Ireland abode of Atlanteans II 98


and Monads of S.D. I 29 receive imprint, character and evolutionary direction from man 106 carry personal retributions of thought and act 107 111 transmigrate between humans and from human to animal kingdom 105 107-11 gain facility of action through practice in evolution 229 karma operates on 604 elementals involved in transforming process of 605-06 of man descended from forefathers II 204 cohesion in body now and in past races determines longevity 443-44


as breath I 559 in other writings 559-60 sound (tone) 560-62 creation, preservation, destruction 561-62 change of mode and place of manifestation of Divine Resonance called death 563 underlying meditation 564 is bow of Archer 564 is Udgitha, Highest Self and Hymn of Praise to Brahm 565-66 first word of Gayatri meaning three periods of Manvantara and three powers 583


function in mesmerism I 526-27 Authority no theosophical II 543-44 Being three powers of I 583 Besant speaking tour of U.S. and influence I 64 66 accuses Judge of creating discord II 284-85 uncertain position as to charges against WQJ 305 proceedings against WQJ declared unconstitutional 309 reason behind her charge against WQJ 313 charges HPB as fraud, WQJ as dupe 314-34 actions on charges 316-17 claimed Mahatma letter forgery by HPB 322-23 wrote “Occultism and Truth” as attack on WQJ 327 object to get WQJ to resign 329 forced by Judge’s letter to reveal true position 335-38

Bhagavad Gita

to be regarded from seven points of view all seen at once only from the centre I 273 exists in ideal world in evolutionary history 581 lost key will reveal greater meaning 582


of human I 229 of comet (world) from laya center II 118- 20


receives and transmits sensation I 538 in Gayatri signifies Kama, veils true light 585 both hindrance and help to perception 585


of men used by high spirits I 615-16 abandonment by depraved and advanced beings 616 ailments should be treated by physical means, dangers of “metaphysical healing” II 424-27 435-37 illusion of the race mind 426 why life span shorter now than in past 443-44 must not be the object of student’s care 470 can be made to disappear from sight 512 requires sleep to establish equilibrium with Jiva 565

Boehme, Jacob

writings helped prepare for TS work I 245-46 character, influence and the S.D. 270-77 work part of TM II 124


study vs. reading II 339-45 making vs. writing 340 WQJ’s recommendations 342-43 345


“Unknown” means we do not perceive essence or fulness I 63 Boehme on dawning of day of 271 in manifestation becomes Brahma 564 the One 565 hymn of praise to is Udgitha, object of Path and our existence 566 knowledge of not obtained by sacrifice or worship 568 higher and lower knowledge of 570-76 Unity is basis for moral life II 200 interdependence suggests unity of all 200 unity understood only by awakened higher consciousness 201 experienced during dreamless sleep 201 cannot be expounded, described, realization is species of awakening 380 “Victory” of its informing power in evolution of elemental spirits 381 principles of fire air and thinking man nearest to in evolution 382 eternal base in reflections of truth and progress toward


knowledge 382 Brahman(s) (ism) oldest religion I 250 prevailing belief in India II 268 285 erroneously thought TS a Buddhist propaganda 269-75 HSO lectured on unity of esoteric Buddhism and 270 HSO given Brahmin thread 270 Letter to urges assistance from in bringing philosophy to West 272-77 refers more to character than birth, many live in western bodies 274 present day 287 drove followers of true philosophy from India 322 Mahatma condemns bigotry and idolatry of 333 Olcott and Besant declare Message to Some Brahmans forged by HPB 332-34 law of caste (now corrupted) distinguished from faith 488

Branch (see Lodge)

formation work and growth of II 163- 72 203Karma and influence of 205-06 reasons for and against Private 224-28 selfishness and unselfishness in 226 numbers of in India 500-01 504 committee papers on making work effective 612


importance of I 18 fact in Nature but denied in heart and violated by religions and nations 41-42 men united physiologically, socially, economically 43-44 interchange of conditioned atoms 45 actual among adepts 46 troubles of world would disappear if duty of practiced 47 means toleration of opinion and belief in Theosophical doctrine 75-76 nucleus of five hundred could sweep world with thought 76 related to perfection 242 real objects of Mahatmas II 67 necessary and true basis of toleration 157 white race should extend fellowship to dark nations 195 219 evidence of in interdependence in nature and experienced by higher consciousness 200-02 spiritual and physical reality 215 first object of TS and its practice 215 220 means of destroying dogmatism 221 practice only requirement of TS 222 when harmony prevails men cannot and brutes will not be in opposition 507 Indian section proposes changing statement of first object 530 unfaltering work is first expression of 531 often one of hate and faction rather than love 535


as compared with Spirit is material I 603 Buddhist(ism) localities and numbers I 250 doctrine in Japan 278-83 doctrines of Zen and Shin contrasted 279-80 most Hindus are not II 247- 48 268TS is not propaganda for 262-63 269-71 281 confused by Americans with Brahmanism 268 does not prevail in India 268 Esoteric Buddhism misleading title for “Fragments of Occult Truth” 270 HSO member of church 270 driven from India by Brahmins 322 HPB declared herself a; Mahatma declared himself an Esoteric Budhist 322 honors intellect governed by purity of heart 457 teaches asceticism, poverty and renunciation of material 499 why does not grow in America 499-500 502 exoteric has superstitions and absurdities 501-02


three groups and the function of each I 604 Cabala the hidden law I 260-61 Capital Punishment derived from ignorance of man’s nature and of conditions after death II 362 all modes are violent and produce fateful results for living 362-65


and marriage as related to Occultism II 451 Cell functional processes consist of inspiration and expiration to and from nucleus I 30 in body of Manu human being is like a 189-90 correspondence between positive and negative forces on comets and in II 119


revealed when man moves from one chair to another I 353


essence of Theosophy I 92-93 alters karmic enmity and serves movement 93-94 vs. condemnation and punish-


ment under karma II 358- 61


are of many grades II 9 HPB example of advanced 10-11 probationers may imagine message 12 Mahatmas can counteract physical and material impediments but not erroneous belief in 322 requires “Heart Doctrine” 383-84 attainment of progress 385-88 learn from marriage and association 414 incur possibilities of disaster and monstrous foes in mental and astral planes 474 see article “Aspirants for Chelaship” in Letters that Have Helped Me Bk I, XIV


doctrines and ritual similar to other religions I 250-55 and Theosophy 256-65 in India II 247-48 meaning of “Fall” of man taught in 465-66 nations of concerned with material progress and forces 574-75

Christian Science

affirmations, denials, cures and dangers in II 423-42 body care and limits of mind 470


interpenetration of planes of matter root of I 221 reported by Hidden Self 290-91 thought-picture mistaken for person 324 not spiritual illumination or knowledge 348-49 what it is, how it works and its dangers 351-54 thoughts become objective and cause errors 352 356-57 delusions of 355-58 reverse images in astral 357-58 ends with death 360 mental privacy should be respected 442-43 may reproduce another’s peculiarities 509 each possessor has own special phase II 491- 92


to Occultism and Esoteric knowledge I 365-68 to being Jesus 371


roots of and power I 458


function and origin of I 613-14 how they are born and become globes II 118- 20


power is used at intervals or constantly I 317 gives rise to associative memory 317 acting continuously for whole race results in perfect 318 called Yoga 320 means of developing discernment 323 distinguished from “eye knowledge” 329-30 in Raj Yoga, requires virtue, altruism, constant work and risk 330-31 self-examination prerequisite 330-32 and attention in phenomena 386 factor in “metaphysical cure” of disease II 441 difficult for Westerners 496-97 functions in disappearance 512-13


universe’s and man’s I 2-3 authors of ancient wisdom spoke two planes above “sense perception” of 26 conditions of higher 27 ray from plane above lures monad upward 27-28 condition of Monadic resulting from embodiment 29 of self beginning of perfection and perfection of selfishness 29 alternation of states compensation for prior actions and leads to rebirth 77 animal can come from and go to other globes 103 globes are states of 217 220-21 in every variety of existence according to own plane and condition 301 substratum of matter and noumenon of spiritual 301-02 correlated to septenary constitution 303-05 evaluation of self-consciousness and objectivity of lower quaternary 306 dual acting in astral body has power to delude 508 world is a form of and dominated by thought 554 supersensuous stores spiritual energy 574 dual allows true clairvoyance 584 states and planes of 612-13 entrapped in senses compels devachanic state and rebirth II 379-80 distinctions between cosmic, human, plane and state 487-88


six enumerated and 5th is America, 6th to emerge from Pacific II 130 Europe, No. and So. America to break up in about 25,000 years 131 Americas place for beginning new root-race, awaited Europeans 131 5th not to disappear until new race is born 132


Judge’s discovery and exposure of II 263-64 rigged shrine, paid by missionaries 266



sidereal measured by Chinese and Egyptians I 58 60-61 governs civilizations and most important doctrine 59-60 of religions and diseases 61-62 individual 62 meaning and derivation of term 159-60 universality of, prevail in three worlds 160 167 sidereal indicates unknown center and changes in earth 161-62 sidereal related to zodiac 161-62 179 of moon 162 Egyptian theories of involving the moon, sun, soul, mummification 162-63 171 ideas respecting came from Hindoos 164 affect human destiny 164-65 earth and inhabitants cycled from moon 165-67 of impressions manifest in tendencies, character, experiences in family lines 169-70 of civilizations through individual 171-72 of descending celestial influence 186-87 191-94 mathematics of four yugas 189-91 and day of Brahma do not affect all humanity simultaneously 195-96 new now beginning and in 20th C. 195-98 599 law of periodicity symbolized by sun 200 1898 is ending of minor 229 lower does not see sweep of 612 basis controlling number and pattern laid prior to cosmic aggregation of matter into globes and suns 613-14 great and perfect number of cosmic is seven 614-15 new beginning in 20th C. described II 83 beginnings, endings, and intersections of 492-93

Cyclopean ruins ideas in stone I 588


the “second” I 339 physical II 119-20 consequences of suicide 366-70 lower principles of astral last to cease action 460 in killing animals 545-46 difference between accidental, suicide, and disease 562-63 results when body can no longer resist life (Jiva) 565


of lower self: egoism, not listening, bigotry, talk without action I 308-10 through inheritance on physical plane 310 psychical and on mental plane 310-15 must be seen within and efforts made to change II 234-35 karmic effects of condemnation and punishment because of 359-60


basis of action and continuation of action I 114 causes Karma to take form 118 giving into is doctrine of satiation II 522- 23


loved ones with us in I 96 soul’s experience in 103 decisions made for future life at emergence from 134 duration of for WQJ and others 417-18 Indra loka, swarga, land of gods, transitory and illusionary 577 Karmic condition resulting from “unmerited” suffering II 372-73 reply to objections it is waste of time 375 duration variable and due to intensity of desire 376 period of necessary rest 376 illusions of compared to earth-life, sleep and dreaming 377 freedom of Ego in 377 duration indeterminate because of illusion of time 377-78 completion of assimilation of experience 378 frequently experienced during life 459 mind creates objective forms and environment 486-87 Swedenborg and Gita on 543-44

Dhyan Chohans

each group has own designation I 601 special classes watch over each Round and Race 601 do not understand the Absolute 601-02 related to numbers, symbolism and evolution 603 result of evolution 611-12 615 of light and darkness II 322


argument for vegetarianism and dangers II 447-48 real reason for abstaining from meat 449 warrior caste allowed to eat meat 450 true Theosophic 450 of inner nature consists of thoughts and motives 450 and the spiritual life 452 necessitates destruction of lives but does not determine spirituality 545-46


must proceed in definite order I 619 Disappearance by concentration on illusionary nature of form II 512- 13


of lower nature required but not by ignoring family and racial defects II 233-35 cautions and don’ts 236-41



and health defined I 30 fevers governed by cycles 62 in the stream of heredity 134 said to be cured by the directive faculty, “sympathetical powders” and mesmerism 525 result of causes from past life and exit ought not to be stopped II 425 436 cure by affirmation, denial illogical and dangerous 425-26 430-32 438 bodies of race contain taints 435 should be cured by physical means 436 “mental healing” replants on mental plane 425 436 441-42 mind repository of causes of 439-42 begins within and causes often from previous life 475


similarity in various religions I 251- 53 262avoidance of and orthodoxy II 221- 22


utilitarian use of I 289 sleep and 289 Hidden Self perceives and reports 289-90 fancy in 290 liberation of Thinker 290 prophecy in 290 language of Ego perceiving 292-93 made in astral II 453 do not convey knowledge from highest levels 453 as related to Astral when partially and fully asleep 460-61 of flying 466-67 distinction between astral, kama-manasic and devachanic 486-87 and visions in sleep or fatigue 503-04


Theosophical is work for human soul and inner life I 74 in TS to tolerate opinion and declare own convictions of truths 76 and denunciation II 357-61 to brothers 398-402 and Karma in relieving suffering 469-70 and marital relations 484


physical changes due to spiritual cause I 179 Mars, Mercury, and Venus have special direct relation to 234-37 “human” not confined to this but to 4th stage development on any globe 603 is creation of the monad 608 high spirits work on in bodies of men 615-16 always has been life on 619 quakes because of man’s psychic turpitude II 108-09 facts about stated in Puranas 516-17


as monad is akin to all below and heir to all above, a microcosm I 30-31 understood through synthesis of occultism 34-35 reincarnating entity of desires and tendencies 114 how character is built 140 definite number in each system 202 its language in dreams 292-93 not involved in earth-life or Devachan II 377 cause of soul and personality 452


beliefs as to cycles I 161-63 reason for mummification 163 co-laborers with ancient Hindoos 163 origin and end a mystery 171 relations with present civilizations and Semitic race 171-72 ancient wisdom buried in sand awaiting discovery II 580


an entity and primordial matter of special nature I 602-03 as Life 605


instruments of karma I 129-30 391-92 410-11 some beyond our comprehension 383 centres of force directed by thought and feeling 383 415 interpenetrate and affect this world and ourselves 384 416 II 505 what affects them 385 416 classes and planes 390-91 aid or are disturbed by phenomena 392 why information not given out re 394-95 how secrets preserved 396 guard hidden treasure 398 407 409 make treasure accessible to adepts 399 magnetic connections with objects and clothing 408 connected with metals 409 carry impressions of thoughts and acts on astral plane 410 criticism of another attracts those 410 individualities have innate affinities with certain classes 412 forms of subjective in origin 413-14 some images derived from pre-natal impressions 414 as nature spirits sometimes communicate with and use man 485-86 animate and simulate intelligence in astral shells 510 operative in every thought, motion of man and nature 516 concerned in all forces 605 615 and the Hierarchies 615 order for 617-18 Sinnett ignorantly declares HPB prey to II 13 16 limitations and capabilities 16 reside over obscured cities and induce


new construction 95-96 belief in fairies and devas common in Ireland 97-98 compacts made with 101 evolution of 381-82 knowledge of in this manvantara evanescent 382 communicate through witches and mediums 485-86 advanced class are Saptarishis 488-89 classes have symbols in astral light 492 how they move, carry thoughts and may be perceived 510-11 concentrated in America at spots of future cities 511


shells, classes of I 387 used and activated by elementals 387 as Bhutas control the obsessed 484


fifth of seven now developing I 600 esoteric order 617-18 fifth in Fifth Round 618 are as universally present as space II 505


of life—a hint thereupon I 605 England language is principal one of TM I 447 emergence watched from Ireland’s shore II 133 gateway for egos to America 133 Queen crowned over stone in Westminster Abbey 134 link between future in America and past in India 134


relation to Karma I 135 defined as lower nature 135-36 defined and its power over us 155-58


each constituted of many units I 605 Equinox precession explained I 161


Esoteric Buddhism—source and content I 234-37 mode of instruction through number, cyphers in all religions 259-61 groups and psychic investigation II 179 section in TS 476-77 no one receives secret until right acquired 539


will become visible at end of 4th Round, fully in 5th I 600 605 only partially manifested 605 gross body of Akasa in 5th Round 618


same in all teachings I 7 253-55 257 of Theosophy II 395-97 duty 398-402


“resist not. . .” II 401 in form of Dweller of Threshold 407-9 and “good” stand and fall together 478 better to perform than to desist through fear 507 necessary result of duality 508


theosophically stated I 35 occult philosophy of monadic 27-29 higher of man defined 32 another word for cyclic law 63 and “creation” defined 199-203 definite number of egos in each system of 202 obscuration and pralaya in 205 208 through the races and subraces 206-08 through races and chain of globes 210-22 606 individuals must wait till race and atoms ready to shift to next globe 221 through rounds and races 227-29 gestation proceeds faster with time 229 of monad produces all other evolutions 224-25 spheres, or globes, of represent different states of consciousness 224 man appears before animal in 4th round and has task of raising all kingdoms 225 through the sheaths 536-40 in each manvantara sui generis but there is continuity of plan 599-600 matter like curds at beginning 602 connected with Dhyanis 601 603 impulse is found in force of spiritual breath 609 no new human monads after midpoint of 4th Round 609 correspondence of Human with nebular 610 “fall into generation” explained 611-12 II 465-66 individual effort on personal self and bodies required 617 crest of wave is in West II 284 287-89 if spirit is perfect why? 480 of men affected by Mahatmas or by Saptarishis 488-89 as perceived by some Christians 536 at certain stages we injure other beings 545-46 development of crystals is analogous to human 547-49


renewal of old relationships from previous life I 96 preservation and death of similar to races 100 egoic relationships and responsibilities in, governed by karma 133-34 pro and con of celibacy in attaining highest spiritual life II 451



element full of centres of force I 335 two sorts: central sun and manifested universe 603 pure Akasa in preceding rounds 618


an entity and as many as there are worlds I 605 a form of electricity 605


law of transmutation, felt morally and physically I 335 laws of cohesion, gravity, attraction govern in occult arts 459-61 hint on affinity and correlation 600 of “the Word” is in motion 602 HPB laid down lines of II 2 positive and negative act and react to keep balance or result in death 119 WQJ sent to London to lay currents of 309 in formation of crystals shows scheme of evolution 547-49


prototypes not substantial do not evolve I 229 human built through habits acquired by atoms revealed in gestation 229 immaterial prototypes for all 229 of man corresponds to egg 529 primordial of everything like an egg 602 illusion to physical senses and can be made to disappear II 513


within TS for expression of convictions I 48-51 of religion in American constitution 70-71 in TS modelled on U.S. constitution 161 neutrality and tolerance in TS 177-79 living by principle rather than opinion and influence 534


HPB predicted practice in America I 343 explanation of, its relation to hypnotism and importance in magic and occultism 344-45 used by HPB to demonstrate man’s power and nature 346 used by adepts to obscure their presence 346 cause of errors in clairvoyance 357

Globes (See Evolution)

evolution through I 204-14 227-29 Earth-chain of 214-22 223-24 first and seventh in Archetypal plane 612


exhibition of attraction and repulsion I 458- 59


and disease defined I 30 methods of “metaphysical healing” II 423-24 by attention to ordinary laws of nature 424 care of body, mind and heart 470 not found by brooding on disease 475


“cave of” is the Self I 565 pulsation caused by expansion and contraction of matter in space 603 doctrine of guards against intellectualism and elitism II 218-20 truth is of the 383-84 effects on physical of Yoga 445-46 purity of should govern intellect 457 cultivated with intellect is tool for Truth 457-59 medical view vs. SD on 550-51


and Karma I 142-45 not cause but means producing effects now and future 144-46 provides physical environment for inner self and consequential obstacles to perception of truth 310 psychical belongs to inner man and only seen clairvoyantly 311


principles manifest in grouping of body cells I 30 man’s destiny and responsibility of 615 among elementals and Dhyan Chohans 615 paper summarizing S.D. on topic of II 612


prediction on hypnotism in America I 343 use of glamour 345-46 precipitates copy of paper for WQJ 421 phenomena at Enghein 468-71 purportedly contacted after death by mediums 522-23 WQJ sees as high spirit with status and function in supersensuous spheres 615-16 encounter and recognition of WQJ II 1 early phenomena laid lines of force 2 lion’s eye, heart and grasp 2 4 shown view of Theosophical societies 3 had few personal friends 3 devotion to TS 3 suggested formation of TS and her work for it 6-7 161 her phenomena 7-8 her aim and method 8 35 her relation with Masters 9-12 illustrated practically supersensuous world and inner powers of man 13 dispute with Sinnett and his claim of Masters’ desertion 14-18 servant of Lodge who deserves loyalty, gratitude, devotion 18 and Blavatskianism


22-25 life and work of “esoteric she” 27-36 aim and object of 35 on messages from Masters 55-56 authorship of S.D. certified by Masters 57-59 Master K.H. on S.D. and 60-62 phenomena part of well-understood campaign 77 prophecies 81-83 will be next messenger 153 organizational design of TS suggested by 161 private seal becomes TS seal 162 contribution can never be rightly given to world 193 suspected as Russian spy in India 193 250 defense against accusations by Conway re shrine, phenomena, adepts 255-64 defense re Hodgson’s report 265-67 476 founded TS to bring Indian thought to West 269 Besant charges series of frauds and bogus messages 314 322-23 declared herself a Buddhist 322 HSO first Western disciple charges Message to Brahmans a forgery 332 attacked by HSO and Besant 334 character not ungoverned, is generous, just, wise 475 always head of Esoteric Section 476-77 stature and help to individuals 581 death demands unity in TS and independence of each Theosophist 588-89 warns of too rapid growth of TS 622


means 4th stage of development of entities on any 4th round planet I 603 monad is union of ray from Absolute with the soul 603 nature described, same as million years ago II 65 each is complete universe in which occurs phenomena that should be studied 467 storms in nature followed by Silence and growth 472 solidarity in search for truth and no separation of nations 580


witchery on eyes, glamour I 343-46 use of mind, imagination 457 revival credited to Dr. Charcot and Esdaile 545 548 restrictions and safeguards needed 546 549 value is it points to Hidden Self 547 dangers described 549-50 556-57 opposite effect from mesmerism or magnetism 550 conditions explained by focus of consciousness in states and fields 551-52 witchcraft added to it 553 process described 555-57 power to perform and to be sensitive to are states of racial evolution 557 “glamour” another name for II 259 is controlling others’ personalities 463 disappearance by ascetics not caused by 512-13


forgotten in ourselves and obscured adepts I 193-94 nature is true initiator of lower to higher knowledge 572-73 departure through the sun 578-79 achieved only by effort, study, service II 415 in daily life discussed 497-98


three great I 242 universe consists of 583-84 of theosophic doctrines treated in many literatures II 23


its function in “glamour” I 345 effects on elementals and pre-natal impressions 414 defined and explained 453 475-79 in occult arts is sight and hand of mind and will 460 fully trained in adept can precipitate messages, impress and influence others 476-77 479


subject to cycles I 165 brought from moon results in earth life 166-67 how produced and mitigated 168-70 of body cells neutralized by mesmerism 527-28 those of inner organs 528-29


storehouse of literature and philosophy to be appropriated by West II 86- 87 129West not influenced by present-day Hindus and practices 88-89 need for more translations of literature of 89-90 with England and America form triad of TM 134 conquered by England for protection of metaphysical mines 247 missionaries give deceptive reports about 247-48 English gave free unsectarian education in 248 majority not Buddhists but Brahmans and Mohammedans 248 268 285 people, teachings and Sanscrit langauge are metaphysical 249 young men adopted Western thought and manners 249-50 design of TS to revive Aryan religion, philosophy, science 269 272-73 TS attempts to lift her to old spiritual heights 273 Hindu intellectualism leads to spiritual pride, stagnation and caste 276-78 why TS not started in 277-79 Nigamagama Dharma Sabha to revive Hindu religion, literature and


spread Theosophy 280-82 spiritual crest of evolutionary wave in West not in 284-89 now in condition of degradation 286-87 Brahmans drove out followers of true philosophy 322 number of TS branches and Theosophists in 500-01 land of mystery and cradle of Race but Masters cannot stay among present day Hindus 563 knowledge preserved in books and monuments 579


spooks and elementals of in N.Y. I 421 were once a great race II 131 Karmic influences of hate and violence only changed by compassion 565-66


of individuals and of Branch II 204 of Masters and chelas in work of Branch 206-07 spheres of through heart doctrine 219-20 of Nirmanakayas 477-78 of Mahatmas compared with Saptarishis 488-89


against dogmatism and orthodoxy II 221-22 against hypocrisy 233-35 cautions 236-38 Theosophical don’ts 239-41 to be non-judgmental 244 Inner man astral, or Soul, interwoven with body 323-26 531-35 lower functions through sheaths 538-39 reconstituted by soul when reincarnated 539 Dweller of Threshold met by II 407- 09


not true Sun of moral being I 585 TS not an intellectual school of Occultism II 220 cultivated with heart is tool for truth 458-59


development and function I 431-32 great combining faculty 450 only means of understanding truth of higher planes, unselfish effort will develop II 352- 54


and elementals I 420 with England forms gateway for egos to America II 133 remnant of Atlantis 133 people may have influence in new race 133

Islamism (See Mohammedanism)


waking state in which one must be regenerated I 294 state in which purification of thoughts will clarify Swapna and clear passage to Sushupti 296-97


many claim to be with gullible believers I 371-72 teachings of when esoterically studied are The Way II 459


lives contain plan of evolution for manvantara I 200 term used by Hindus for immortal self II 351 influx of disturbs equilibrium and causes need for sleep 565

Judge, Wm. Q.

not Jaspar Niemand II 45 566 could never be an American 130 to Adyar 1884 on warning of pending attack on TS 263-64 born in Ireland but deep interest in Aryan literature 269 was to succeed Olcott as declared by HSO 278fn 300 accused by HSO of falsifying Mahatma’s reaction to aura of East vs. West 279fn. initiated Nigamagama Dharma Sabha 280 charged by Besant with inciting discord 284 Masters gave information to re movement 284-85 HSO letter re Besant charge of misusing Mahatmas’ names and handwriting 293-94 HSO demands investigation and suspends V.P. 293-95 suspension and hearing opposed by American convention 296-98 objects to charges: not specific, hearing unconstitutional, would establish dogma re Mahatmas 299-304 accepted charges as individual but not as V.P. 300 intimate friend and direct pupil of HPB 300 received direct communications from and was agent of Masters 304-06 bides time in answering charges 308 relayed message to Sinnett from “M.” 309 sent to London to lay down currents 309 requested by Sinnett to transmit message to Master 310 states “no copy of charges” is reason for not answering 311-12 316-17 324-25 perceives reason behind charges 313-14 327 states reason for refusing to resign as V.P. 314 316-17 reply to European Section when revives charges 315-20 reports to Ninth Convention actions taken 326-29 was channel of communication from Mahatmas and directed to show never elected V.P. 330-31 used


“pen names” for Letters and many articles 566 568 Kali Yuga effects of action are quicker in I 180 materiality governed by mind apart from spirit 183 mathematics of and hints 189-90 duration of 226 includes civilizations of light and learning 377-78 nature of the darkness 378 how it affects us 380 accomplishments rapid but do not deal with causes 380-81 occult teachers have no hostility toward science and learning in 381 imprints on astral aids advanced souls to descend from other spheres 382

Kama loka

longing and intellect in II 456 Kama rupa of executed criminal II 364-65 of suicides 368-69 held by medium of spiritualism to low conditions 457 attach to medium when contacted and disintegration of is stopped 468 worshipped by medium-hunters accrues elementals and delude the living 509-10


made and experienced by man I 5-6 Mahatmas bound by although said to be “above” 8 rules everything from molecule to Brahma 8-9 why stressed with reincarnation 38-39 71 just, merciful, ethical law of causation 49-50 explains differences of circumstances, character and generative nature of thought 55-56 why rich unworthy, poor worthy and afflicted 71 151 not fatalistic but continuance of cause 113-14 of incarnation 114-15 manifests on planes and how it can be affected 116-18 aphorisms on 120-24 retribution and compensation in lower kingdoms and elementals 125-26 129-31 of family and race is justice based on similarity and responsibility 133-34 571 may come all at once or gradually 135-36 mental deposits and environment 135-37 153-54 157-58 advantages and disadvantages 138-41 “good” and “bad” defined 138-40 153-54 and heredity 142-46 “agents” of defined 147-49 II 566 reason for viewing as reward and punishment I 150-52 experienced through races and sub-races 206-07 as taught in Bible 255 264-67 elementals are factors and agents in 391-92 410-11 function in transmission and endurance of disease 438-42 needs material agencies to carry out decrees 604 man’s connected with highest group of Lipika 604-05 meaning of “not interfering with” 617 motive in II 204 of a Branch and TS 204-06 implications of function on inner planes in human relations 357-61 provides reaction in devachan for “unmerited” suffering 371-74 mechanized view of 392-94 idea of has an inherent Power to affect men’s actions and thoughts 397 moral law found in individual as duty 398-402 result of coexistences of Ego and personality 452 includes both pleasure and pain 464 considered in attempting to relieve other’s suffering 469-70 482-83 cause and result of connection and action of Jivatma with matter 473 includes mercy and forgiveness 483-84 determines sex 486 resignation to 490 is vast and cosmic 490-91 fulfillment of is to work against principle of Evil and not personalities 529-30 public figures are recipients of national 534-35 fixes natural term of life 562-63 of American Indians 566 men are not conscious agents 566 duty is compassion not retaliation 566 for animals 566


within oneself I 375-76 attained by interior experience of the One 566 higher and lower 569-76 according to use is either Sorcery or Wisdom 462 II 99-102 gained through experiences of life and errors 466


a shepherd by caste II 450 Kriyasakti power of will and imagination in precipitation I 453 Language of Ego in dreams I 292-93 universal cipher used by Adepts in precipitated messages 447 of recipient unnecessary to adept in transmitting ideas 447 of modern TM is English II 288 words shadow forth ideas 351 Sanscrit needed


for subtle distinctions within personality 428 of devotional books 474 differences reflect evolutionary differences in races, universal tongue when race at higher level 554


of analogy and correspondence solves deep questions I 12-13 of compensation affects Harmony by action on elemental world 127-31 145-46 governs universe by number, weight, measure and harmony 128-29 of Absolute is to periodically come from subjectivity to objectivity 199 everything under 461 pulsation of Heart and tides caused by expansion and contraction of matter of Space 603 of Unity is fundamental of Occult Science 603 of Harmony between man and animal II 507 brings balance of opposites and promotes evolution 507-08 of destruction of lives on material plane 545-46 of human evolution analogous to formations of crystals 547-49


are in three groups and compared with the Builders I 604

Lodge (See Branch)

union of Adepts and TS wears its badge I 244 door to Mahatma’s open until 1897 II 153 Black would develop psychic powers 155 closed or open 224-28 universal method of writing used in Occult 554 Also see “To Aspirants for Chelaship,” Letters that Have Helped Me


taught in the mysteries I 585 Logos is “the Word” of Religions I 602 is homogeneous resonance of spirit by which man lives II 507


greater than “occult gifts” II 385-86 Magic Black or White, and motive I 337 dabblers in form chains of selfishness, ambition and pride 338-39 glamour used by HPB in 345-47 natural through mantrams 401-03 action of White gives rise to Black 419 of HPB and elementals 420-21 as a science 461-63 is spiritual wisdom 463 potency of words 603 Atlantean origin of White and Black 610 Black in stories and in Bhutan II 102 first step in true is devotion to interests of others 341 Black a danger in metaphysical healing 426 Black is only allegedly easy to pursue 497

Mahatmas (See Adepts)

keepers and teachers of Wisdom Religion I 1 assist soul development of man 1-3 not exempt from Karma 8 bogus messages from 369 war between Black and White 395 duality in occult force of 419 do not punish 419 how they differ in, perceive and use vibration 424-25 relations with HPB II 9-12 did not desert HPB 13-16 term defined 39 existence of a necessity of evolution 40 belief in and expressed 40-42 43-44 48-49 51 open mind to them makes channel for force and help 41-42 identification of messages from lies in inner recognition 46 objections and answers to existence and work of 52-54 64-65 HPB on messages from 55-56 and authorship of S.D. 57-58 statements about HPB 60-62 agents of 61 80 attitudes toward scepticism, amorality of science and credulity of masses 63-69 restrictions on instructional methods imposed by realities of human nature 64-67 some too high to be known to Theosophists 67 help will continue after 1898 76-80 cautious in dispersing force on mental plane 76-77 method and motive of 80 may send new messenger in 20th C. 82 as a concept held in India from ancient times 251-54 correspondence or contact with and belief in a personal matter 292-93 only within inner nature power of judgment and proof of existence, methods and powers of 303-04 communicated directly with WQJ as an agent 304-06 communication open to any one affording necessary conditions 306 precipitation of messages as phenomenal evidence worthless 306 messages to and from Sinnett through WQJ 309-10 Letter to Some Brahmans re orthodox Brahmans and Buddhists or esoteric Buddhists 321-22 erroneous, sincere beliefs may preclude aid 322 WQJ


channel for communication with 329 directed WQJ he was never elected V.P. 331 Besant and Olcott declare Message to Brahmans forgery by HPB 332-34 and Saptarishis two classes able to influence men 488-89 know all that is to be known 509 most perfectly organized body in world 531 charge of attitude of worship by common man 541-42 their effect on Parliament of Religions 620


identity and sheaths described I 4-5 a copy of universe 16-17 importance of brotherhood 18 an ego and a monad 28-31 failures among from inability to cope with limiting conditions 458 is triune 461 projected by 3rd group of Builders 604 total consciousness is mass of beings comprising his life 605 archetypal on Globe A 606 appeared first in 4th round and no more monads to enter 609 progressed souls give different combinations of natures to 609-10 this is age of the common II 309 embodies something within which knows and leaps up when wisdom considered 462 and woman compared as to respective difficulties in occult path 464


lighting up in perfected animal I 27-28 creator of all forms and basis of all law 29-31 defined in certain aspects 30-31 tendencies of produce reincarnation 77 in animals is less developed 102 stores Karma through mental deposits 136 logical faculty perceives, holds, interprets sensations 302 mental habits and bias provide psychical environments which should be examined 311-15 has species of thought which we have no register of 383 and Akasa correspond 600 further evolved in the 5th Round 600-01 thoughts preserved in mental deposits and astral impressions 610 repository of causes of physical and mental disease II 439- 42


power for awakening of spirit I 363 power in commonly used 364 power in naming God 374-75 found in folk-lore and natural magic of common people 400-01 those applicable to individuals set up vibration in mind 402 social effects of 402 sound in scientific aspect 403 and their laws hidden in ancient Sanskrit and previous language 403


three periods and powers of I 583 continuity of plan from one to another 599-600 limits set by capacity being bounded 608


in obscuration but not pralaya I 208 dispute between HPB and Sinnett re Mercury and in relation to Earth Chain of Globes 230-37 planet we were in and represents disused principle 232 and Mercury’s occult relation to Earth hinted 236 606 J. Boehme re 275 two moons not its own 607 more on dispute re Mercury and II 14-18 526-28

Mathematics (see Number)

each person has mathematical value I 335


illusion distinguished from real needed for soul experience I 200-01 differs on each plane 227 in essence invisible but gross 515 in state of tenuity during pralaya 602 function in evolution through “Fall into Generation” 611-12 has only three measurable dimensions 617 always contains life 618-19 future characteristic will be permeability 618 and Spirit opposite poles of Absolute 619-20 Akasic principle is body of 1st Builders and their essence 620-21 rising above constitutes rising above public opinion II 460 xray verifies permeability of 528-29

Mavalankar, Damodar

work done at Adyar Hdq., later called to Tibet II 193


defined I 29


at intervals and for lifetime I 316-17 on the Occult significance of Sun 436 action of Mind in 437

Mediums (ship)

can be a blessing with controlled elementals and right motive I 363 in seances 386-88 used in precipitation and communication of messages 445 448 476 opposite of Adeptship 462 inner


nature abnormally developed 476 in necromancy and Spiritualism 480-90 have idiosyncrasies of astral body, memory and power to delude 508 condensing focus for forces and astral remains 510-11 become rare when psychic force in world diminishes 513 communications with HPB after death a joke 522-23 astral and physical atoms reconstituted from past at birth of 539 hold “Spirits” in low conditions II 457


an obstacle to acquiring truth I 435-36 physical is automatic, racial, national and personal 507 of astral body 508 of cells and inner sheaths function in mesmerism 528-31

Mercury (see Mars)

not of our chain I 230-37 coming out of obscuration 232 J. Boehme re 276 represents Divine Resonance 423 governs intellectual, universal stimulator, talking of women 563 Puranas legend re its present orbit II 516


can produce hallucination in viewers I 462 known before Mesmer under other names 524 Dods lectured on fluid, aura and how it functions 525 546 how it functions and causes of error 526-35 aura of mesmerizer affects sheaths but not Higher Self 527 541-42 more gross and physical operators have stronger powers of 541 subconscious memories awakened in 542-43 sight, hearing and ideation of subject altered by operator 543 real Seer requires long training and discipline 544 contrasted with hypnotism 551

Message (s)

proof and identification lie within II 46 HPB on genuineness of Masters’ 55-6 received by others than HPB 80 writing resembles recipient’s 267 precipitation of useless as proof of connection with Mahatmas 306 methods of reception peculiar to individual 306 to and from Sinnett through WQJ 309-10


esoteric deals with the real I 607 “mind cure” and Christian Science analyzed II 423- 42

Mind (see Manas)

latent or active potentiality of Cosmic Ideation I 31 basis of form, law and principle 31 of present fixed on religion and reform 68 cause of rebirth 77 every act proceeds from 113 is knot of the heart, draws Karmic cords round soul 118 376 how its mental deposits manifest 135 power to alter bodily apparatus 136 retains “mental deposits” related to Karma 136 thoughts give form and direction to elementals, consciously or unconsciously 383 413 poor attention interferes with phenomenon 386 attitude of divinity, unity and Man as microcosm necessary for Occultism 435 memory foe to grasping truth 435-36 Sun corresponds to Higher Self and should be thought about 436-37 rule of mental privacy in Occultism with exceptions 442-43 training required for imagination 453 world and man are product of 554-55 thoughts preserved in mental deposits and astral impressions 610 has reached adulthood when illusions must go II 356 able to affect the body 423-24 431-32 444 I 457 repository of causes of disease II 439-42 intellect useless beyond certain point when better tool is used 456 denial of evil prime defect in “mind cure” 478 every thought has physical, mental, moral attributes of thinker 511 everything has origin in and universe is images passing before Divine 560


formation of crystals II 547- 49


major precepts and doctrines re polygamy, militancy, and one God I 284-87 youngest religion and identical with Mormonism 287


of Leibnitz I 25 progress through states of consciousness guided by divinity and inner potentiality 27-29 eternal pilgrim conditioned by matter, separative and selfish by self-consciousness 29 defined in terms of cell nucleus and human Ego 30-31 evolution of produces all other evolutions 224 human is union of ray from Absolute with soul 603 Globes are creations of and evolved through


evolution of 608 limited number of “human” stopped at mid-point of 4th Round of this manvantara 609


cycles I 162 migration of life from to Earth 165-66 in final pralaya but not obscuration 208 deserted planet, 4th Round globe of previous manvantara, earth’s parent 228 its mystery and fate 238-41 was vehicle for prana and astral body 241 bodies of men reach to 275 J. Boehme re 276 partly dead will finally disappear 606


standard based on principle rather than public opinion II 533- 34

Mormons (See Mohammedanism)


codes “Voice of Bath-Col” I 482 commands on subject of spiritualism 484-88


most important in study of Occultism I 333 can be designated “black” or “white” 337 determines all 340 pure and exalted gives rise to true Divine Will II 454- 56


reason for Egyptian practice I 163 Mystic(ism) path is strange, vision internal and of esoteric truth exemplified, by J. Boehme 270-71


Karma of and public figures II 534-35 no separation of 580


proceeds one step at a time as atoms acquire habits I 229 is triune 461 is physical body of soul-man 555 as whole and in parts is faultless organization II 531


worship of the dead—old and new I 484-91 Nirmanakaya(s) descending celestial Beings, sacred tribe of heroes I 191-93 surviving spiritual principles of men 605 adept who has foregone Nirvana, relinquished physical body, assists and influences some II 477- 78


unsatisfied longings only cease in II 456 foregone by Nirmanakaya 477-78

Nolan, Jim

testimony re spiritualistic phenomena I 491-94 495-500 517


as related to letters, names and cycles I 260-61 each person has mathematical value expressed by one number 335 potency of words in vowel sounds and motion not in 602-03 connected with ideas, symbolism and hosts of Dhyan Chohans 603 key to whole system 606-07 4th Round represents square figure or 609 “7” is great and perfect in Cosmos 614-15 present development can grasp only equations of 5 terms relating to higher states II 348 significance of 5, especially re The Path 584


relative to changing states of consciousness I 222 relative to subjective 304-06 relative to mind’s idea, illusionary 584


of TS I 64-65 of nature and man to construct organic life 429 first of TS II 215


science of synthesis contrasted with modern science I 23-40 teaches change is organic 27 acquired in West by study and meditation 219 dilettanti in 333 scope and multiplicity of laws 334-35 demands knowledge and force and pure motive 334-36 341-42 dabbling in awakens forces and beings 336 glamour in 344-45 abjure practice in until philosophy and ethics gained 350 results when prematurely practiced 374 defined and discussed 427-30 how altruism aids discrimination of true 431-32 mental discipline in 435-39 methods and rules in 440-43 II 66-69 and phenomena I 444-61 465-71 ten propositions 461-64 science of has one fundamental law 603 radical difference from science is philanthropic basis II 64 67 danger of Mahatmic force dispersed on mental plane 76-77 Theosophic work in era of Western 154 belief in kept


alive by ignorant masses 154 Black and White distinguished 207-08 lessons of taught in daily life and through nature’s law 451 as it relates to celibacy and diet 451-52 wool, diet, motive and will in 454-55 students of meets depressing influences 458 Western mind unable to perceive even when signs are plain 477 only few fitted for, springs from philosophy 481 relative merits of Western and Eastern 481-82 not for ordinary enquirer or beginners in Theosophic work 485 495-97 understanding complex laws of physics and chemistry prerequisite to practical 547-49 where the true is found 570-71


must be found and prepared for future I 333 Black and White use same forces and similar laws, annihilation of Black 429-30 tradition of Ashram of Adepts in Ireland II 98 Black and White discussed 494-95 Lodge of uses universal method of writing 554

Olcott, H. S.

K. H.'s letter to re duties of HPB and II 60-62 “Old Diary Leaves” recalls events 160 “A servant of the Masters” 190-96 calls WQJ his successor 278fn declared HPB and Mahatmas failed in judgment 278fn accuses WQJ of falsifying Mahatma’s reaction to India and West 279fn chairman at European meeting clearing WQJ of charges 307 refuses Judge copies of charges 324-25 author of “Neutrality of TS re existence of Mahatmas” 326 perpetrates illegal acts re WQJ 327-29 illegally appointed WQJ as V.P. 330 was HPB’s first Western disciple 332 incompetent in practical occultism 332 brands HPB a fraud, medium and forger of bogus messages 332-34

OM (See AUM)


possibly taught different theory of reincarnation I 78 90-91 taught unity, pre-existence and restoration to purity 87-91

Paine, Thomas

publicly thanked by Washington I 246 influenced by Adepts through “voluntary visitors” II 71-72 influence on America of Common Sense 71-72 saw America as vision of new order of ages 72-73 last who could be called a seer saw some vision of “great experiment” 127


to ignore is to incur mysterious retribution II 93


on manifestation of mental deposits under Karma I 135-36 on disappearance through concentration II 512- 13


common one until irrevocable choice must be made I 337-38 allegory of finding and sharing the stone II 403-05 Musings on 410-18 allegory of three who sought the way 419-22 lessons of given in daily life and through law 451 453 celibacy not required initially 451 vegetarianism minor consideration 452 545-46 one may proceed on without seeing consciously in Astral Light 452-53 direct and indirect ways of ascending 453 steps in developing true will 455-56 458 actuating motive and method 456 intellect and heart necessary tools for truth 457 458-59 sorrow and depressing influences are part of training in forgetting oneself 458 464 474 found in Jesus’ teachings when rightly studied 459 Divine Wisdom not subject for study but object of search 461 leads through study of oneself, not in any cult or sect 461-62 finding meaning is first step, practice of Yoga philosophy is the Science of 462 that within which is already known leaps up, vitalized and confirmed from books 462 “the Fall” is Soul’s descent into matter 465-66 peace following storm within is silence of the Voice of the instructive Soul 472 any plan of life may have under it good of race 474 winds up hill all the way 474 initial steps of self-discipline 501 progress not always visible but in inner man 505-06 is within oneself not India or America 563-64 as way of life leads to truth 573-75 See also “Aspirants for Chelaship,” Letters That Have Helped Me


Path, The

is not nor should be organ of TS II 50 582 original statements of ULT Declaration 461-62 577 why name changed to Theosophy 525-26 530-31 626 exigencies on Editor and criteria for publication 555-57 purpose and policy of 569 577 work of 569-595 supported by unseen power and distributed world-wide 576 initiation of and naming suggested by great minds 578 devoted to TS and its aims 578-79 truth the guide and literature of East the source 579-80 object to promulgate Wisdom Religion and aims of TS 582 personalities kept out 582 support from non-members of TS 583 desired fruit is change of thought and ethics 583 presents common-sense Theosophy 588 history of offices and covers 590 why publish statements of old truths 591 summary of seven years and seven months 591-95


three great ideas relating to I 242


Sanscrit terms for classifying divisions of II 428 result of series of existences of spirit 452 how tendencies may be overcome 522-23

Phenomena (See Psychic)

relation of elementals to I 392 performed by adept only when student desires and accepts consequences 392 evidence of power of formation and telepathy in man and animals 428-29 dangers to ego of seeing in astral light 431 precipitation, disintegration and reintegration, bells and music 468-70 perfume 469 471 imagination and occult 475-79 precipitation, levitation, astral transport, disintegration 518-20 not means of attracting others to Theosophy II 209 211 reply to Conway’s accusation of fraud at Adyar 255-64 limitation and use of 467 instances of mediumistic tendency inducing elemental action 561-62


impudence of modern philosophers re ancients II 84- 85

Physical body

an involved principle from higher plane I 30-31 can be levitated but not transported by occult means 462 can be abandoned by soul and occupied by astral form, elementary or elemental 463 heart, skin and nervous system as understood in Occultism II 550- 51


Mahatmas have spoken from two beyond sense perception I 26 action and Karma can inhere in many 116 choice causes Karma to unfold on different 117-118 globes of earth chain on different 227 waking, dreaming, deep sleep 294-97 three of human life key to mysteries of mind and nature 514 interpenetration of and illusion of objective 584


can be analyzed in same way as human being I 231 esoteric view of by J. Boehme 275-77 term “Human” applied to 4th stage entity on any 603 Purana’s statements on Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Earth II 516- 17

Planetary chain

animals can come from and go to other globes I 103 exact function of other planets not given 204 development of races corresponds to globes 205-07 212 progress through explained 209-13 nature of coadunition clarified 214-22 essentially states or phases of consciousness 217 220-21 individuals must wait until whole race and atoms able to shift to next globe of 221 evolution proceeds through 227-29 rounds of mean change from one condition to another 225-26 in respect to Mars and Mercury 230-33 “Human” applies to any 4th stage entity in 4th Round of any 603 of this Earth formed by second group of Builders 604 archetypal man on Globe “A” of 606 model of succeeding globes laid down on “A” of 612-13 comets cause beginning of globes of 613-14 confusion and controversy as to Mars and Mercury and doctrine of II 526- 28


allegory of the Cave I 300- 02


a practice not taught by Mohammed I 284- 85



of prayer and vow of Amita Buddha I 280-81 man has as many centers of as universe 427-28 two ways by which psychic obtained II 207- 08


contrasted with obscuration for races and globes I 205 final stage of for moon 208 follows each round, globe, race and sub-race 212 difference between effect of Great and Minor 601 matter in a state of tenuity during 602


power of Amita Buddha’s I 280-81 Precipitation form of writing imprinted in astral can be used by adepts or mediums, or forgers I 418 448-49 HPB produces paper for WQJ 421-22 of physical substance 444-45 through mediums or by adepts 445 methods and conditions vary as described 446-47 faith and intuition decide authenticity of 450-52 nature spirits, kama rupas and mediums used by occultists in 451 communications between adept and disciple through inner ear and eye 452 process explained without and with mediums 453-54 476-77 visibility in result of closely packed atoms 476 importance of trained imagination in 476-77 resistances of substances or persons must be known 477-78 matrix fixed in astral light, same laws govern medium and adept 518-19

Principle (s)

6th Round relates to Buddhi I 241 there is but one—Atma, with six vehicles 298-99 comments on S. Row’s condemnation of 7-fold classification II 346- 49


positive attitude to serve others vs. self-seeking I 72 address problems, experience, inner life of soul 74 should be exposition that is clear and practical II 216 without orthodoxy or authoritarianism 222-23 meetings should be open and interesting, not only for improvement of members 226-27


inner recognition of authentic communications I 453 of authenticity of messages, signatures, seals II 46 of phenomena by production of London Times 64-65 of Theosophical metaphysics no more theoretical than scientific knowledge 113-16


Sanscrit to be language of future I 181-82 II 520-21 SD to be recognized as outline and more knowledge acquired 599 a cycle of unrest for America 182 by HPB re work of 20th C. II 81-82 physical disasters predicted by astrologers since 1776 reflect disturbance of mind, morals, religion 108-09 next messenger will be HPB 153 re welfare of TS 518-19 many desire fulfillment of ominous 523


is matter needed for experience I 201 powers and investigation in TS II 179 ways by which power is obtained 207-08 485 dangers in pursuit of 485 manifestations mark beginning changes in heart and mind of Western man 510 undue attention to phenomena brings attack on TS 539 communication between minds in rapport 560-61 each phenomenon mostly sui generis 561 action of elementals and astral light in phenomena 562

Psychical Research Society

defense of HPB and adepts against Hodgson’s report on phenomena II 265-68 475-76


how it is done and examples I 355-56 465-67


ancient statements of knowledge confirmed by modern Science II 516- 17


why die out I 98-100 cataclysms connected with dying 99 die of sterility and mental decay 99 206-07 as related to Yugas 177-79 egoic development may require going back and forward in sub-races 206 defined as physical and spiritual 207 progress through globe chain 207 and rounds 209-13 sub and family of root 211-12 and sub-races in evolution through planetary chain 227-29 degenerate bodies of 5th will be among 6th but with no special place 226


influences powers of an adept 245 qualities and differences in spiritual gifts of 462 accounts to be settled between various 599 each has special class of Dhyanis watching over 601 4th marked origin of White and Black magic 610 America the nursery for 6th II 129- 31 1406th to be free from wars 130-31 6th sub- will prepare for 7th sub- after 25,000 years 131 North and South America seemed planned as place for new 131 America place of mixture with 6th to appear before America destroyed 132


and religion from Theosophical viewpoint I 68-72 sufferage and labor movements ineffective in themselves 69 failure of science and religion in moral 70 laws of Karma, Reincarnation and Evolution necessary for 70-72 by theosophical doctrines will avoid revolution 175


explains life, nature, differences, applies to thoughts as well as soul and body I 5 52-53 55 applied to many branches of nature 9 why stressed with Karma 38-39 lost chord of Christianity and tacitly accepted among Jews 50-52 78-79 evidence by remembrance 53-54 under law of cycles, civilizations repeat through 60-61 and Karma laws for world’s reform 71 due to mind and its tendencies 77 as succession of personages given in Judaism 81-85 condemned by Council of Constantinople and lost from Christianity after death of Origen 83 87 89 held by Jesus, denied by Church 85-87 Origen on and his consequent condemnation by Church 90-91 pre-existence as oversoul form of 91 present friendships and enmities explained by 93-94 means of renewing relationships and their recognition object of study and practice 95-96 arguments for found in character 97 how races and families die out through 98-100 animal monad rises with experience to higher animal species through 102 of ego in animal kingdom impossible, distorted belief 105 process in gaining birth 114-15 and heredity 142-46 as revealed in Bible 254-55 263-64 267-69 in relation to over-population and new souls II 479 Spirit is perfect already so why? 480 and sex 486 in animal kingdom 486 is inferred in concept of evolution 536


science and ancient, taught by Initiates I 1-2 all teach Savior within 48-49 only real basis for reforms is in true 68-72 similarity in doctrines, rituals, ethics of all 248-55 262-63 287 TS attitude and policy toward 256-57 II 156-59 ignored in U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution II 70-71 one truth under all 141-42 579 Raja Yoga is highest 570 definition of true 573 aim of TS and Parliament of 620-22


to stay embodied in races to help others I 173-74 Resignation defined II 490


similarity in various religions I 251 262


taught Theosophy and in a sense TS is child of I 245

Round (s) (see Planetary Chain)

and races, pralaya and obscuration I 205-08 tours through seven globes of chain 210-13 march around whole chain of globes 228 indicate change from one condition to another 224-25 man appears before animals in 4th 225 each has special class of Dhyanis to watch over it 601 fire in preceding was pure Akasa 618

Saccas, Ammonius

effort similar to TS I 246- 47


attentive following of Brahmanical law I 576-77 of lives on material plane II 545- 46

Saint Germain

an adept who influenced Von Steuben to join Am. revolutionary forces II 74- 75

Saint Martin

writings and work evidence of TM in France I 246 devoted student of J. Boehme 274 276-77 extract from Theosophical Correspondence with Baron Liebistorf re Spiritualism 501



prophecy that it will be in common use I 181-82 II 520 Germans gave special attention to I 247 in constant use by pandits in religious and philosophical study II 249 pronunciation and current use in India 558


are in advanced elementals and sometimes communicate with man II 488- 89


be-ness or abstract existence II 350 metaphysically expresses space 350


luminousness of necessary to all manifested forms II 513


J. Boehme re I 275


in all Religions and in man I 48- 49


abstractions of parallel spiritual abstractions of Theosophy I 20 Occult is synthesis of all nature 23-26 Occult and modern contrasted 23-40 discoveries are centuries in advance of ethics 26 modern anticipated in ancient which is two planes beyond 26 Occult based in higher plane of consciousness where motive is beneficence to man 27 becomes synthetical when given metaphysical and philosophical dimensions 28 Theosophy would make it a Religion, religion a 48 theosophical friend in fight for freedom of thought 75 men of, only pigmy forerunners 395 genuine seeks truth, proof of theories, yet contains dogmatism 405-06 helped in investigations by Masters 406 proper attitude of Theosophists toward 406-07 fundamental law of Occult 603 adepts and modern II 62-69 assumptions and theories re Sun, latitude, sensation, matter 113-17 term “Divine” in ancient Indian writings meant real and misused by modern cult 427-28 of Aryans in Puranas 516-17 will make discoveries vindicating occultism 529 laws of physics and chemistry prerequisite to practical Occultism 549 human physiology in Occult 550-51 only true is Wisdom Religion 579


relation of light to elementals in I 385 dangers of 386-87

Secret Doctrine

“Introduction” very significant I 34 method of presentation explained 37-40 authorship of II 57-59 K.H.’s statements about 60-62 antedates Vedas 82 manuscript completed as part of third volume 322 disagrees with medicine on heart, skin 550-51


and its sheaths and environment I 157-58 Hidden is perceiver in clairvoyance, dream, and personal identity 289-91 Higher in sleep 292 influences from Higher in dream and waking 293 as friend and enemy 307-15 defects and peculiarities seen in others in one’s own lower 308-09 heredity provides physical environment for 310 psychical descent provides mental form, bias, limitations for inner 310-15 Higher speaks through intuition and unselfish motivation 431-32 Higher not affected by mesmerism 541 hypnotism proves a Hidden 547 Highest is Udgitha, AUM 565 discipline of II 501

Sense (s)

6th and 7th and two planes of consciousness not unfolded but are base of occult science I 28 new ones develop as centre of consciousness changes 221 through concentration inner develop independent of physical 325 the 6th will provide power to permeate matter 618 outer organs means whereby inner are able to cognize outside objects II 379- 80


man described as I 4 as perceived by J. Boehme 273-77 division of man is that one principle acts through six vehicles 298-99 division essential to understanding spiritualistic and psychic phenomena 514 symbols of TS 586-98 response to Subba Row’s objection II 346-48 seven quantities of psychological nature presently difficult to grasp 347-48


relation between sexual force and phenomena I 387 finer part dissipated by mental imagining 387



and the Self I 157-58 affected by aura of mesmerizer 527 of Soul 536-40


time of learning which follows storm in nature and man II 472

Sinnett, A. P.

accusation against HPB II 13-17 errors re Mars and Mercury as globes of Earth chain 14-18 526-28 and Occult World evaluated 63 asks WQJ to transmit message to Master 310 re “Intermediate Forms” of Buddhism 456 re after death and other states 456-57


stored as mental deposits in Manas I 136 formed by love of some pursuit, image and sensation 140

Sleep (see Sushupti and Swapna)

ideal life derived from state of dreamless II 201 astral in passive state and diffused condition during 453 dreamless experiences when astral controlled by will during waking or 453 needed to reestablish equilibrium between JIVA and the body 565


a name for knowledge of magic possessed by adepts II 100


knowledge misapplied I 462 some races addicted to 462


can abandon physical body I 463 540 616-17 and its Sheaths 536-40 may shed tears when illusions of dogmas and creeds are shattered but needs and demands iconoclasm II 355- 56


tone of voice determined by inner attitude I 308 scientific aspect of mantrams 403 vibration of produces color 425-26 bells and music as astral and produced as phenomena by HPB 470 tone 560 562 resonance in AUM single vivifying power 561 death as change of mode and place of Divine Resonance 563


abstract locality expressed by SAT II 350

Spirit (s)

fall into generation explained I 611-12 high work on Earth in bodies of men 615-16 is first differentiation, and matter opposite poles of Absolute 619-20 is perfect so why evolution? II 480


unity of mankind basis for moral life II 200 “gifts” come from Divine within to lower human nature 385-88 archery 388-90 manifestations of 457


messages limited to best thoughts of persons living I 448 505 contrasts between teachings of Egypt, India, Greece, Jews and later necromancy 480-89 used for financial gain 482-83 488-89 the obsessed and possessed controlled by elementaries and elementals, danger in 484-86 500 occultists work sometimes in sphere of mediums and compel utterance of truth 491 Jim Nolan’s testimony re process of materialization 492-94 495-500 517 described by St. Martin 501-505 some communications state facts of occultism and fraudulence of 506 factors which are operative and explain 507-09 delusion of brain by inner personal self 508 delusions caused by elementals and astral shell 510 HPB’s relation to 512-13 view held of after-death grossest form of materialism 513 sevenfold nature and impermanence of “matter” essential to understanding 514-16 521 kinds of phenomena and agencies operative in 515-17 precipitation 518-19 medium’s report on HPB 522-23 damage to departed Ego by seance II 467- 69 510of 19th C. marked changes in heart and mind of Western man 510 with aid of elementals creates new forms in astral light 510 money paid mediums haunted by astral beings of certain order 510


meaning of five- and four-pointed I 433


of S.D. and Occultism I 34-40 inaccuracy of reading, thought and references by most students 223 process is to understand law of unity II 213 of philosophy and ethics of Gita 213 of


doctrines before judging or rejecting 222 of ourselves and few real books but includes thought and practice 339-45 461-62 actual, logical and scientific basis of brotherhood 340 developing power of 457-58


and objective are correlative I 304 activation and evolution of higher states makes all below objective 305-06 thoughts and ideas sometimes have power of seeming to be objective 515


preserves inner doctrine of Islam I 284


rejection of rests on understanding man’s in-destructibility II 366 disturbs harmony on inner planes and achieves only half-death 367-70


J. Boehme on esoteric I 274-75 relation to us and nature in respect to Occultism 436-37 departure from life through 578-79 true is Higher Self addressed by Gayatri Hymn 583 585 true power beneficent and destructive II 37 adepts are ribs of umbrella protecting humanity from true 38 scientific theories re 114 disputes about heat and spots 121-22 true center or spiritual 122-23 “Solar Biology” and Theosophy 471


dreamless sleep, spiritual planes experienced by all I 295


acted on by Jagrata, distorts instructions from Sushupti and acts on Jagrata I 294-97 confusion and distortion removed by noble thoughts and altruism 296-97

Symbol (s)

definition I 586 593-94 of Society 586-98 serpent 587 594 triangles 588-89 595-96 cross 589-91 597-98 connected with numbers and hosts of Dhyan Cohans 603 of Umbrella for Masters’ protection II 37-38 in astral light 491-92


appeared in all ages and had two methods of instruction I 259 language of speak to intuition and veil great ideas II 352- 54


ancients had II 111- 12


thoughts may be perceived as visible or as ideas II 559- 61

Theosophical Movement

TS not only instrument, other agents of I 244-47 English is principal language of for some time 447 times ripe for more serious knowledge 599 three locations established by HPB in America, India, England II 7 132-34 149 262 defined and distinguished from TS 124-26 unity and internationalism based on similarity of aspiration, purpose, teaching and ethics 125-26 energy of heart effective not money 135-36 origin in spiritual world by men above East or West 136 attempt made every century, this is era of freedom 145 program of Masters 146-47 151 154-55 575 seventeen years work in 146-50 meaning of 25 year cycle of public form and influence 152-55 HPB to be next great Messenger 153 methods required in era of Western Occultism 154-55 adepts and chelas help sincere Theosophists 206-07 each member a centre 229-30 spiritual center of evolutionary wave now in West 284-89 TS in Europe and India has ceased to be part of 325 does not depend on organizations, ceremonies, particular persons but on similarity of work and aspiration 335 widespread influence in thoughts 523-24 must prosper by moral worth and philosophy not phenomena 539 requires each be own authority 575 unity depends on singleness of purpose not single organization 593

Theosophical Society

mission and objects of I 56 64-65 members and activities 65-67 as a body wholly unsectarian 75 origin, founding, nucleus for Brotherhood 76 II 4 156 164-65 cycle of I 197-98 II 165 not only instrument used but has “mark” of adepts I 244 child of Rosicrucians and way for prepared by J. Boehme 245-46 HPB suggested formation II 6 methods required to make it grow 19 devotion


to form destructive of brotherhood 124-26 necessity for freedom and independence in government of individual groups 125-26 growth in U.S. corresponds to growth of new race 129 founding in America significant 132-33 organized life of 135-43 energy of heart used and required, little money 135-36 150-51 started to combat rising materialism 136-37 141 universal brotherhood only doctrine and object 137 143 222 has no creed, dogma, relation to legal and social questions 138-40 unsectarian body searching for single stream of truth 141-42 success requires adherence to Masters’ program of bringing doctrines to literature and thought and being true to oneself by practice 145-47 not a school for Occultism 145 539 some early members in Corfu, Greece 148 place and date of origin 148 why India center of activity for 148-49 resume of 17 years progress 148-51 must mature on material it has 153 basis is equality of members, autonomy of branch, toleration and freedom of religious belief 156-57 177-79 183 its work to revive truth in all religions as basis for ethics 157-58 Theosophy promulgated by individuals yet not endorsed by 158-59 164-65 seal of designed from HPB’s personal seal 160-62 ritual and initiation abandoned 161 164 HPB and adepts originators of form of organization 161-62 164 580 methods suggested for opening new Branches 163-64 counterfeit leaders and distortion of ideas in “occult” bodies copying 165-66 adherence to Brotherhood requisite to Membership 165 178 possibility of failure lies in dogmatism, priesthood, materialism and non-cosmopolitanism 166-67 Branch formed only by those who have read literature 168 use of publicity 168 participation in meetings 168 lectures only by members 169 eight methods for constructive branch work 169-70 suggestive course of reading 170 dangers of counterfeit books and psychic practices 170-71 exclusions and inclusions in Branch membership 173-76 178-79 Theosophy basis of Unity, duty to preserve harmony by excluding trouble makers 174-75 separate but equal branches for colored within 176 what is hoped and meant to achieve 178 neutral as to politics and any method of social reforms 178 180-83 esoteric activities and policy as to psychic investigation 179 financially poor because offers no dogmatic creed, runs on faith and contributions 184-86 financial needs, operations and contributions 186-89 HSO’s contributions to and particularly in India 190-95 chosen by Masters as foundation of future religion of humanity 195 working center for amelioration of human affairs 197 aimed to bring notice of plane of unity 199-200 birth and life of Branch corresponds to individual’s 203-04 influence of Karma and duty of individual member and branch 203-07 selflessness in individual and branch work 206 226 Karma and Reincarnation object of search and promulgation 210-11 seven requirements in Branch program 210-11 prepare for exposition of doctrine in clear practical ways 216-18 promote Heart doctrine and philanthropy first, not science 218-20 founded to destroy dogmatism and stands for no orthodoxy 221-23 closed or open lodges 224-28 true concept of a Branch 226-27 all methods right if motive good 231-32 is chela of Masters and each member’s character, influence and compassion determine its action 242-44 open to all and does not judge its members 244 solidarity and Theosophical education needed to make it great power 245 design and functions benefitting India as well as West 250 254 277 not Buddhist propaganda but effort to revive Aryan teachings and disolve barriers between religions 269-75 NDS means of reviving Hindu religion 280-82 Besant accuses WQJ of creating discord in 284-85 contact and correspondence with Masters not official concern of 292 302 326 matters considered offences in 292-93 HSO notifies WQJ of charges by Besant of misusing Mahatmas names and handwriting, of suspension as V.P. and calls for investigation by 293-95


Am. convention opposes charges against WQJ suspension and hearing 295-98 WQJ’s address to Am. and European conventions re charges 299-307 Brahmans attempt to show Theosophy as Buddhist propaganda and Mahatma’s reply 321-23 in Europe and India ceased to be part of TM 325 HSO states neutrality of re existence of Masters 326 WQJ never elected V.P. cannot resign 330-31 Am. section declares independence and freedom of organization and government but unity in TM 335-37 Am. letter tabled by majority vote after Besant’s speech at European convention 337-38 imposes no method of regeneration 471 has no parent; government and organization described 476 Esoteric section publicly known, degrees conferred by HPB 476-77 methods of work open to individuals 482 not intended to preach practical occultism 495-96 has adepts’ protection and assistance 497 number of Branches in India falsely reported 500-01 504 a prophecy about 518-19 Indian Section proposes to nullify first object of 530 psychism makes it vulnerable 537-39 needs a literature for masses 538-39 objectives to break reliance on authority and spread brotherhood 539 543 tasks of Editor of Path and Gen’l Sec’y 555-57 Am. Section disapproves removal of headquarters from India 567-68 an entity of feeling and intelligence which survived because of HPB’s support 581 Bournouf calls it one of three great movements of age 585 work and growth through 15 years 585-86 evidences of nationwide interest in Theosophy 586-87 594-95 promotes study and exposition but aims to transfer interest from lower to higher levels and help others 596 most efficacious agency for truth, vivifying motive and elevating race 596-97 differs from but not competitive with churches 597 standards for same as for individual 597 how one may contribute to work of 598-600 606 establishes circulating library 601-02 issues Theosophical Tracts 603-06 correspondence staff organized 607 Dept. of Branch work established to distribute papers 608-11 League of Theosophical Workers formed 612 Oriental Dept. to carry out work of second object 613-15 Gen’l Sec’y’s speaking tour suggests permanent Lecturer 616-17 Press scheme 618-19 Congress part of Parliament of Religions and its significance 620-22 danger of too fast growth 622 correspondence class started 623-25


duty to deal with human soul and work for future I 74 inaccuracy of reading, thought and reference 226 variously classified II 20-21 correct attitude re personal opinion 138 have inbred tendency toward Occultism 163 study and work of 203-14 all have significance and influence 204 those who only listen create barrier to truth 208-09 aims should be to eradicate selfishness and demonstrate brotherhood 209 understanding spiritual unity method of discarding erroneous modes of thought 213 should give clear practical exposition of teachings 216-17 is philanthropist, works for all races 219-20 must remain undogmatic and open 222-23 earnestness to propagate truth and absence of selfishness 225-26 each a centre 229-30 should not claim advancement on Path 233-35 cautions and don’ts re action and attitude 236-41 cannot judge others or who may enter Society 244 of India have responsibility for reform 276-79 “belong to no cult or sect” 462 should dispassionately scrutinize inner and outer nature 471 any sort of life may have plan under it for good of race 474 possible modes of work for Theosophy 482 relation to spouse not interested in Theosophy 484 danger in pursuit of psychic powers 484-85 should study ethics not practical occultism 495-96 altruism should be aim of life 496 if believe in Masters, follow advice 497 should talk about Theosophy in social gatherings 532-33 tests of theosophical interest of 596-600


general principles I 1-7 universal applications of 8-18 abstractions of Science compared to 19-22 views nature as


unity and diversity 23-24 any proposition distorted unless seen as part of whole 32 reconstructs knowledge of nature and man 35 unfamiliar terms not as great obstacle to understanding as disputing and opposing attitude 35-36 doctrines of 48-57 claims, doctrines, progress 64-67 will bring about reforms 68 reconciles science and religion 70 for masses as well as scholars 73 must be applied and its essence is charity 92-93 difficult because of inherited and self-acquired grossness of western mind 219 and Christianity 256-69 purposes to eradicate evil tendencies 339 source partly from archaic manuscripts 599 rejected in 19th C. partly accepted in 20th 599 II 81-82 primarily to affect mind of the century II 4 HPB’s relation to Masters and to 11 proofs of its theories 113-17 India the conserver, America new champion 129 reasons for rapid spread in America 127-29 gives rational explanation and influences man’s real nature 151 derivations of doctrines, implications, dissemination of 197-202 essential truth of all philosophies 198 doctrines are guarded, accessible only when material and personal tendencies abolished 198-99 real is work for others and the world 223 presents itself differently to Hindus 251-52 must be presented for common people whose era it is 309-10 study, books and application of 339-45 Subba Row disputes sevenfold classification of Esoteric Buddhism 346-48 mechanization of Karma and negation of Brotherhood distorts 392-94 practical 395-97 cannot be studied without study of self 461 not a special line of teaching 461-62 its application is a science 462 possible modes of working for 482 "idolatry phase” unnecessary 486 ideas once mastered can be expressed in simple terms 524-25 word has power, Path renamed 525 626 philosophy of correspondence 527 comprehended only by higher faculties 538 aims to break materialism, revive spirituality, create nucleus of Brotherhood 592 the altruist is its ideal 596 why disqualified to compete with religion 597


caused by expansion and contraction of atoms and of matter of space I 603


illusionary nature of II 377-78 Tone (see Sound)


of astral spooks to sidereal particles used on astral animal plane I 105-06 of atoms 106 110


preserved by means of superstition of common people I 73 should be accepted provisionally on testimony and tested 209 hidden by Karmic effects in brain and desire 583-85 facets in all religions II 141 574 tested by intuition and veil of lifted for others but not forced 353-56 perceived either directly or through reflection 382 when set as one’s goal all beings are impelled to aid in search 382 symbolized by “The Gem” in allegory 403-05 is One but many Paths to 573 final authority is oneself 575


the Highest Self I 565-66 AUM 559 Upanishads on rebirth I 77 Hymn of praise to the ONE in Chandogya and Maitrayana-Brahmana 559 565 studies in 567-79 Mundaka: “shaving” erroneous modes of thought obscuring Truth of Spiritual unity II 213


WQJ a follower of and believer in II 269 Rig on gambling 514-15 Vegetarianism (see Diet)


J. Boehme re I 276 elder sister of and interacts with Earth 597 is in 7th Round 607


collision of is law of transmutation among forces I 335 provide means for perception 345 interference with produces glamour and illusions 345 mantrams produce lasting effect in brain 402 of Divine Resonance 423 adepts and occult 423-26 each individual has


own key rate of 424 insanity and confused 426


power of wise saint or Amita Buddha I 280- 82


French, German, American Civil deny Brotherhood I 41- 42


in Aryan Science as rain on the earth II 516


in relation to meditation and concentration I 316-18 linked to desire and strong when desire intense 318 common to wicked, savage, child and lunatic 318 imagination and mind in Occult Arts 457-61 true dependent on pure thought and motive II 453-54 the true and steps in developing true 455 457-58


on the eyes is Glamour, without hypnotism I 343- 45


efforts for spirituality contrasted with man II 463- 64


force of Logos is in MOTION I 602 should use precise to convey and understand ideas II 351 shadows forth an idea 351 is homogeneous resonance or Logos by which man lives 507


evaluation of methods of theosophic II 19 as conducted by various kinds of students 20 cautions against “Blavatskianism” 24-25 of past and its philosophical nature seen in art, structures and symbols 91-93 engineering skill of ancients 92 111-12 of TS characterized by autonomy, toleration, and effort to revive truths in all religions as basis for ethics 157-58 of a Branch 168-70 done unselfishly 206 procedures of Branch 211-12 TS preserver of literature and original plans 214 practical exposition of doctrine 216-17 for others and world is real Theosophy 226 freedom and diversity of methods 231-32 236 cautions re attitudes, ideas and actions 236-41 disturbance from increased numbers better than indifference 243-44 organized efforts not affected by HPB’s death 245 that required of aspirant on Path 412-13 various kinds of 482 unfaltering is first, organized is second expression of brotherhood 531 reading trashy and sensational literature hindrance to good 531-32 as practiced by Path and Gen'l Sec’y and need for consideration from correspondents 555-57 includes study and exposition but aims to transfer interest from lower to higher and help others 596-97 give Theosophic system all publicity possible 597 test is sacrifice of self in time, money, effort in specific ways 597-600 methods of attempted by WQJ 1889-1896 601-05


discovered by Prof. Röntgen and vindicates occult teachings II 528


distinctions between Hatha and Raja I 320-23 warnings against Hatha 321 II 171 virtue, knowledge, constant efforts required in Raja I 330-32 effect of practice on heart action II 445 dangers in and requisites for practical 484-85 495-96 Western mind not fitted for but may study Patanjali and make altruism the aim 496

Yugas (see Kali Yuga)

each race goes through various for itself I 177-79 division into four is order of evolution for races 178 figures given for various ages relate to and govern sub-races only 178 overlapping of races and their ages 178-79 four seasons symbolize 179 mathematical calculations of 189-91


related to sidereal cycle and precession of equinoxes I 161 storehouse of knowledge 580-82 applies to human being who is a zodiacal highway 581 astrological prognostications of physical disturbance related to disturbances in mind, morals, and psychic nature of man II 108 gives to Sage a bearing and calculation of man’s evolution 115


teaches ethics, brotherhood and immortality but rituals and philosophy not understood I 250

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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