Into the T.M.S. the General Secretary has now incorporated the operations of that invaluable "Press Scheme," devised and carried an single-handed by a most devoted Theosophist, "F.T.S.," whereby short articles an Theosophy and Theosophical news are secured publication in a large number of newspapers all over the country. Not thousands, but millions, of readers are thus becoming familiarized with our thought and terms, all from, the energy of one man who uses thus his Sundays and his evenings after days of toil. The Tract Mailing Scheme will now become responsible for its postage and stationery, as well as for incidental expenses of printing and electrotyping, and this with the hope that its operations may be indefinitely extended as our Brother receives more manual aid from friends.

Since the Convention Report, 51,000 tracts have been printed and a large number of cities missionized through Directories. Yet how few have taken part in this great work! During July, August, and September the contributions were $228.33, of which $157 were given by two persons and $71.33 by twenty-two. In three months only twenty-four F.T.S. gave anything thereto! Now that the "Press Scheme" has been adopted, more funds will be needed to effectuate the work. The General Secretary can but state these facts to his Brethren, far it is they who must decide how far he can venture in his operations, and whether they shall be expanded or curtailed. It seems hard to curtail them when the time is more promising than ever before and when "zeal is more than ever needed." PROPAGANDA

For some months past the Press Scheme has been growing in importance and value, more and more periodicals opening their columns to articles, and the resources of the T.M.S. have been increasingly applied in this direction as the more efficacious. The Press Scheme has still further expanded this invaluable means to reach the public. The General Secretary has now determined to advance to the new level, to re-organize this department of work under the title of THE PROPAGANDA, to devote its main energy to newspaper articles, and to confine Tract-mailing to a few special localities and to hours otherwise unoccupied by his own staff. THE PROPAGANDA will mean a systematic effort to spread the truths of Theosophy over the land, and it will accomplish it just as F.T.S. provide the means. Every day is now of moment, and no words of urgency can be too strong to impress the zeal with which Theosophists should utilize the years still left us of the cycle. The General Secretary asks that each Member of the Society will do something to make THE PROPAGANDA what he purposes it,―a continuous, vigorous agency in disseminating Theosophy. It is limited only by its funds. But for the self-denial of a few, the work would have already ceased. They have not the means to maintain it, and it must reject opportunities unless other Theosophists aid. Will not each thus aid, and so from the very first make this new department a success?

Path, March, 1892

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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