PREAMBLE: The great number of inquiries received by the General Secretary has shown the necessity for more attention being paid to this class of letters, whether from members of the Society or otherwise, than he or his immediate assistants have been able to give. To meet this, and at the same time to give to earnest, capable Theosophists the chance to do good work, it has been determined:

1st―To organize a Correspondence Staff.

2d―That the headquarters of the Staff shall be the address of the General Secretary, and that he shall keep a record of the staff and of the work.

3d―That the General Secretary will give to the Staff-members from time to time the names of persons who desire to enter on Theosophical correspondence.

4th―That the members of the Staff will correspond with such inquirers on Theosophical topics and no others, except in cases of private correspondence, and that postage will be paid by the inquirers and Staff-members themselves.

5th―That the paper used in this work shall be dated from the office of the General Secretary, and may or may not be furnished by him, as shall seem best.

6th―That the Staff-members may use if they see fit a nom de plume, in which case their names shall not be given to correspondents.

7th―That the Staff in beginning any correspondence shall disclaim any authoritative utterances.

If you wish to enter into this, please inform the General Secretary.

Path, August, 1890William Q. Judge

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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