The increase of the purely routine work of the General Secretary's office has made it impossible to fully reply to all the numerous questions put in letters, and enquirers have to be referred to books after the first usual correspondence has passed. But this does not do away with the needs of sincere enquirers, nor with the necessity for study and the obligation to help members to grasp the teachings of Theosophy so that they may be able to help others in their turn by presenting Theosophy and the aims of the T.S. in a reasonably clear manner to questioners. Many members also require help because of the hurry of our present life and from previous lack of training in metaphysical investigation. The different needs cannot be fully met by the issuance of Branch Papers and the Forum, as these are necessarily limited in area of influence.

Having been offered assistance by some competent members, I have decided to start a CORRESPONDENCE CLASS as a part of the work of the American Section T.S., to enable those members desiring to avail themselves of it to pursue their studies in Theosophy more systematically so that they may thereby gain a better understanding of the philosophy of Theosophy and its application to daily life, thus making it more certain that the growth of the Society shall not merely be in numbers but also in the Theosophical education of the units composing the whole body―at least in so far as concerns the American Section.


  1. All members in good standing of the American Section T.S. can join the Correspondence Class by applying in writing to the address given below.

  2. Every three months, or oftener if warranted, a subject will be selected for study and a list given of books and articles which are to be read. Discretion is reserved to include at any one time more than one subject.

  3. Questions bringing out the most important points of the subject will be sent to members of the class. The number of questions will be decided on after some trial.

  4. Replies to these questions are to be sent to the office of the General Secretary, addressed as requested below, where they will be examined and returned to the senders with comments and suggestions in all particulars wherein they seem to require it or as enquiries made shall indicate.

  5. Members will be permitted to send ONE question with each set of replies. Such questions will be made use of in the general questions. Discretion is reserved as to dealing or not dealing with irrelevant questions.

  6. From time to time general notes and comments upon the replies, or a complete paper upon the subject, will be sent out to all, either with the next set of questions issued or independently.

  7. Students will probably be divided into classes if such a method shall appear desirable, but this head may be altered as experience may indicate.

  8. Hints as to methods of study will be sent with the first set of questions.

  9. Members are not to reply to the questions until after the expiration of one month from receipt of the same, in order that they may have ample time to study and think over the subject, and also that the office may not be unduly burdened with work.

These regulations and methods are subject to alteration at the discretion of the office.

It is hoped that no member of the Society will take up membership in this Correspondence Class unless with the determination to keep up the work. Some of the questions may appear to be very simple, but in that case the student should endeavor to make more complete answers and to throw fresh light upon the subject.

As there will necessarily be expenses of postages, paper, and some printing, members of the class are requested to help in this matter by sending stamps for the return of their papers, and also, if they can, by sending an extra two or five cent stamp. The class ought to be self-supporting, though as yet that is not demanded.


All members joining the class are requested to answer the following questions for the information of the Officers.

  1. How long have you been a member of the T. S.?

  2. What books have you studied and what merely read?

  3. Have you written any papers for any Branch Meetings or Magazine, or have you delivered any addresses or lectures?

  4. What topic, doctrine, or phase of Theosophy has struck you most forcibly or engaged your attention?

  5. What books do you possess, and have you access to a Theosophical Library?

All communications relating to the Correspondence Class are to be addressed to: Secretary T.S. Correspondence Class, 144 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Correspondents are asked not to mix, the business of this class in letters relating to any other matter: if this request is not complied with, all such letters will remain unanswered so far as concerns the Correspondence Class, as the various departments of work in the General Secretary's Office are distinct from each other.


The Theosophical Society is not responsible as an organization for any view or opinion to be expressed or intimated in any of the papers, documents, questions, or answers in this class: nor is the Society in any way bound thereby: nor are any such views or opinions authoritative or to be deemed as the views or opinions of the T.S.: they are only individual views and opinions of those who express them.

Path, November, 1893William Q. Judge
Gen'l Sec'y., Am. Sec. T.S.

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