THE design from the beginning was to get me out of the way to the Presidency of the T.S. Mrs. Besant was to demand my resignation, after that Col. Olcott was to resign his office, then Mrs. Besant was to be nominated as President; Vice-Presidency probably to go to Bert. Keightley, though on that the outer proofs are not yet definite. In London last July Mrs. Besant said several times that the object of the proceeding was to prevent my succeeding to the Presidency. But here are a few samples from her letters.

Calcutta, Jan. 11, 1894. You must resign the outer headship (of E.S.T.) held jointly with myself, or the evidence which goes to prove the wrong done must be laid before a committee of T.S And you must resign the position of President-elect.

Delhi, Feb. 14, 1894. He [Chakravarti] endorsed the idea that I should take sole charge of the School Indeed, he told me last summer [about Aug., 1893.―J.] that it had to be so presently.

Agra, Feb. 8, 1894. As you know, I refused the offer to nominate me as President; since then I have been told [by whom?―J.] "not to oppose," so I remain passive and wait.

, Feb. 14, 1894. That you had made an intellectual blunder, misled by a high example. [This means H.P.B.] would not take the Presidency at any price. If I have to, pity me. [Italics are mine.―J.] In July she told me the first day, as explaining the sentence above quoted about a "higher example" and another, that I was "largely a victim," that her theory was first, that H.P.B. had committed several frauds for good ends and made bogus messages; second, that I was misled by her example; and third, that H.P.B. had given me permission to do such acts. She then asked me to confess thus and that would clear up all. I peremptorily denied such a horrible lie, and warned her that everywhere I would resist such attack on H.P.B. These are facts, and the real issue is around H.P.B.


Some European Lodges, and the Indian Section, have asked me to resign as Vice-President. I have refused and shall refuse. The attempt to force me by saying "all honorable men resign when attacked" is silly nonsense. No office in T.S. has any attraction for me, but I will not be forced. An "Anniversary Meeting" in India, with no power, and being, in fact, only an extra meeting of the Indian Section, passed resolutions asking my resignation. To that I replied that I do not recognize either the meeting or the resolutions. T.S. Anniversary Meetings are unknown to our Constitution.


By reading the Vice-President's letter to the European General Secretary printed hereunder, members will see that I cannot make any explanation without copies of my letters and alleged memoranda. In addition, I find that some of the documents have up to this day been kept back from me, so that I have not seen them at all. It is quite true that Mrs. Besant gave me a copy of her proposed statement as prosecutor; but that contained only references and a few garbled extracts; and besides, it did not cover the items they have since added to the number.

Path, March, 1895W.Q.J.

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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