Our Magazine has turned the last corner of the square and now enters upon it's fifth year. Whether it shall live ten or twenty years longer we know not, but as the future grows from the present and the past is ever being repeated in the future, so its four years of activity just ended are not dead, for they will reproduce their influence in the years that are to come until their force is increased by being swallowed up in those that are stronger.

In the third month of the first year of THE PATH its death within the year was predicted, but fate has ruled otherwise, and we have been accorded the opportunity of attempting to erect the four pillars of Sincerity, Devotion, Determination of Purpose, and Integrity. This year will decide what success has attended the attempt. For as five is the number of Light, it will reveal all, and by its power as Justice and Nemesis it will appropriately measure out the compensation, since its position in the centre between I and 9 makes of it the middle of the balance, for although the series of 9 is not completed, yet when 5 is reached the future is potentially present up to 9. We can rely then only on the Law and not upon the favor of any one;―this we do with cheerfulness.

The year just closed has been a pleasant one, revealing new earnest hearts and willing hands. Let us press forward with new energy in the work of the next four years, for when the second fifth is reached an important era for theosophists and the world will be at hand, when the result of again being weighed in the balance of events will be more serious than it is now.

"Point out the 'Way'―however dimly and lost among the host―as does the evening star to those who tread their Path in darkness."

Path, April, 1890

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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