This magazine begins its third year with the present number. While we are not sectarian, we acknowledge having a definite object in view in all the articles so far admitted to our columns. That object is to spread a knowledge of the Wisdom-Religion as we understand it, and to lay before the readers what we consider the true view of Theosophy and the aims of the Theosophical Society. THE PATH, however, while devoted to that Cause, is not an official organ; for, if it were, some responsibility for its utterances might be placed upon the Society on the one hand, and the Magazine itself limited in its operations on the other. We aspire to fulfil the wishes of the Masters who impelled the organization of the Society, that men may be led to study, believe in, and practice the immemorial doctrines of the Wisdom-Religion once widespread and now preserved in Tibet to be given to the world as it becomes ready to receive.

May the Blessed Masters guide us to the everlasting Truth! May we tread the small old path on which the sages walk who know Brahman! May we all pass beyond the sea of darkness! Hari! Om!

Path, April, 1888


With this number the third year of THE PATH'S existence comes to an end. The only definite rule we made in the conduct of the Magazine has been to treat all with fairness and calmness. We have not indulged in flattery of any person, and have endeavored as much as possible to keep personalities, whether adverse or otherwise, out of our columns; and with the result of the past year's work we now have no concern, because, that work having been done, it remains in the hands of the great law of Karma and not in ours.

It is with a trace of sorrow that we record the fact that the PATH has not been supported by subscribing theosophists, but mainly by those who are not members of the Society. This is strange but true, and resembles another curious fact, which is that the Theosophical Publication Society of London, organized by theosophists, draws its subscribers and helpers from America. We have no hope of changing human nature now, and, knowing its tendency to materiality, we would never have brought out this Magazine did we not have supreme faith in those Beings and forces controlling the destiny of nations and individuals, well knowing that They will see that these efforts, made for the cause of humanity, shall not be devoid of fruit. That desired fruit is not money or any material profit, but solely a change in the thoughts and ethics of the people. And we would have all sincere theosophists of the same mind, to the end that they may work unceasingly for the cause of theosophy in the channel at present fixed by Masters―the Theosophical Society, without hope of profit or material reward, and, if possible, even without hope of any profit whatever.

To those who have helped us with thoughts, with means, and with pen, we extend our thanks; we may have enemies, but as yet they have not made their appearance: to them, if in existence, we tender our sympathy, for fear is not a quality we possess, and enmity we hold for none.

Some of our readers have wondered what is the end and what should be the watchwords; the end is truth and brotherhood; the watchwords, faith, courage, and constancy.

Path, March, 1889

There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः

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